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5 Best AppleTV Universal Remote Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

AppleTV Universal Remote

Is your coffee table overflowing with remotes for all the devices in your living room? Are you lost in the midst of all these models and you want to group all the devices into one? You’ve come to the right place, we present an article to get you the best Appletv universal remote control on the market.

A universal remote control is an object for controlling a multitude of electronic equipment with a single remote control and which is intended to simplify the general use of these devices in your home. Depending on the model, there are different options for the display screen, connectivity mode, or additional features. Stay with us, we’ll explain everything to you!

5 Best AppleTV Universal Remotes

1. Apple TV Siri Remote – Best Seller

The first best universal remotes for Apple TV on this list is from Apple Itself. This remote is compatible with most Apple tv, It works with Bluetooth, wifi, and infrared.

You just need 1 lithium-ion battery to make it work. This remote is also compatible with the streaming device.

It comes Siri which you can use to control your Tv with just your voice. The smooth surface makes the interaction with your Tv much easier and comfortable. It is one of the very few remotes with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. 


  • It comes with Siri which means that you can control your Tv with voice.
  • You can connect it to wifi or even Bluetooth.
  • It is ergonomic and easy to hold.

Buyers Experience

This product is the highest-rated and best-selling product on this list. Since it is manufactured by Apple itself, there is absolutely no doubt of its durability and performance.


Wifi Connectivity
Bluetooth 4.0
Ergonomic Design
Siri Voice Control


Fewer Buttons

2. Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control – Most Advanced

The next apple tv replacement remote is from a very popular SofaBaton brand. It is one of the most advanced and versatile universal remote ever made.

This small guy is compatible with a whopping 500,000 devices of 6,000+ brands worldwide. 

All you need to do is program this device by searching for the code of the device/appliance which you want to control from it. This single remote can replace all the other remotes in the house. It also comes with a smart app that can be used as a remote as well. 

This remote can be connected with Bluetooth. It works with infrared Technology as well. The advanced OLED display at the top helps you control devices with much ease. The company gives 1 year of warranty on this particular product.


  • It is compatible with almost 5 lakh devices of 6 thousand different brands.
  • This is an Apple TV infrared remote which works with Bluetooth as well.
  • It has an ergonomic design and small size which makes it easy to grip and use.

Buyers Experience

Buyers have rated this product very high because of its unique performance. They like its amazing features and connectivity.


Great Connectivity
1-year Warranty
OLED Display
Ergonomic Design


Slightly Expensive

3. GE Universal Remote Control for Apple Tv – Most Affordable

This GE universal remote control from GE Store is one of the most affordable replacement apple tv remote available in the market.

It can operate up to 6 different devices at once. The amazing remote code library makes it compatible with thousands of devices and appliances.

Another interesting aspect about it is that it works with Radio Frequency which means that you don’t need to point it towards the receiver to make it work. You will need to buy 2 AAA batteries for feeding it. It is very easy to program and use. The slim design makes it very comfortable for the user to grip and use it.


  • It can control 6 devices simultaneously.
  • This remote replacement for apple tv works with 2 AAA batteries.
  • Radiofrequency is used for its transmission.

Buyers Experience

It is a highly praised option for someone who is looking to replace apple tv remote. This particular remote is famous for its affordability and excellent performance at such a decent price.


Radio Frequency
Easy to Program
Good Connectivity


Buttons are a little closer

4. Philips Backlit Universal Remote Control For Apple Tv – Most Versatile

The next best universal remote for apple tv is from a very popular brand in the market called Philips. This universal remote can operate up to 8 audio/video devices at once. 

It also works with radio frequency which makes it very easy to use.

Various features such as auto-scan technology and a master volume control make it a great product to have at your house. The remote requires Alkaline batteries to operate and has a transmission range of up to 10meterss.


  • It can control up to 8 devices.
  • This universal remote works on radiofrequency.
  • Its transmission range is up to 10 meters,

Buyers Experience

This product is one of the very highly rated remotes by buyers. They like its amazing performance and versatility at such a decent price.


Easy To Use
Good Connectivity
Radio Frequency


Weird Design

5. Philips Universal Companion Remote Control – Best Apple TV Infrared Remote

The last best apple tv remote replacement is also from the Philips brand. It is a best-selling universal remote which is compatible with Apple TV and various other brands.

It works on Infrared technology and requires Alkaline batteries to work. 

It works with even Fire Tv and can control 4 devices at once. Programming it to support your device is not very hard. The remote code library will help you program it. 

The soft-touch keys on this universal remote control make it very easy and comfortable to use.


  • It controls 4 devices simultaneously.
  • The remote is compatible with most brands.
  • It is very easy to program it.

Buyers Experience

This product is one of the most positively rated products in the market. The buyers like its amazing performance at such a decent price.


Easy To Use
Good Compatibility
Infrared Tech
Easy To Program


Weird Design

What Is A Universal Remote Control For?

Television, DVD and Blu-ray player, CD, Xbox 360, VCR, DTV, DVR, PS3, PS4, projectors, Can you name other electronic equipment that can be found in your home on this list?

These items are now essential for most of us whether it is families, children, adults, or teenagers. And of course, each piece of equipment has its own remote control, so you can end up with a bunch of joysticks for the same room. Therefore, the idea of ​​grouping all these remotes into one to control all devices can be quite appealing.

As the name suggests, a universal remote control is universal! Whether for your DVD player, the lights in your house, your home theatre, or even the latest living room console, you can program all these devices on a single remote control.

Some models can control up to twenty electronic devices, while others can only control four or five.

In the same measure, you will have the choice between the finishes of the remote control, ranging from flashy colors and LCD screens to more sober models, similar to the usual remote controls. Whatever your technical level, there is a universal remote control specially adapted to your habits and those of your family.

How To Choose A Universal Remote Control

There are so many different models out there which can be quite confusing when you don’t know exactly which one is right for you. Below is a list of features that allow you to make the best choice based on our reviews and opinions.

1. Intuitive options

In order to improve your daily life with regard to your TV and other electronic devices, the remote control must have intuitive options, say “smart”. Some universal remote controls allow you to make a search to be able to watch your favorite streams and benefit from suggestions on new programs to watch according to your tastes and viewing habits. On the other hand, the remote controls benefiting from these services will be a little more expensive.

2. Utilization facility

If you’re the type of person who panics at the sight of a myriad of buttons on the same remote or has a cold sweat when thinking about using the graphing calculator in high school, then you need to bet everything on the simplicity of the universal remote control. Some models have touch screens, programmable buttons, or even voice commands to facilitate the user experience.

3. Can control all of the Technologies

Obviously, the best universal remotes can control a lot more than just a TV. You should be able to control your satellite decoder, DVD player, Blu-ray player, and hi-fi system. The latest universal remotes can even control lighting systems or other “smart” devices in your home.

4. Connectivity options

The infrared (IR) method: This is the most common way to connect a remote control to a device. Remote controls suitable for this method are the least expensive but require the remote to be aligned with the device in order to function.

Radiofrequency (RF): Here we no longer have the problem of alignment as with the infrared method. The connection between the remote control and the device can be made without the two objects being aligned. However, very few devices accept radio frequencies as signals, so you will need to purchase a signal repeater to transform the radio frequency into an infrared signal.

The WIFI network: This is now the most popular method because it is very convenient and allows you to connect to any device connected to your home’s WIFI network.

5. Screen Display

Some models have a display screen, where you can read certain messages for each device you control. Other models have a touch screen using which you can control or choose the device you want. This kind of universal remote control is surely easier to use because they look a lot like the smartphones we use every day.

6. Smartphone Apps

Another option could be to turn your mobile phone or multimedia tablet into a universal remote control simply by downloading an application. You can find these apps on the Android Store or iOS store.

7. Functions

As mentioned before, there are a huge number of different products ranging from high-end to much lower quality. Some features are sometimes more flashy than functional which is why you need to not be fooled by the price. Use buttons that can be personalized, a screen that shows you the battery life, or a motion sensor.

8. Design

Universal remotes aren’t meant to be pretty but rather practical. However, take into account the size, thickness, weight, and reloading method of a model before proceeding with the purchase.

Remember that you are going to be holding the remote in your hand when going from channel to channel which is why you should avoid models that are too large or too heavy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a universal remote that works with Apple TV?

A1. Yes, there are many great Apple TV remote replacements available in the market. All you need to do is pick the perfect one according to your requirements.

Q2. Does anyone else hate the Apple TV remote?

A2. The latest version of the Apple Tv remote is more hated than praised by users because it has very few physical buttons and you need to use touchpads to control it. That’s why many people tend to buy a remote replacement for Apple Tv.

Q3. What can I use instead of the Apple TV remote?

A3. If you also hate the latest Apple Tv Remote and are looking for other alternatives, then buying a universal remote can be really a great idea. Purchasing a good universal remote control will give you the privilege to control your whole house system.

Q4. What happened to the Apple TV remote app?

A4. Many people used Apple Tv Remote App to control their Apple Tv from their smartphones but now they can’t do that because Apple has discontinued that service for some reason.

Q5. What is the best Apple TV remote app for Android?

A5. There are many Android Apple tv remote apps by which you can control your television. But the one which got our attention is the Anymote Universal Remote app. It is a free app with all the features available.

Final Words

Apple Tv is now gaining popularity in the market and so does the best appletv universal remote replacement. Choosing the best remote replacement for apple tv can indeed be a tough job.

That’s why to read this article attentively and you will be able to make a great choice for yourself. Our recommendation will be the SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote, as it is one of the most advanced and ergonomically designed remote in the market.