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17 Best Pokemon Gifts for Pokemon Fans this Christmas and New Year 2021

best Pokemon gifts for Pokemon Fans

The occasion of Christmas and New Year is for everybody to enjoy to the fullest. Not only for kids, but adults do even love to greet people, exchange gifts and celebrate the occasion. However, if you know someone who is a big fan of Pokemon, there can nothing be much special rather than this. Gifting something from the Pokemon Collections can always turn out to be the best gift that you can send to your loved ones. However, if you are facing problems in choosing the best Pokemon gifts for Fans, here is a guide that you can follow.

Best Pokemon Gifts 2021 for Fans

1. Pokemon Jr Adventure Game

Pokemon Jr Adventure Game

The Pokemon Jr Adventure Game takes your children to the fantasy world of Pokemons with the facts, guides, and knowledge about all the games. In fact, this booklet comes with 60 pages and includes everything from episodes to trading cards and also instructions to play the game. Your children will have a great time to play and enjoy this game. 

2. Cardinal Pokemon Hedbanz Game

Cardinal Pokemon Hedbanz Game

If your kids love to dress up in a Pokemon Theme, the Cardinal Pokemon Hedbanz Game can be the right accessory for everything. The product comes with several options like 60 character cards and 24 scoring chips. It is more like a character guessing game that your kids can enjoy together. The set also includes 6 headbands with proper timers to play the game.

3. Pokemon TCG Forbidden Light Box

Pokemon TCG Forbidden Light Box

The Pokemon TCG Forbidden LightBox is one of the most top-notch choices for anyone to have as a Christmas gift. The game includes multiple trading cards which your kids will love to enjoy with. In fact, the game has multiple special cards which make each round of trading to be attractive. So overall, the set has a complete package of training cards with in-game cards that makes the Pokemon TCG Forbidden LightBox a great buy. 

4. BioWorld Pokémon Throw Blanket

BioWorld Pokémon Throw Blanket

The bioWorld Pokémon Throw Blanket comes in a perfect size for your kid’s lovely nap time. We found that the blanket has a size of 48 x 60 -inches which means that it can cover the entire body. Coming to the quality of the blanket, it seems to be made up of fleece and is also great in comfort. Surely your kids will love the Pikachu graphics present with the blanket which makes it great to use.

5. Sorry! Pokemon Gold and Silver Edition

Sorry! Pokemon Gold and Silver Edition

If your kids love playing the Pokemon Game, there can be nothing more entertaining than the Sorry Pokemon Gold and Silver Edition. This game box contains a deck of cards as well as multiple other factors. It’s a game that becomes very entertaining while playing. Apart from the cards, the box includes 16 Stands which are each unique and also special to use. Your kids will love them.

6. Itazura New Pikachu Piggy Bank box

Itazura New Pikachu Piggy Bank box

The Itazura New Pikachu Piggy Bank box seems to be innovative and attractive for your kids o use. If you want to gift your child a Piggy Bank with their favorite them, the Itazura New Pikachu Piggy Bank box is the best thing for you The most attractive part of the box is that whenever you press the button to open the piggy box, it calls out with the traditional Pikachu voice. Surely it is a must buy.

7. Pokemon 16 Canvas Backpack

Pokemon 16 Canvas Backpack

The Pokemon 16 Canvas Backpack is the most versatile thing that your child can carry to school. Trust me, if you present this bag to your child, he will love to go to school more often. We found that the product is very durable and it has three zipped chains. The bag also includes 2 pockets for easy water bottle carry on either side. Apart from this, it has an adjustable shoulder strap.

8. Pokemon TCG Collector’s Chest

Pokemon TCG Collector's Chest

The Pokemon TCG Collector’s Chest is a classic collection of the ultimate Pokemon Series. The product is a jumbo set of colorful stickers, notepad, and pencils which are all based on the Pokemon themes. In all, it contains all the necessary things that your child will want to have in a fun way. Apart from this, the box also includes Pokemon Cards for trading and game experience. It comes packed in a metal box case.

9. Pokemon TCG Booster Box

Pokemon TCG Booster Box

The Pokemon TCG Booster Box is another exceptional product that you will want to gift to your kids. This special edition of the Sun and Moon includes 36 booster packs with 10 TCG cards for each of them. It includes one of the latest evolutions of the characters and will always make your child fall in love with. Apart from this, the product also has some rare characters and Titans like the Tapu FiniGX as well as the Necrozma-GX.

10. Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Ranger

If your child plays on the Nintendo device, it is a great option to gift him something based on this. The Pokemon Ranger is one such game that can attract anyone because of the wonderful play. The game has some functions and dynamic graphics that will allow your children to love it. So they can always catch the Pokemon with the DS stylus, train them and even overcome challenges to complete missions!

11. Pokemon TCG: Guzzlord Gx Box

Pokemon TCG Guzzlord Gx Box

If your kids love to play on the cards and trading games, the Pokemon TCG: Guzzlord Gx Box is the best option for them. The product comes with a 1 foil promo card that describes the game and makes it easier to play. It also includes many card packs which makes the gameplay even better. So as a result, if your children love to play trading, you can always go for the Pokemon TCG: Guzzlord Gx Box.

    12. Pokemon Burning Shadows Elite Trainer Box

    Pokemon Burning Shadows Elite Trainer Box

    The Pokemon Burning Shadows Elite Trainer Box is a massive pack of cards and the stations which allow your kids to have fun all the time. We found that the product comes with a pack of 10 game cards and also several energy cards. So they can always pick the ideal cards for duels and even start winning them.

    13. Charizard 10-Inch Plush

    Charizard 10-Inch Plush

    When it comes to like a toy of the favorite character, almost everybody will like the Charizard. Thus, the Charizard 10-Inch Plush can be a great gift for your children to ask for. It has the perfect size for your child to play with and is also soft to grip on. What we like the most about the Charizard 10-Inch Plush is the detailing in it. It resembles the original model uniquely.

    14. TOMY Pokémon My Friend Pikachu

    TOMY Pokémon My Friend Pikachu

    The TOMY Pokémon My Friend Pikachu is another great fluffy toy for your children to have. The product comes with unique features like lights and sounds which makes the product to be much more attractive. Since it is 10-inches tall, we found the product easy to hold. Apart from this, it has almost 10 sounds to make your child’s playtime filled with fun. 

    15. Pokémon Sword – Nintendo Switch

    Pokémon Sword - Nintendo Switch

    The Pokémon Sword – Nintendo Switch is a classic game of the Nintendo Switch. If your kids play here all the time, it may just be one of the best things to choose. The game involves a classic collection of games that embark on the new journey. It also includes new adventures and encounters for your children to complete.

    16. Nintendo Switch Lite – Turquoise

    Nintendo Switch Lite - Turquoise

    The Nintendo Switch Lite – Turquoise is specially built for the Nintendo Switch gaming. The game is developed with precise gaming that uplifts the experience and also gives you the best way to enjoy the game. While playing, we found that the game involves all the keys which make special utilization of the characters. So it is a great gift for Christmas.

    17. Monopoly: Pokemon – Kanto Region Edition

    Monopoly Pokemon - Kanto Region Edition

    If your kids love to play together, the Monopoly: Pok’mon – Kanto Region Edition can bet the best gift of your choice. The product has multiplayer options with some Pokemon Themes and characters. This edition of the Monopoly will take every character through all the 8 gyms and allow surprise battle. So it is filled with fun. 


    There are many products available which you can choose to surprise your children. But if you are confused about choosing the best one, this guide on 17 best Pokemon gifts for Pokemon Lovers in 2021 will surely help you to find the best products. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!