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A very warm welcome to everyone. TECHNOLOGY is the best and one of the most fastly evolving things on this planet. We love to use our gadgets from our phones to laptops to televisions to anything and everything.  The best part of all these gadgets is that these all gadgets are SMART! But, who is SMARTER than us, humans as we are the ones who are making technology more and more efficient day by day.

It is we who use technology and technology exists to give us comfort and make our lives easier. From our electric toothbrush in the morning to sleeping reading a Kindle our routine is full of gadgets. But, sometimes we face some challenges while using these gadgets on how to use them at their best. This is when we come into the picture.


We at “How To Techh” help our readers to use these gadgets at their best. How To Techh provides How-to tutorials and guides related to the usage of gadgets. We promise to help you whenever you feel stuck while using them. We also update you with the latest technology trends in the world.

How To Techh provides all these services at minimal cost possible that is for FREE. Yes, you read that right we don’t charge anything for our services. You only have to come to us for help.

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We are your HOW TO RESCUER! 

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