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8 Best 5 Channel Amp Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

best 5 channel amp

Have you ever thought about that you need to upgrade the audio system in your car? Well, this requires you to buy a quality amplifier that is compatible with your car. Now, you must be thinking of how to choose the right one from plenty of options available in the market.

To make your research an easy one, we bring to you some of the best 5 channel amplifier with its detailed features. Take a glance at the list below along with the product details that shall help you get hands on the right one.  

1. Kenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Are you looking for a quality car amplifier component that comes installed with quality features? Well, for this, we bring to you one of the best car amplifiers. Each of the components is best in their quality and it is capable of giving quality output sound.

The amplifier comes protected in such a way that it is suitable to install in your vehicle, yet get quality output sound. So, knowing about the features of the amplifier, it shall help you choose the right product. 

Highlighting features of Kenwood Excelon X801-5

  • Easy sound control – It can withstand 4 power 50 watts speakers. Adding to this, a 500 watts subwoofer comes with the system. 
  • High flexible performance needs – Even if you are not satisfied with its high volume, it will make fall in love with its distortion free music. Therefore, it offers better listening experience when you wish to listen to the music at high volumes. 
  • Full circuit protected system – A 3-way circuit protection makes it perfect for the vehicle in which it is installed. Adding to this, it has power, thermal and short circuit safeguards. 
  • Switching MOSFETs – Installed with quality MOSFET power supply coupled with top-notch capacitors that help to get better quality sound from the amplifiers.


75 Watts per channel coupled with 150 watt quality subwoofer power
Excellent mount controlling facility
Auto turn-on circuit system
12dB/octave facility
Installed with cast aluminum heat sink
High quality 4 gauge power connections


Not perfect for vehicle with restricted installation space
Base adjustment setup not sold with amplifier

Final Verdict

The Kenwood Excelon X801 can be considered as one of the best vehicular amplifiers that can run both the front as well as the back speaker with the help of a single subwoofer. Also, it offers distortion free listening experience making it worthy of the investment that you do for this car amplifier. 

2. Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier

Do you have set high budget to buy a quality car amplifier? Well, to make your investment a worthy one, try to get the above said one. Offering better performance and reliability, you can get access to top-notch qualities of the amplifier. With a solid structure, it is able to deliver good quality bass. 

Useful features of the amplifier

  • Better sound controlling facility

Runs 4 speakers of 50 watts each and supplying 200 watts power to the subwoofer resulting which it gives smooth output music. With quality speaker, bridge the amplifier with two channel mode, giving 150 watts to each of them and 300 watts to the subwoofer.

  • Quality performance

For consistent and distortion-free sound, the above said amplifier is the suitable one to buy. It is a 12d/octave that gives suitable flexibility of changing the sound freyqnecy. In addition, it is installed with aluminum heatsink that keeps the amplifier cool for long time. Ground and power connections make noise correction easy delivery quality output sound.

  • Excellent sound quality

This Rockford Fosgate 5 Channel Amp is able to produce good quality sound and the cast-aluminum contributes to better heat dissipation that takes up much heat from the inner components of the amplifiers and it can hamper the temperature of the amp. 


Comes installed with easy to use controls
Has the ability to handle RCA and top-notch level input
Installed with 12d/B octave processor
Offers high quality 4 gauge power connections
4500 watts channel along with 200 watts subwoofer of 4-ohm power each


Comes without any wires
Unable to run subwoofers smoothly

Final Verdict

The Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier can be considered as worthy to invest for and get hands-on some of the best features. Play the music at deep bass in quality speakers that help in noise distortion. Make sure to place the amplifier in the right place of the vehicle to get suitable results.

3. Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS, 5-Channel Class D PA Series Car Amplifier (PAD5000.5), 100 Watts x4; 400 Watts x1

Do you wish to buy a portable yet robust amplifier for your car? Well, with plenty of options available, the above said one from Polk Audio is the best one to invest for. With Class D amp, it helps listen to clear music.

Prominent features of the amplifier

  • Top-notch sound quality

If you wish to get distortion free and clear sound, this amplifier is the one. It is installed with Polk Class D technology that comes with good low and high pass filters quality. Class D enables to get clear and better quality audio. It is possible due to the adjustable filters making the sound flawless.  

  • Portability of the amplifier

Even if the amplifier looks small, it can offer quality sound. The amplifier can supply 70 watts to each of the rear and front speakers along with 500 watts to the subwoofer. Therefore, it is rightly considered as a best for its great sound amplification.  

  • Quality MOSFETs

It is installed with popular MOSFET, offering better power supply and promises that adequate energy is used at the time of sound production. Better use of energy indicates less heat generation at the time of playing the amplifier. Therefore, it can keep the machine cool despite running it for long time. 

  • Sturdy structure and exterior

To make your investment a worthy one, this amplifier is sure to pay for years to come. Installed with coated PB board, it makes the outer surface a sturdy one along with stainless steel construction that prevents coil burning problems.


Wired remote system with better controlling of subwoofer
Quality MOSFET modulated power supply
Stainless steel material used in offering better construction
3 layer better protection of circuit
Has super energy efficacy with ability to keep machine cool


Looks bulky due to its weight
Sound system could have worked better with upgraded system of vehicle

Final Verdict

Considering the portable size of the amplifier, this is a sound amplification beast that is suitable and it is sure to pay off in the long run.

4. Alpine PDX-V9, 5-Channel Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier

Alpine PDX-V9

Are you looking for a Class D amp beast that produces quality sound? The above said product from Alpine is the suitable option that ensures that the machine remains cool for long time.

Outstanding features of the amplifier

  • Smooth power distribution

Adequate supply of power of 100 watts to each of the channels along with 500 watts to the subwoofer is perfect to generate suitable music supply. Moreover, it stays cool even if you wish to run it with more than one unit.

  • Better build of the amp

5 channels in the amp are targeted in a unique manner that makes it easy to produce quality sound.

  • Easy power control

Alpine amplifier offers ease of use and suitable for the beginners to set it and run it in the vehicle.

  • Octave of speakers

It has 12dB for each octave of the speaker channel and 24dB octave of subwoofer speaker channel.


Comes with easy installation procedure
Offers great heat sink technology
Has the ability to supply significant power


Occasional cut-outs effects the sound quality
Tuning of the amp could have been better

Final Verdict

The amplifier is easy to install and the unique design make it easy to control the amp easily. The powerful speakers are able to produce quality music.

5. Hertz Audio HDP5 5-Channel Class D Amplifier

Do you wish to get an amplifier that has great connections? You can look for Hertz Audio HDP5 5-Channel Class D Amplifier that comes installed with great exterior design. Being able to produce great power, it is suitable to give good quality music with bass.

Its USP is regulated power supply that helps in better monitoring of current given to the output power over some impedance. This further offers better safety of using the amplifier even when it is used for long time.

Why buy Hertz Audio HDP5 5-Channel Class D Amplifier?

  • Well distributed power

Amplifier can produce RMS of as great as 900 watts that is suitable for each of the speakers. Adding to this, it can also supply 550 watts power to the subwoofer resulting which the amplifier is able to give quality sound.

  • Sturdy outer covering

With quality alloy fins, it helps in proper heat distribution in the amplifier and the machine does not heat up fast even when it is used for long time. Adding to this, the amp offers balanced inputs along with quality HD mounting.

  • Quality feature of amplifier

Its compact appearance makes it easy to carry the amplifier. The amplifier has a great potential that is worthy of giving out good quality sound from such a small box.

  • Easy functionality of amp

It has a single cycle control that helps boost efficiency by lowering current draws along with the amount of heat generated. It is then compared with other class A/B design amplifier.


Amp remains cool even after using it for long time
Quality system offers better base sound
Comes in a compact and size is portable
It has an easy auto turn on and off button to control the amplifier
Comes with dual power supply mechanism and offers better energy due to class D amplifier designing


It is among the expensive amplifier in the market

Final Verdict

Automatic turn on and off button of the amplifier that can instantly turn on and off the stereo makes it stand out from the rest. Better energy efficiency help in less power production.

6. Planet Audio-AC1800.5 5 Channel Car-Amplifier – Planet Audio Amps Review

Are you in search of an amplifier that is able to offer high power of watts? Well, with plenty of options available, it would be better to get Planet Audio AC1800.5 5 Channel Car Amplifier.

In Class A/B, this can be considered as a beast that is able to give better sound quality. With best to handle adjustments, you can make suitable sound controls as per your requirements.   

Key features of Planet Audio AC1800.5 5 Channel Car Audio Amplifier

  • Smooth fitting of MOSFET

It enables perfect supply of MOSFET power to the amplifier that helps get suitable resulting sound. For modest speakers, this amplifier can be considered as the best option.

  • Quality bass boast

With better mechanism of the amplifier, it is capable of giving good quality sound with deep bass. Moreover, with facility of variable control of bass, it enables to control the exact amount of base you want to get to the output music.

  • Gives proper power

It has the ability to supply 300 watts power to 2 ohms along with its fifth channel. In addition, it gives 600 watts to one 2 ohms channel of the amplifier. It offers Class A/B full range amplification.


Gives out good quality and clear audio
Installed with easy to use adjustments
Easily powers the speakers of amplifiers


System tends to overheat and automates to protection mode
RMS rating could have been better
Channel setup needs to be better

Final Verdict

Though 14 pounds in weight, this amp offer quality resulting sound. It is also bridgeable as it can enhance the output of the speaker along with subwoofer that is well connected by two amplifier channels.

7. Rockville RXH-F5 3200 Watt Peak/1600w RMS 5 Channel Amplifier Car Stereo Amp

Highlights of the Rockville RXH-F5 3200 Watt Peak/1600w RMS 5 Channel Amplifier

  • Quality speakers

The product comes with quality 2-in-1 amplifier. In addition to this, it is installed with both front and rear speakers powered with Class A/B amplifiers. On the other hand, the subwoofer is powered with Class D amplifier that is able to give good quality output music.

  • Power output

It comes with 4 ohm RMS output of 50 watts given to each of the speakers of the amplifier. In addition, 350 watts of power is given to the subwoofer channel of the amplifier resulting which it is able to gibe quality resulting output. The peak output of the amplifier is 3200 watts.

  • Bridgeable amplifier

It is a bridgeable amplifier that makes the product compatible and versatile to run with different audio system and fits into vehicle easily.

  • Easy to use functionality

The amplifier has easy to use 12dB/Octave cross with various circuit protections. 


Comes with wired remote bass control that helps adjust the bass
Amplifier offers better power output
Comes with easy heat dissipation system that can ensure easy cooling of the machine
Offers top-notch sound amplification without harmonic distortion of output music


Suitable gauge power and leads do not come with the amplifier

Final Verdict

Octave crossover settings, auto-turn on functionality, easy power sensing coupled with adjustable settings for the bass control of the amplifier makes it the safest bet in this budget.

8. Hifonics BRX5016.5 Brutus 5-Channel Super Class-A/B and 4-Channel Super D-Class Mono Amplifier, 1200-Watt

Do you wish to get a low priced amplifier for your vehicle?

With plenty of options available in the market, it may be difficult to get hands-on the right one. But you have to ensure that the useful features are installed in the amp within the decided budget. The Hilfonics amplifier can be considered suitable as a valued purchase and it is capable of giving quality sound output.

Highlighting Features of the Amplifier

  • Effective power ratings

It is capable of giving 60 watts of power supply to 4 channels of 4 ohms and 100 watts of four channels of 2 ohms. This is a 1 to 4 RMS power rating. In addition to this, it comes installed with 5 RMS of 475 watts power supply to one channel of 4 ohms and 750 watts supply to one channel of at 2 ohms. 

  • Easy noise control

Amplifier is able to have good control of sound along with noise correction due to its A/B sections that are used through four channels. Effective power Class D amp helps to give amazing 750 watts of power supply. 

  • Pass filters for better sound

The amplifier offers both full and high pass crossover along with 0-18dB bass at 45Hz.


Ability to supply great power to the channels
Comes with quality wiring terminals
A/B designs for 1-4 channels that produces great sound
Easy to operate the bass settings of the amplifier
Comes with mounting tabs that is easy to install
Installed with three layer protection
Comes with subsonic filter settings for better results


Fails offering speaker level input
Size is bit bulky making it difficult to travel with it
Specs need to be upgraded for better sound output

Final Verdict

With some top-rated features, it is worthy to get this amplifier at a reasonable price like never before. Keeping the noise level low, it is able to offer good quality sound. 

Editor’s ChoiceKenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel

The Kenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel is considered to be the best that helps boost your sound level. The speakers and subwoofers are installed in such a way that it can uplift the sound performance. The amp brand keeps the promise of offering top-notch sound output at different frequencies.

Buyer’s Guide to Get the Best 5 Channel Amplifier For Your Vehicle 

Choosing a quality 5 channel car amplifier that will meet your requirement should be chosen based on different considerations. If you are buying it for the first time, the considerations shall make your purchase an easy one. 

1. Power requirements 

With the help of a quality amplifier, it will help you get better quality sound. Coupled with this, the bass and the volume level will be enhanced. For this, the speakers need to have suitable power ratings in it. The ratings shall guide you get hands on the right product that shall go a long way. To read more about bass you can check our post on Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass.

2. Set the right budget 

With plenty of options available in the market, only your budget can help you get a suitable one. If not necessary, there is no need to get a product that highly exceeds your budget. Check what features of the amplifier you can get within your budget. Try to look for Class A/B units which are common budget models that are able to offer good quality sound. 

3. Why do you need the amplifier?

You can buy an amplifier to listen to distortion free music. A good quality amplifier is able to produce better quality sound. For this, the amplifier should have Class D amps that are capable of generating quality sound. Look for quality subs that when coupled with high powered amplifier helps produce optimum results. 

4. Consider impedance rating

Amplifier comes with ohms rating that help to understand its impedance. Depending on this, it can get power from the amplifier and come out with better sound output. With lower impedance, it is easy for the amplifier to work and with higher, it requires more power of the amplifier to produce good quality music.

Apart from these we have also listed these Best Powered Subwoofers for Car. Feel free to check them out as well.

FAQs on Buying 5 Channel Car Amplifier

Q1. What is the need to get a 5-channel amplifier?

Answer: If you are planning to install one speaker in each of the corners of the car, a 5-channel amplifier would be the suitable addition to get quality output sound. The amplifier has the capability to boost the power of the speakers and i this every speaker get a single channel to produce better sound.

Q2. Is it beneficial to get a bridgeable amplifier?

Answer: With a bridgeable amplifier, it is possible to enhance power supply to the speakers. This is beneficial when you are using a single channel subwoofer. Also, to bridge two subwoofers, it should be identical.

Q3. Is impedance or Power rating to be considered for an amplifier?

Answer: Never make the mistake of choosing an amp only the base of its power ratings. Adding to this, the impedance should also be considered that shall help get a better quality amplifier. If you wire subs with the wrong impedance, it can result in burnt voice coils.

Q4. What are the best places to install a 5-channel amplifier?

Answer: It should depend on how you want to connect the wires of the amplifier. Common installation locations include placing the amps in the trunk or under the vehicle seat. Before placing, you should measure the places so that the amplifier adjusts in the place perfectly.

The Closure

So, after going through the features of the amps mentioned above, it shall help you better to know the features that is required to get good quality output sound. Depending on the budget that you decided, you can look for the features.

Try to opt for better power supply of the amplifier that will help enhance the efficiency of the resulting sound. Check the performance of the amplifier before investing for it. This was all from our side on best 5 Channel amp. Do let us know your thoughts down in the comments.