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7 Best 4X6 Speakers Review and Comprehensive Buying Guide 2020

best 4X6 speakers

It is quite a hefty task to choose the best 4X6 speakers to renovate your car due to the availability of hundreds of models in the market. The speakers are excellent in producing clear sounds and notes and the best choice for cars and jeeps. If you want to give a boost to your car audio system but puzzled and unable to find the best speakers then you are in the right place.

Here we will lend a hand to you to find the best 4X6 car speakers. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to analyze some of the best 4X6 speakers available in the market and allow you to decide the best match for your car.

Key Terminologies 

Here are some of the key terminologies you should know before making your decision to buy the best 4X6 speakers for your car.

1. RMS

RMS is known as Root Mean Square, and it measures the total continuous power a device or an element can handle without facing any difficulty. With RMS power, you can compare the power outputs of any two speakers easily. 

2. Impedance

Impedance is all about the quantity of AC resistance in a speaker wiring. It is measured in ohm. In general, the speakers come with an impedance in between 4 to 8 ohms. The more impedance, the better is the resistance power.  

3. Sensitivity

Sensitivity defines the capacity of a speaker for converting the electrical power into clear and crisp sound sourcing from an amplifier. It is always good to choose a speaker with higher sensitivity so that you can experience better sound quality at higher volumes as well.

4. Range

Range in a speaker is the calculation of audible sound range that a speaker can generate. A higher range offers crisp and sharp tones, while the lower range offers deep tones. The range is calculated in Hertz. 

5. Bass & Cone

Bass is another important factor in any speaker as with better bass; you can listen and feel the music in a better way. On the other hand, the cone is the crucial component of a speaker for producing clear and crisp sound. Hence it is good to choose a speaker with a cone made of strong material and a frequency of at least 60 Hz to get better bass.

7 Best 4×6 Speakers Review

4X6 speakers are powerful and economical at the same time. They provide a good sound quality thanks to multilayer mica-matrix woofers. 4X6 speakers are quite common because of their size, and there are hundreds of options. Here we have picked up the best 7 considering their features. Let’s get deep into it.

1. Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 4×6 Speaker

Rockford is undoubtedly a well-known and most trusted car audio brand. The Rockford Fosgate P1462 punch 4X6 speaker is an excellent combination of good built quality and superior sound.

Key Features

 It features a striking design along with a 2-way full-range speaker to provide high-quality sound. The highly responsive polypropylene cone with butyl rubber surround allows the speaker to offer a clear and crisp sound as well as a tendency to run for hours without any difficulties. 

The Rockford Fosgate 4X6 speaker also features a PEI dome tweeter along with built-in crossover for a better look. Because of a 6X8 inch multi OEM adapter plate, you can install the speaker in all OEM gateway. The mounting of this speaker is also effortless due to its FlexiFit basket.  

The speaker utilizes a 35 Watts RMS power and 70 Watts peak power which is quite easy to install. The vertical attach surround technique is accountable for increasing the radiating cone area by 25 percent. It is also one of the best 4X6 car speakers that adhere to industry standards of CEA-231. 

It also features efficient tweeters which are made of polyetherimide and provides an impressive performance through realistic sound and effective sound distribution. 

Owning a Rockford Fosgate 4X6 speaker offers you Klippel certification, which is a speaker certification program and guarantees higher quality sound. With this 4X6 speaker, you can have the best quality as well as the right value for your money.


Good built
Polypropylene cone with mineral-filled
Butyl rubber surround
PEI dome tweeter
Multi OEM adapter plate
FlexFit basket design
Klippel Certification
Satisfies CEA-231 industry standard


Protection is not up to the mark due to cheap grill
Requires a subwoofer for frequency under 65 Hz
Low sensitivity

2. Polk Audio DB461 4×6 Marine Certified Speaker

Polk Audio is truly featuring some of the best line-ups for your car audio system, and the audio brand is renowned for its marine range of speakers. Polk Audio DB461 4X6 is one among them and considered as one of the best Marine Certified Speakers. 

Key Features

The 4X6 speaker houses Mica composite mineral covered cone which guarantees powerful sound along with zero distortion and higher stability. The high and low pass filters ensure you great highs and mids. 

Marine Certification is an added feature which makes the speaker bear any kind of ecological conditions. On the other hand, it also features a robust butyl rubber surround to come across higher temperature and sunlight effectively. 

Polk Audio DB461 4X6 speaker features a sensitivity of 91 dB to offer you an impressive sound experience. The highs of this speaker are sharp at the highest volume as well.  It has a total frequency response of 71Hz to 22kHz and provides outstanding sound output.

The installation process of this speaker is easy, and because of available fixture holes on the metal backplate, the fitting is effortless. Last but not least, although the 4X6 Marine Certified Speaker comes with a wide range of excellent features, it will not cost you hard.


Good-built with high-quality material
Marine Certification
Superior Highs and mids
Better heat dissipation


Bass performance not up to the mark
Requires additional subwoofer
Peak power is comparatively low

3. Infinity Kappa 2-Way Speakers-Pair

Infinity Kappa 2-Way Speakers-Pair

Infinity is an undervalued audio brand in the world although it produces some of the best speakers. With Infinity, you can come across the speakers with best audio performance as well as a decent price tag. 

Key Features

Infinity Kappa 2-way speaker is one of the best 4X6 car speakers available on the market currently. It opens up every detail of your music and provides an excellent music listening experience. 

It comes with glass fiber woofers and employs Plus One+ woofer technology that offers a better speaker-cone area for punchy bass and better frequency response. Its woofers are capable of providing better bass sound and enhances low-end frequency response.

The speaker also features edge-driven ¾” soft dome tweeters that are instrumental in handling power and offer bright and crisp sound. The tweeters also feature a level control switch to adjust the brightness according to your requirement. 

The 4X6 speaker comes with 94dB sensitivity and capable of handling an RMS power of 60 Watts. If you are looking for a speaker that offers a precise sound output and better sound reproduction, then Infinity Kappa is one of the best options.


One+ woofer technology
Edge-driven dome tweeters
94dB sensitivity
Good bass and treble
Good high range and mid-range
Frequency response in the range of 75 to 25,000 Hz
180 Watts peak power and 5 to 60 Watts RMS power


Installation is not easy

4. Pioneer TS-A4676R

Pioneer TS-A4676R

Pioneer is undoubtedly one of the front leaders in the world of car audio systems and the run for ages.

Key Features

 Pioneer TS-A4676R features an oval shape and fitted with square plates. You can find a sleek yet clean and beautiful design. The speaker is quite lightweight and comes with a protection of elastic polymer.

The speaker comes with a 3-way coaxial spider design, 200 W peak power and an RMS power of 30 Watt. You can come across a powerful sound with 88 dB sensitivity and 4 Ohm impedance. 

The cone of this 4X6 speaker structured with Multilayer Mica Matrix produces the best sound. It features clean highs, punchy bass and clear and elegant mids. The cooling basket with efficient air vents keeps the speaker cool under any condition. 

Pioneer TS-A4676R houses an excellent power handling and a sensitivity of 88 dB along with a maximum output of 200 W. you can go through a great music listening experience for sure. In contrast, it can sustain the power of 30 Watts continuously. 

The Pioneer 4X6 speakers are an excellent combination of powerful sound and comparative price. For high-frequency details, it features 3/8’’ Polyethylene Terephthalate dome tweeters. Moreover, it also comes with an extra mid-range driver for regulating mid frequencies and well-balanced sound output despite any frequency range. 

As we said before the cooling basket of this 4X6 speaker comes with an effective ventilation system to enhancing heat dissipation and impact on the output power. It features a frequency response in the range of 35Hz to 42kHz and crossover frequency of 14500 Hz. 


Easy installation
Superior design
Good built
Powerful & clean sound through Multilayer Cone Design
Capable of handling higher volumes
Compatible with any amplifier and receiver up to a range of 200 W
Great fit to any car model


Lower sensitivity
RMS power is quite low
Lower-end performance is not that good
Absence of dedicated subwoofer

5. Kicker 43DSC4604 4×6 Speaker Pair

The kicker is a crucial player in the car audio segment for a long time and acknowledged as one of the best speaker producers.

Key Features

 Kicker 43DSC4604 4X6 speaker is utterly different from its size in terms of sound quality. It comes with a polypropylene woofer along with a ½” PEI dome tweeter. Its impedance is 4 ohm and houses a frequency range of 50 to 20,000 Hz. Considering its power, it offers a peak power of 240 Watts and RMS power of 120 Watts. 

Kicker 43DSC4604 is much easier to install and does not require a professional for the whole setup. It is a beautiful combination of excellent sound with better highs and lows. You can enhance the volume of this speaker to a decent volume level without facing any difficulty. 

For great highs and lower frequencies, both PEI dome tweeter and 4X6 polypropylene woofer are wholly responsible. If you are looking for a value for money 4X6 car speakers, then it could be the best selection for sure. 


Quite easy to install
Decent sound quality
Good highs and lows


Absence of grilles

6. BOSS Audio CH4630 3 Way Full Range Speaker

Boss Audio comes with a wide range of speaker line-up that offers excellent value along with a better listening experience. 

Key Features

Boss Audio CH4630 3-way full-range speaker is nicely built and durable. It is also visually aesthetic and worth the price. The cone of this 4X6 speaker made of red poly-injection so that the woofer can withstand more power and produces better sound output. Furthermore, butyl rubber surrounds guarding, pacifies your music listening experience. 

Boss Audio CH4630 is lightweight and quiet compact so you can fit it into your cars irrespective of models. Remember, you have to be careful while using the speakers because of lightweight and delicateness. 

The speaker offers a three-year Platinum online dealer warranty for peace of mind, and because of 500 Watts power per two pairs, you will not face a shortage of energy while enjoying highs and lows.


Aesthetic design
Poly-injection cone material
Lightweight and compact
Easy to fit


Issues with lower frequencies

7. Pyle PL463BL 4X6 Speakers

If you want to renovate your car with a new set of speakers that offer better sound quality as compared to the pre-installed ones, then Pyle PL463BL could be the best fit. It comes with a pair of 3-way car speakers which is capable of handling 240 Watts of power. You can experience an excellent sound quality at highs, mids as well as lower-ends. 

Key Features

It features a one-inch high-temperature ASV voice coil for offering better sound as well as diminishing the distortion while listening to the music. Furthermore, neodymium film dome with a size of one inch enhances mid volumes and quality as well. Its audio quality is much smoother and crisp at an eye-catching price.  

The woofer of PL463BL houses a flashy blue poly injection cone is much stiffer and resists any situation. The speaker is durable due to the butyl rubber surrounded design and guards the speaker against any risks.  

It is lightweight and comes with an easy to install feature. The icing on the cake is the speaker comes with several mounting hardware and wires for an effortless installation process.


Easy installation
Lightweight and durable poly-injection cone
250 Watts handling power
butyl rubber surrounded design
value for money
hardware and wires for the easy setup process


Sound quality not par at low volume
Average sound

Buying Guide for 4X6 Speakers

Buying the best 4X6 speakers comprises the cost of valuable time, effort as well as money. Hence it is highly essential to make sure that you are zeroing your search with the best one. For this reason, we have narrowed down some crucial factors which you need to consider while buying 4X6 speakers.

1. Speaker material quality

The quality of a speaker ascertains its longevity in the long run. If you are looking for a speaker to use for a more extended period, then, first of all, check its components and their build quality. The cone and coil of the speaker should be of high-quality material so that they can withstand any circumstances. Furthermore, the frame of a speaker should be capable of guarding the inner elements. 

2. Impedance 

Impedance is an essential factor which you should consider while buying 4X6 speakers. Impedance which is measured in Ohm, defined as the resistance of your speaker, simply put the lower the impedance, the higher is the power of your speaker. Remember, the power of your speaker should be more powerful than its amplifier. 

3. Sensitivity

Sensitivity defined as the loudness of a speaker per watt, and it is calculated in decibels. For sounding louder, a speaker with low sensitivity requires higher power and a higher sensitivity speaker requires less power. Hence if you need a speaker with a more booming sound, then choose accordingly. 

4. Power handling

Power handling is another factor which you should consider while buying. Power handling is defined as the maximum power which a speaker can handle easily. Thus, it is always good to choose a speaker whose RMS power is not higher than its amplifier. 

5. Ease of Installation

Always go for a 4X6 speaker that comes with an easy to install feature. Hence consider a speaker that comes with factory speaker holes and mounting hardware. With this feature, you need not face any difficulty while drilling new holes for installing the speaker. 

6. Bass & Frequency

Bass and frequency should be the primary concern if you wish for better sound along with bass. Choose a speaker who can handle a frequency as low as 20 Hz to 20 kHz. 

Additional Components

Many speakers come up with the slightest up-gradation with woofers, tweeters and other elements for providing better sound quality. Hence it is advisable to choose speakers, features all the components so that you do not have to spend more. 

1. Durability

The speaker you choose should be durable and work appropriately in the long-run without any wear and tear. 

2. Price

You cannot focus on the price of a speaker while choosing the best speaker; still, you should maintain a balance between the other crucial factors and price tag. Always lookout for a speaker which offers a high performance yet affordable.

Remember, a higher price tag does not imply exceptional performance. Start searching for the best 4X6 speakers that fit your bill and preferences. 

3. Warranty

In addition to the above factors also watch out for the warranty the speaker offers. Go through all the terms and conditions so that you can have a better idea on the warranty coverage and plan accordingly in case of any inconvenience in the speakers.

Check off the above factor list and take into consideration while choosing the best 4X6 car speakers. For a convenient choosing process, these factors are quite significant. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What is a 4X6 speaker?

Ans. 4X6 speakers are usually used in cars and good for enhancing stereo sound output.

Q2. What are the best rated 4X6 car speaker brands?

Ans. There are many renowned car speaker brands around the world such as Pioneer, Polk Audio, Kicker and Rockford.

Q3. Where Should I install 4X6 speakers?

Ans. As we said 4X6 speakers are for car audio systems, you can install it in the dash of your car or other vehicles.

Q4. Do a 4X6 speaker produces good bass?

Ans. A 4X6 speaker normally generates good bass according to its size. But if you need higher bass, then you should look out for larger speakers. To read more about bass you can check our post on Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass.

Q5. Do I require additional wiring for installing a 4X6 speaker for the first time?

Ans. If you choose a 4X6 speaker having an RMS rating lower than 5o watts, then you can use older wires without any concern. But you should opt for a newer one if the speaker you choose comes with an RMS rating higher than 50 Watts.

Q6. Which one is Better! A three-way speaker or a two-way speaker?

Ans. A two-way speaker features two components, while the three-way speaker features three components. If you are looking for an affordable speaker, then the two-way speaker wins the race. On the other hand, if you want better sound quality then go for a three-way speaker.

Q7. Is it easy to install a 4X6 speaker?

Ans. As most of the 4X6 speakers are lightweight; hence it is quite easy to install the same in your cars. But it is always advisable to learn and know how to proceed for the installation process, else seek expert guidance. You can check this forum thread.

Editor’s Choice

There you have it! If you want to enhance the audio quality of your car, then you cannot go wrong with any of the above products. Still, we would like to go with Infinity Kappa 2-way speakers because of its audio quality in the mid as well as high-frequency range. It also features an adjustable output of the tweeters which provides the most exceptional performance.

The glass fiber woofer, Plus One+ woofer technology, better speaker-cone area, and soft dome tweeters makes it a clear winner.

Final words

At current times the market is loaded with a plethora of 4X6 car speakers to cater your requirements which is quite a difficult thing to choose the best. Here we have listed down seven best 4X6 speakers 2020, and we assure that you will experience better sound quality with any of these speakers.

We hope that we have made an informative article on the speakers to help you in making your decision. The seven best 4X6 speakers listed down here are based on design, key technologies, build-quality, and price.