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Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working? [9 Quick-Fixes with FAQs]

Is your comfortable binge session interrupted by your Amazon Fire Stick remote not working? Are you tired of fixing your remote and it just does not cooperate? Are you wondering if you can use your phone as a remote? Are you struggling to pair your remote to the device? If so, we have all the answers to your problems. Just keep on reading. 

amazon fire stick remote not working

The new Amazon Fire Stick has shaken the technology world with its selling capacity in the market. It has become the most used streaming device in the market today. The main treasure of this kit is the Fire TV Remote. To ask to the best selling factor, Amazon’s newest upgrade of this Fire TV comes with improved remote control. The new remote control has a volume, mute and power control buttons. Buy this remote you can input instructions in the Fire TV.

This Amazon Firestick is a device by which any non-smart TV can be turned into a smart one where you can tune in to Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar and other online streaming portals.

Apart from its popularity, Amazon Fire TV Stick remote is disappointing many users nowadays. There are many complaints which say that amazon fire stick remote stopped working, and users can’t find a way to fix this problem. Users are facing different types of difficulties, like the amazon fire stick remote not pairing with the TV, remote shutting down or rebooting itself and amazon fire tv remote not working at all.

If you are facing similar problems, this article will provide you with a solution for it. In this article, we have compiled some answers which we have discovered to work in this type of problem.

9 Amazing Fixes for Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Below you will find some ways in which your remote can get back to normal and work it’s a job. Go through each one and see which one works for you.


firestick remote battery

Sometimes the remote battery runs out faster than you expect because the fire stick remote consumes more energy to work than your standard remote. After being a regular user of this Amazon Firestick, we have come to the conclusion that most of the times, the battery consumption is the leading cause.

Some users even complain that their battery ran out in a couple of weeks.

For prevention of further inconvenience of buying batteries, when they run out, you should opt for good quality alkaline batteries. It is also advised to keep spare batteries handy. Alkaline batteries are known to provide the longest work span. Make a wise choice of using a branded battery. You can even find rechargeable batteries; these might save the hassle of running to the market to get batteries when you are in a relaxed mode and having a fun binge session.

They would even suggest you see if the plus side of the battery is aligning with the plus side of the connector. A common mistake made by people is connecting the battery the wrong way.


Many times the remote comes paired with the device. But sometimes you might have to do it yourself. For those of you who are not familiar with pairing a device, follow these simple steps below.

  1. Insert the fire stick in the HDMI port on the TV.
  2. Make sure your TV and Fire Stick are switched on.
  3. Long press the “HOME” button on the remote
  4. Your device is now successfully paired. 

If these steps are not successful, you might try holding the home button for 10 to 20 seconds mode. Keep in mind that the maximum limit of connecting a fire stick to a Bluetooth device is 7. You cannot connect more than seven devices. You can check the number of connected devices in settings which is at the top menu bar, select controllers and Bluetooth devices. Here is a list of connected devices which you may want to unpair any device which you do not use anymore. I hope after reading this amazon fire stick remote not pairing problem must have been solved.


In some firestick devices, the remote is not included with the pack. In that case, the remote has to be bought separately; there is a fair chance that this remote might not be compatible with your TV device. It is not necessary to use Amazon remotes. You can choose a third-party device too. It may be possible that the remote you bought may not be compatible with the device you own. You may buy one from here.

Sometimes buyers even get scammed with a fake Fire Stick remote that looks like the original but does not act like one. Make sure that when you choose to buy the remote separately, you check its authenticity. Now, you can just buy a new remote which is compatible and get rid of the amazon fire stick remote not working problem. You can also check our post on 10 Amazon Firestick Remote Replacements.


In case your amazon fire tv stick remote not working and you have completely given up on your remote, you can make your phone into one. All you have to do is to download an app from the play store. This solution will not render your perfectly fine Fire Stick completely useless. Your phone will work like the remote, and you have to speak into it. 

The app is called “Amazon Fire TV Remote App” and is available for IOS and Android phones. All you have to do so that the two work is by making sure that both devices are connected to the same Wifi

If you want to connect firestick to new Wifi without remote. Then we have an interesting read for you.


Often-a-times, we don’t keep in mind that remotes have a short range of operation. This is a prevalent factor that most people don’t think about. And if this is the mistake you are making then let me tell you that your firestick remote won’t work. So, make sure to situate yourself within a short range from the TV. Also, a standard remote control works within 10ft.


In several cases, we have noticed that an interfering screen is blocking the signal. The screen might be between the controller and the Fire Stick. Some might object saying that this remote uses Bluetooth instead of infra-red signals. But sometimes, Bluetooth signal can be inconsistent if you place the gadget inside a glass box. Also, make sure that there are not other Fire Tv Sticks in the same room. This might affect the performance too. 


It is often observed that Fire TV technology needs to be reset to factory settings. By doing so, the device will come back to its standard settings. Steps to a factory reset are:

  1. Go to “Settings” in the app.
  2. An option of “System” needs to be selected.
  3. Click on “reset to factory defaults”.
  4. Click on “reset” to finish.

You might lose some additional loaded software with this. So make sure to make this method your last resort. 

#8 Clean

Sometimes, there is dirt trapped in between the battery and remote connector. Make sure that you clean it well and try to work your amazon remote. This may be a neglected reason for your remote to act up during your leisure time. 

#9 Last Resort

After trying all the tips, if your amazon fire remote still does not work, there is a high possibility that your remote has to be replaced. In this case, you can buy verified Amazon remotes separately from Amazon. We have an article on the best replacements for firestick remote.

If you are facing issues while streaming then you can try using an ethernet adapter to enhance your experience with the firestick. Here is a detailed review of the ethernet adapters for firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote?

A1. The 2 main ways in which an Amazon Firestick can be reset without a remote. They are as follows.
A. Amazon Fire TV App
The Amazon Fire TV app is a good alternative to keep in your phone in case you lose your remote control. This app is available in Android and IOS devices.
1. The only thing you need to do is to connect the phone and your Fire TV stick to the same Wi-Fi network and it will show up in the app. When you tap on it, a 4 digit code can be seen on the screen.
2. Enter this code into your app and you are good to go. 
3. Next, you have to go to settings followed by system and select reset to factory reset
B. TV Remote
The next way is to use your TV remote. You need to have Consumer Electronics Control Technology in your TV remote.

Q2. How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick Remote?

A2. You can reset Amazon Fire Stick remote in two ways. You can use your TV or your remote for this job.
1. To reset by a TV, all you have to do is switch on your Fire TV stick connected to your TV and go to my Fire TV there, you will find an option called “Reset to Factory Defaults“.
2. Click on it.
3. To reset your fire the more you have to long-press the right and back button keys off your remote at the same time for 10 seconds.
This will start the initiation process. Follow the instructions on the screen. 

Q3. Can I Use My Firestick Without Remote?

A3. Yes, you can easily use your Amazon Firestick without a remote all you have to do is download an app called Amazon Firestick app. In this app, you will be able to control your fire stick and forget about the remote. This app is available in Android and IOS.

Q4. What Other Remotes work With Fire Stick?

A4. You can buy any Amazon Remote to work with your FireStick. If any of them are not compatible you can also buy a third party remote. Some products like the Rii Wireless Keyboard, CetusPlay App for Android and iOS are some third party products that can be replaced. 

Q5. Can you use a Universal Remote for Amazon Fire Stick?

A5. The remote which comes with the Amazon Firestick is a universal remote. It can be used with any Amazon dot like the Amazon TV stick 4k and Fire TV cube products. You can also try to use a normal TV remote.
Generally, it is tough to use TV remotes as they work on InfraRed rays unlike the firestick with connects via Bluetooth. A solution to that is to use the Inset Technology receiver. This is a USB IR Plugin that can be plugged into your TV and can receive the signals from the Universal TV remote. 

Q6. Can I use my iPhone as a Firestick Remote?

A6. Yes, you can absolutely use an iPhone as a fire stick remote. All you have to do is to install the Amazon Fire TV app from the App Store. You can then pair that up with your fire stick and use it without any worries. You can also download another app called CetusPlay. This app will also do the job well.


If all these methods don’t turn out to be successful for your amazon fire stick remote not working, we think it would be best to buy a new remote. Make sure you try each step several times. 

We hope you found this article helpful to guide you through a rough interruption in your binge session. Please share this article with your friends and family as they might be facing this problem as well.