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Want to Android Cast Screen To TV Without Chromecast? [A How-To Tutorial]

android cast screen to tv without chromecast

We all love watching movies and our favorite shows on a bigger screen or television. But, what if the Television is not available to you at that time?

So, for such cases, there are multiple options available to you. Here, I will provide you with amazing stuff that will help you solve your problem of Casting your Android Screen to TV without Chromecast.

So, let’s get started.

What Do You Understand By Casting?

Casting is a term that is used in the reference for displaying the image from one of your mobile screens to the other screen. The casting is used to display the images from your phone to the other screen. This will help you in watching movies and allows you to do all the activities via your mobile and look at the results on the bigger screen.

Nowadays this concept has its fame in the market and therefore the feature is already built in the mobile. Mirror casting or mirroring screen is very useful these days. It is a simple process with no efforts required.

Let’s check out more about this feature and understand what are the ways through which we can cast android screen to TV?

Different Methods To Perform Android Cast Screen To TV Without Chromecast

Method 1: Remote Devices

This is one of the best ways to watch all your best content. Just plug into your television and that’s all.  For those who don’t own tv, it is a nice option to jump over.

Let’s have a look over all the devices that you can use:

  • Roku: Streaming stick
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Roku is one of the easy to use the device. It allows you to make your android screen bigger. You don’t need to put extra effort into using this. It already comes up with the screen mirroring feature. Just enable it and that’s it. You are ready to use it.

  1. Keep note that both the android and the devices are connected with the same network. After this plug, your Roku sticks to your television.
  2. You will see the option of setting on the Home page. Now search for the option of  SYSTEM. Choose the SCREEN MIRRORING feature. Now select the right connection.
  3. The steps that are mentioned in Method 1 should be followed for enabling casting.
  • Amazon Fire Stick
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Amazon’s Fire Stick of the third generation does not support the screen mirroring feature. But it’s earlier generation are good with it.

  1. Keep note that both the android and the devices are connected with the same network.
  2. Press the Home button from the Fire Stick remote. Doing this will enable the screen mirroring feature. This will start the casting feature.
  3. The steps that are mentioned in Method 1 should be followed for enabling casting.

Method 2: Normal Casting on Television


If your phone supports Android 4.2 or even higher version then you can use this feature of casting in smart tv or any other external device. With this feature, you will be able to Cast to TV without Chromecast.

Keep note of one thing that the tv that you are using must come with Miracast. Miracast is one of the wireless modes that is used to establish a wireless connection with the other devices without using the internet. It would be amazing if you use the same brand of android and the tv, for example, Xiaomi, Samsung.

The following are the steps that you should follow that will help you finish your task.

Step 1:  Access the Quick Setting tray

To enable this feature swipe down the notification panel and select for the option of Quick Settings.

You will find the option of screencast there, it can come with different names in different android models. Select the feature of a smart view or screencast.

Step 2: Operate via TV

After enabling this feature through your mobile phone, it will show you the list of all the devices that are available and nearby to you. Select your device from the options.

Note: if you don’t find any results then check that your devices must be connected with the same WiFi.

Now once you select your device from the list you will see a mirror image of your phone.

Step 3: Successfully connected

Once you are done with connecting, you will receive a notification: your screen is being cast.  This is the message that will be shown on the notification panel and when you are done with it simply turn off the feature to stop it.

Using miracast will help you have a mirror image of your phone and you can enjoy it in the best possible way. Also, keep note that you cannot use video available on the web and your mobile should be turned on which is not good for battery use.

Method 3: Make Use of Casting Applications

You can also download various applications to make use of casting feature. It’s been observed several times that some problems might occur while using the native casting method. To solve this issue it’s better to download the casting applications.

Select the application that connects your phone with tv. Many applications are available that may charge some amount. Also, some applications are available to you for free.

Below are some applications that you may use:

  • AllConnect
  • BubbleUPnP
  •  LocalCast
  •  iMediaShare
  • AllCast
  • AirTame

Note: Make sure that you have installed the application both on your mobile and TV

Method 4: Using A Computer As A Bridge


A simple method to cast without Chromecast is right here. You can use your computer which will help you get the screen mirroring feature. So why spend money on smart tv when you have a computer. Make use of it.

 To do that, connect windows with tv with the help of HDMI cables and that is it. Set the devices. Now all you have to do is mirroring your android screen. As we have gone through many applications in the above method it’s better suggested that to install the Airdroid application and connect with your computer.

Select the screencasting feature and you will observe that both screens are connecting.  You can turn off your android feature and through this you can turn off it.

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Method 5: Using Sony Bravia For Screen Mirroring

Here you can connect the screen by using your smartphone. Let’s see how:

  • Using the TV remote press and hold the home button and choose the option of settings.
  • From settings set up the wifi connection.
  • Now activate direct Wi-Fi and Built-in Wi-Fi
  • After activating the direct wi-Fi you will head to words the Direct Wi-Fi settings
  • Now select the Options button and select manual
  • Select the next method
  • A WPA key will be displayed on your television. Activate your Wi-Fi from settings. Now your android will display the Wi-Fi network
  • Enter the WPA key which is asked by your phone that was provided by tv. Enter the key and then connect it.
  • Now select the screen mirroring feature from the remote of your tv. The option like the cast, screen mirroring will be displayed on the screen. Select it and the model name will be displayed.
  • It will take some time to connect and eventually it will work.

Method 6: Using Samsung Android and LG TV for Screen Mirroring

This is a perfect match to perform screen casting. Let’s perform it. Follow the steps to know more:

  • Press and hold the source button on the remote of the TV.
  • Now select the option of screen mirroring. Now, wait for some time as the tv will search for a suitable device.
  • Now go to settings.
  • Choose the option of “connect” and share and switch on the screen mirroring.

Frequently Asked Question’s [FAQs]

Q1. What is the use of casting in android feature?

A1. This feature allows you to show all the required information that you want to show. When you are in a group and you want to share the information then this is the best way to receive the message. Also watching content on a bigger screen is fun.

Q2. Is it possible to cast the tv among two people at the same time if we have the right app and device?

A2. If you are using the Chromecast apps then it is possible to cast at the same time but make sure they are connected with the same network.

Q3. Why is my android not connecting with the TV?

A3. Because it does not support the features that are required by the devices.


Even having a bigger android screen is good but the real feel comes after watching on a much bigger screen. With the help of casting and screen mirroring features, it becomes very easy for us to enlarge our small android screen to bigger.

Other than Chromecast there are several other options that I have mentioned above. Go through them and find which is best for you. I hope the article on Android Cast Screen To TV Without Chromecast has provided you the appropriate information with regards to casting techniques.