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Ayatan Sculpture and Stars: A Crisp Guide

In the Warframe game, ancient Orokin treasures are powered by Endo and are known as Ayatan Sculptures.  These sculptures can be found all over the system and are of two types, which includes the sculptures and the stars. The stars can be inserted into larger sculptures. The players can trade for this through Maroo in her Bazaar.

warframe ayatan sculpture


Endo farming is different as the player has to go through a single mission, which he can get in Hieracon on Pluto. The player loses everything while reaching here. The mission which the player has to go through is Ayatan mission. In Endo farming, the player will get a special mission every week by Maroo in her bazaar. The player has to tell Maroo that he has to find ayatan sculptures. Maroo will provide a special mission to the player which will start from either Void or Derelict.

The mission is very easy as the player has to go to a timed room and come out of it through the other end before its door closes. If the player does it successfully, he will get an Ayatan sculpture. The worth of the sculpture is not much but if the player acquires stars, he will get more points. The player can get these stars from the Maroo’s bazaar and extract the endo from the sculpture.

Here are the things which the player should keep in mind while acquiring the ayatan sculptures.

  • The player can find these sculptures on the plain sites when he performs regular missions.
  • He can find stars either from lockers or from storage containers.
  • Stars can also be found by killing Kaukas and Condrocs. These enemies can be found in Plains of Eldolon.
  • The mission provided by Maroo every week will lead to finding one sculpture. These missions can be played many times.
  • Players are authorized to trade stars and sculptures.
  • If a player achieves Sortie reward, he will get Anasa Ayatan Sculpture.
  • The players can also get sculptures through Arbitration mission.

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Stars are to be inserted in the Ayatan sculpture which will increase the Endo value. Once the stars are embedded in the sculpture, they cannot be removed. The players have the option of trading the stars by paying a small Endo amount. There are three to four slots in each sculpture where the players can insert stars.

One more thing to be noted down is that a player cannot insert any star in any slot. Each slot accepts a specific star. After the insertion of the star, the sculpture will start animating. The animation and movement of the sculpture improve when more and more stars are added to them. When the players gain mastery rank, the get the ability to auto-install the sculptures.


The stars are stored in storage containers and lockers and are dropped from them randomly on a mini-map. The stars glow and come with a unique marker and each star has a specific sound when it is dropped. The stars have to be picked up manually as Vacuum precept and Scavenger Drone does not have the ability to pull stars. If the stars fell out of the map, then the players will not be able to collect them.

One of the stars is Amber Star which the players can get by spending ten Vitus Essence from Arbiters of Hexis in any Relay.

There are seven Ayatan Sculptures which the players have to collect and this are

  • Anasa 
  • Orta 
  • Vaya 
  • Piv 
  • Valana
  • Sah 
  • Ayr 

The player can examine the sculptures if he selects Orbiter in the Mods section. The player can select the sculpture of his choice and insert the stars. The stars can be inserted by putting the cursor over the socket and then clicking it. The sculpture that the player selects must be included in his inventory. The sculpture will not appear until it is shown as a decoration in the Mods.

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Weekly Mission

Players can talk with Maroo at 00:00 UTC and get the permission to perform a mission in the Orokin Derelict or Void. The player can play the mission when he gets alert of the mission. This alerts section is available in the world state window. I this mission, the players have to find a treasure room in which there are many traps and obstacles. These are activated when the player steps upon a pressure plate which can be found at the entrance.

The player will have a limited time to complete the mission after the activation of traps and obstacles. The mission will be completed after the player reaches the final door of the treasure room which can be found at the end. The players have to come out of the room before the door gets closed. In such a case, the mission will lead to failure and if a player wants, he can start the mission again.

If the mission is successfully accomplished, the player will find an Ayatan Sculpture and the objective of the mission will be accomplished once the sculpture is collected. If a player has already collected a sculpture from a mission, he will not be able to collect anymore. They have to join another player to get the sculpture.

Gathering Tips

Here are the tips which the players should follow to get the sculptures.

  • There are many challenging rooms that are not very tough and in such a case, using Titania Warframe will be an advantage as it will help to make the mission easy.
  • If the player goes through the Limbo’s rift, he will be able to cross all the trap effects easily.
  • The Ayatan sculptures are available in specific locations like Syndicate Medallions. So if the players play the mission here, they can easily get the sculptures.
  • In order to increase the star falling, the players can use the mods like the master thief and scavenge.


Ayatan sculptures can be found in the players complete the related mission easily. Along with it, they also have to collect the stars and insert them to the sculptures. The game is very interesting and the players enjoy as they have to play many types of missions whether easy or tough.