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10 Best Moon Lamp Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

Best Moon Lamp

If you want to enjoy a moonlit evening, but don’t want to leave the cozy nook of your living room, you need to get a moon lamp. But, to enjoy the perfect moonlight you need to get the perfect moon lamp for your home. The perfect one not just emits perfect light; it also appears perfectly like the moon and has several other features.

It needs to have the same texture and appearance as the moon. People buy them not just for the light, but for the aesthetic appeal hidden in them. They act as light as well as home décor. Here is a list of best moon lamps that can help you select the best one.

10 Best Moon Lamp Reviews

1. BRIGHTWORLD 7.1 IN 3D Moon Lamp Night Light 

The Brightworld 3D printed 7.1 Inch moon lamp is a large moon lamp with USB port for charging, rechargeable batteries, and touch control for brightness and warmth.


  • It gives cool white light that mimics the feel of moonlight.
  • It is made entirely of natural plant extracts. So it is completely eco-friendly.
  • The crests and troughs on the surface have been designed based on astronomical data from NASA. This, coupled with cutting-edge 3D printing technology, helps to vividly portray the moon’s surface on the lamp.
  • You can change the lamp color by touching the metal button at the bottom. Colors can be changed between warm and cool white colors. To adjust the brightness of the lamp, you need to long-press the button.
  • Suitable for room decoration as well as a bedside lamp, night light, etc. 
  • It can also create a warm environment.
  • It has a built-in rechargeable battery that takes a maximum of 3 hours to charge fully and can deliver power for at least 8 hours. It can be charged through the USB port. 
  • The bottom of the lamp is only 0.7 inch in diameter Moreover, charging does not affect the control.
  • It can be a nice gift for friends, kids, and family members. It can also make a valuable Christmas, birthday, or housewarming gift.
  • With the light switched on, it looks like the real moon and has a charming and relaxing effect. You can also use it as a reading light.
  • Apart from classic cool white color, you can also get warm as well as soft yellow lighting. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness of the color as needed.


Can get various colors depending on your need
Has a long battery life


Not enough choice of colors
Not enough warranty

2. ZgmdaHOME 7 inch Moon Lamp with stand, touch control with LED 

This is a cordless and portable moon lamp for outdoor and home decoration.


  • It has a moon-like, realistic surface texture.
  • It is available in 16 different colors which can flash and fade as well as seamlessly change from one into another.
  • You can control the color and brightness of the light with the help of the remote control as well as touch control.
  • It is made entirely from PLA, a biodegradable material extracted from plants.
  • It contains an energy-efficient LED light and an integrated rechargeable lithium battery that you can charge with the standard USB port.
  • You can use the lamp while charging.
  • The lamp is run by an integrated rechargeable battery which can provide up to 48 hours of illumination on a full charge. Even if you operate it on maximum brightness it can maintain its brightness for 8 hours. The battery takes about 3 hours to get a full charge. 
  • It has a touch control for changing light color as well as turning the lamp on or off.  
  • You can also control it remotely from a distance of up to 35 feet. With the remote control, you can change color as well as the mode of lighting.
  • The colors can flash as well as fade.


Adjustable light direction
It comes with an easy to assemble the wood stand.


Less warranty
The rechargeable battery does not have a long life

3. SUPER3DMALL 7.1 Inch Full Moon LED Lamp in 16 Colors with touch and remote control 

This moderate-size luna moon lamp comes with a realistic lunar surface and 16 color lighting options. This makes it not just an appealing night light, but also a fashionable home décor and a decorative item for family parties.


  • This moon lamp is 3D printed and not made from moulds. This has given it a realistic lunar surface texture. 
  • It is also safe to use and reliable. 
  • It is made of durable and eco-friendly PLA material. So, you can use it for a long time, and also dispose off in non-toxic ways.
  • The energy-efficient LED lamp releases 3000k light which does not hurt the eyes but can be bright enough to read books. 
  • It contains one rechargeable battery with a life of 10000 hours. 
  • The lamp can emit 16 colors. You can change from one color to another simply by touching the touch button for less than a second. You can continuously change from one to another throughout its spectrum of 16 colors just by doing this. If you touch it for more than one second it adjusts the brightness. You can also turn it on and off using this touch button.
  • It also works with remote control. So, you can operate it from the comfort of your couch or bed.


Safe and reliable for your child.
It offers 16 different colors. You are sure to find your favorite color among these. Moreover, you can brighten up or dim each of these colors.


With the remote control, you can change only the brightness and not the colors.
Not enough warranty.

4. Segoal 3D 5.9 inch LED moon lamp with wood stand

The Segoal 3D 5.9 inch LED moon lamp comes with touch & remote controls and a wood stand.It can make a great gift item.


  • The surface of the lamp contains craters which have been mapped with NASA satellite images. 
  • It is made from durable PLA, which has undergone a high altitude test by dropping it from a height of 6.5 feet. So, even if you drop it from a height of 6.5 feet or less, the moon nightlight lamp will not get damaged.
  • It can be controlled with a touch button as well as a remote control. So, you can change the color with touch control as well as a remote control. 
  • It can emit 16 different RGB colors in four different modes. So, you can make the room atmosphere romantic, comfortable, quiet, or gorgeous by the touch of a button. 
  • There is a USB charging cable which you can use for other charging needs as well such as mobile charging, computer charging, etc
  • It has a battery of 500mAh capacity which can last for 15 hours if you operate it in blue light and soft mode.
  • It gives flicker-free comfortable light, which is suitable for reading as well as lighting in the room, home party, courtyard, coffee shop, etc. 
  • For damaged USB cable or remote control you can get a full replacement.  · It boasts of an adjustable light direction.


Comes with a wood stand. So no need to get a separate stand.
It can emit 16 different colors in four different modes.


Insufficient warranty
The dimension is small for bigger rooms

5. Elstey Star Sky 3D Moon Lamp

The Elstey 16 Color, Touch, and Remote Control Moon Light measures 5.9 inches in diameter and comes with a stand and LED light. It is a perfect piece of a decorative item for home, birthday gift, and more.


  • Unique colorful patterns can give rise to decorative, romantic, and warm night light. 
  • Energy-efficient LED light that can be connected to any USB adaptor, laptop, computer, or power bank.
  • Made of durable and unbreakable ABS + PLA. Owing to the rugged nature of the material it does not pose any risk even if you operate it for a long time. It continues to cast a glow in the room or on the kid’s reading desk.
  • There are 16 personalized colors and 4 lighting effects to choose from. You will surely find your favorite color and shade in these. You also get four modes of light that include Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth.
  • You can operate this light with touch as well as a remote control. The touch control is located near the charging port. You can also turn on and turn off the lamp by a remote control apart from the touch control.
  • It can be an ideal decorative item as well as a lamp for your bedroom, study table, cafe, desk, and even office. The glowing moon lamp can create a wonderful environment.
  • You can dim the brightness.
  • You can adjust the direction of light. 
  • You can get stroboscopic light in 7 colors which change gradually.
  • You can also get stroboscopic light in 3 colors which change gradually.


Can operate for 6-12 hours depending on the brightness you set.
Can get this lamp in 16 different colors and 4 modes. This means you can get the color and also the mode you most desire to have.


Not made of eco-friendly material.
Not enough warranty

6. Ehobroc 5.9 Inch Glowing 3D Moon Lamp with a tap to Change 3 Colors

The Ehobroc 5.9 Inch Glowing 3D Moon Lamp comes with tap control to change the light in 3 colors, i.e. cool, yellow, and warm white. It is a nice one for home décor, reading light for Kids, bedside night lamp, and birthday gift. 


  • The surface of the moon lamp has a vivid lunar appearance. It consists of curves, craters, and mountains that have been carefully designed to mimic the moon’s surface. This is what makes the lamp incredibly realistic.
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe for kids. The lamp is made from PVC while the outer shell is made from ABS which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Owing to the use of these materials, the lamp is unbreakable and durable too.
  • It has a high burning point that helps to prevent any burning risk if you light it for a long time. So, you can just place the moon lamp on the stand and enjoy a soothing moonlight or a romantic dining light for hours with complete safety.
  • It can change into 3 colors, i.e cool white, warm white, and yellow. Tap the lamp and it will change colors. It will continue to change color on successive taps and will turn off at the fourth tap. 
  • It has a gentle LED light which makes great energy saving. It can emit light continuously for 8 hours on a full charge of the rechargeable battery. 
  • The battery takes approx 2 hours to charge fully and can be charged via a USB port. So, you can charge it from your laptop or power bank. 
  • It makes a perfect gift for kids, women, parents, and more. It can also be a perfect Valentine or birthday gift as well as a good piece of décor for bedroom, table, cafe, desk, and even office. It can create a wonderful and cozy environment.
  • The company offers reliable after-sale support too.


Safe for kids
Vivid lunar appearance


It comes in 3 lights only.
It does not offer an adequate warranty.

7. ACED 3D Printing 4.7Inch Moon Light Lamp Baby

This is a dimmable and color-changing, touch-operated LED moonlight lamp for multipurpose use. It can be a cool gift item for Christmas for Kids, teens, lovers, and more. You can also use it as a cool decorative lamp for your home. 


  • The lamp has been 3D printed in such a way that it vividly mimics the appearance of the moon.
  • It can bring about a good ambient light for kids’ bedroom, living room, dining room, office, etc. You can also gift it to kids for use as a toy.
  • There is an integrated and rechargeable battery that can provide up to 20 hours of illumination depending on the brightness you set. 
  • You can charge the battery using a standard USB charging port by connecting it to your PC, mobile devices, etc. So, you can charge it anytime and anywhere.
  • The energy-efficient LED lamp can create a comfortable and flicker-free light. Moreover, you can adjust the lighting color between cool white and warm yellow and create the ideal ambient lighting environment for study, dinner, or sleep. It takes care of your eyes, so you can use it for your kids’ studies.
  • You can control it with touch. You can set the brightness levels to dim as well as to bright in every available color, i.e., white and yellow to match your mood or requirement. You can do all these simply by taping the touch control button. It also has a memory function. The Add Memory Function saves the last setting for your convenience.


The battery can last for up to 20 hours on dim light.
Safe for children and can be used for studies.


The choice of light is restricted to 2, i.e white and yellow with dim and bright modes of both.
No remote control

8. Mydethun 3.5In moon lamp with stand 

If you are looking for a really small one for your kids, you can go for this 3.5-inch bi-color moon lamp. This small night lamp can be a nice gift for kids. 


  • This moon lamp is made from PLA using 3D printing technology. So, the material is eco-friendly. 
  • It can change color from white to yellow and vice versa and also adjust the brightness from warm to cool.
  • You can change color with a touch. You can also adjust brightness by touch. If you need to dim the light you have to long-press the touch button.
  • It has a rechargeable battery which takes 2-3 hours to fully charge and can operate for 8-10 hours on a single charge. 
  • The touch button at the bottom is separate from the charging port which makes it easy to control the light color and brightness. Owing to the small size of the hole you can enjoy the moon’s shape unadulterated.
  • It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift as well as a gift for kids.


Easy to change color and control brightness with a touch button.
Comes with a wooden base.


Only two colors
No remote control

9. AMZLIFE 7.1 Inch LED Moon Lamp with touch sensor switch and wooden stand 

This 7.1 Inch LED Moon Light Lamp comes with dimmable brightness and 2 color option. It can be a nice decor item or item for a gift.


  • This moon lamp has been designed with the most advanced 3D printing technology which has imparted it a vivid lunar appearance. 
  • It is made of eco-friendly PLA which is extracted from corn stalks. This is why it is non-toxic and odorless.
  • You can control it with touch and change color and brightness. It offers light in two colors: cool white at 6000k and warm yellow at 3000k.
  • It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged through a USB cable. The USB charging cable comes with the package. The battery gets fully charged in 3 hours and can offer light for up to 12 hours if you run it on low brightness. If you use it on full brightness, it can last for 4 hours.
  • The outside surface has a matte finish which helps with comfortable brightness. This means the light is neither too dark nor too bright. This makes it ideal for use in creative decorations during family parties in the courtyard, dinner table, etc. You can also use it on pathways to create a wonderful environment.
  • Good customer service.


Eco-friendly and safe to use.
Can work for 12 hours on low brightness.


It Does not offer many choices of color.
Does not have a remote control

10. LOGROTATE 16 Colors 3D LED Moon Light with Stand

This is a 4.8-inch diameter, 3D LED moon lamp with touch and remote control, and a USB charging facility. It can make a great gift for kids, partners, friends, etc on birthday, anniversary, etc.


  • This full moon lamp has a diameter of 4.8 Inch, a realistic full moon shape, and a vivid lunar surface. All these make it a charming piece of décor and gift. It is manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology, 
  • It can offer 16 different colors, each of which can fade, flash, and strobe. They make great decorative lights for occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. They also make great décor for kids’ bedroom, dining room, living room, etc. Such a palette of color also implies that you can get your favorite color in the most desired mode, i.e fade, flash, or strobe. 
  • The lamp operates with remote as well as touch control. You can use the touch control to turn on and turn off the lamp as well as to change its brightness. 
  • It has a fully functional remote control, i.e., you can use it to change color as well as the brightness of the lamp. The remote is so sensitive and powerful that you can easily operate it from a distance of 30 feet while sitting on the couch or bed.
  • It has an integrated rechargeable battery that you can charge from your computer or power bank. The battery can last for a maximum of 12 hours if you operate it on low brightness. 
  • Made with 100% FDA approved PLA, which is a plant extract and therefore environment friendly and non-toxic.
  • 24×7 professional technical support
  • Full money refund within 30 days
  • 12 months warranty


Fully functional remote to change colors as well as brightness
12 months warranty


Touch control is not fully functional
On full brightness, the battery can last only for 6 hours.

Editors Choice    

ZgmdaHOME 7 inch Moon Lamp with stand, touch control with LED 

This cordless and portable moon lamp with a 7-inch diameter has realistic lunar surface texture and is available in 16 different colors. These lights can flash and fade and seamlessly merge into one another. You can control the color as well as the brightness with remote control as well as a touch button. Moreover, you can use the remote control from a distance of up to 35 feet.

It is made entirely from PLA and is therefore biodegradable.

The rechargeable battery takes 3 hours for a full charge and can provide up to 48 hours of illumination.

Here is a buying guide about how to buy the perfect one for your home. 

Buying Guide

Have you gone through the aspects to look for in the best moon lamp? You do need to take into consideration certain aspects before selecting a true moon lamp. Otherwise, you would be saddled with an unworthy purchase. So, go through the following points and get the most for your money. 

1. Built-In Battery

A moon lamp with an integrated rechargeable battery is a great help. It ensures that you don’t have to replace the battery every time it gets spent. You just need to recharge it to use it again. Moreover, the battery should have a long life. This would ensure that the battery can power the lamp throughout the night.

2. The Texture

A moon lamp needs to have the appearance of the moon. So, you need to look for the texture. It should have the texture of the moon and not a plain texture. Bright light and shape coupled with perfect texture can offer the most perfect moonlit night. While looking for the perfect texture make sure that the lamp has a nice blend of light and dark spots just like you can observe on the moon.

3. The Charging Port

The charging port should be located in such a way that it does not distort the view of the lamp. The best way is to have the charging port underneath the lamp. This makes is discrete and less obvious and thereby does not distort the view of the lamp. Moreover, it is easy to charge.

4. Size

The size of the moon lamp depends on a lot of factors such as room size, table size, etc. However, the table size is the most important determinant of the moon lamp size. A small side table containing a full-sized moon lamp would look weird.

On the other hand, a small size lamp on a big table would fail to effuse the feeling of a moonlit night. So, you need to see that the lamp and the table are proportionate in size. Pick the moon lamp by the size of the table. 

5. Budget

Amazing moon lamps are available for an affordable price. So, there’s no need to go overboard with your hard-earned money. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What are the ways of using a moon lamp?

A1. You can use a moon lamp as an elegant piece of room décor, a reading light, a night lamp, a party light, a gift for your partner, a gift for your kids, and more. It is not just the lunar shape, but the palette of colors, the brightness and dimming effects as well as the different modes like strobe, flash, etc that make it a great utility for different occasions. You can control the brightness and the color and therefore create the perfect ambiance that truly reflects your mood at any point in time.

Q2. Can a moon lamp get too heated?

A2. Yes, it can get overheated if you leave it on for a long time. However, that is not going to harm you unless you touch it. If you touch, it may almost burn your finger. However, some of the best quality lamps made of PLA don’t usually get that hot as they conduct heat better than other products. This material is also environmentally friendly.

Q3. Do moon lamps change into various colors?

A3. Yes, they do change into various colors, but only to the extent of the design. This implies that there are lamps that come with a 16 color RGB design while there are others that come with 3-color design. So, while purchasing, you need to make sure that the moon lamp can change into 16 different colors. If you are okay with bright yellow, bright white, and mellow white, make sure to see that you get only those.
Otherwise, you may have to shell out more for something that you don’t desire or require. If a palette of color is what you are looking for you can go for the 16-color design where you can get a diverse range such as red, green, purple, blue, and more. Moreover, you can get them in various modes, i.e strobe, flash, etc.

Q4. Do the lamps have any other extra features?

A4. Apart from the smooth surface lamps, there are moon lamps that vividly mimic the surface of the moon. If you have a big room and a big table, you can get a big moon lamp with a vivid lunar surface and turn on the mellow white light. This can make you feel like enjoying a moonlit evening. Some of these lamps come with brightness control to adapt to the ambient environment.

Q5. Can I get a stand with the lamp?

A5. All of them don’t come with stands. So, before purchasing a lamp make sure that it comes with a stand. Since these are round objects, they need special stands to keep them from falling. If you are not confident about a DIY stand, make sure to get the one supplied along with the product.

Q6. Can I customize my moon lamp?

A6. Yes, you can customize moon lamps. You can engrave words, messages, or pictures of your loved ones.


The best moon lamp depends on a number of factors. If you have a big room and a big bedside table, you need to get a big one. If you have a small room and a small bedside table, you need to go for a smaller one. If you are buying the lamp solely as a night lamp or room décor, a bi-color or tri-color small moon lamp is okay.

What you need is mellow white light with bright warm light for study, if need be. If you also desire to use it as a party light, you need to go for big 16 color moon lights. These can light up a large area and brighten up your mood with their palette of colors and adorable modes of lighting.