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5 Best Remote For Nvidia Shield [Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021]

Best Remote For Nvidia Shield

Have you lost your remote and are looking for the best remote for Nvidia Shield? Well, television is almost incomplete without a remote. And having an insufficient remote which is not able to manage our requirements can lower the quality of our experience with television. 

So, it is always better to have an amazing, fast operating remote in your hand while sitting in front of that square box. So, today we have come up with this article on the Nvidia Shield remote replacement. It will help you to pick the perfect remote for you and your favorite television.

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5 Best Remote For Nvidia Shield Reviews

1. NVIDIA SHIELD Remote, Customizable Menu Buttons – Editor’s Choice

This Nvidia Shield remote is made by Nvidia itself. It has an IR blaster to control your television set and other stuff. It is specially designed to support Nvidia Shield Television. Interestingly, it works with all the Nvidia Shield Tv versions.

You need to worry about using it in dark rooms because the buttons get instantly lighted up as soon as you pick it. You can access thousands of movies, songs just by using your voice. It has a microphone that allows you to use google assistant which is already available on your television. You can control your full house entertainment system by using only this best remote for an Nvidia shield.

It comes with customizable menu buttons that give you up to 25 choices. You also need not to worry about it getting lost as you can use the Shield app on your phone to track it. So, if you are an owner of any of the Nvidia Shield TVs then you can go for it.


  • It comes with an IR blaster which helps in the long-range.
  • It has a menu that can customize up to 25 choices.
  • It has buttons which glow in dark rooms.
  • It has a microphone for using Google Assistant.

2. WeChip W1 Remote 2.4G Multifunctional Smart TV Remote – Universal Select

This best remote for Nvidia Shield is a multifunctional smart tv remote that can do multiple tasks for you. It comes with a mini-wireless keyboard which you can connect with your android television and can do typing stuff.

It supports all kinds of operating systems which makes it quite versatile and dependable. Interestingly, it is one of the few rechargeable remotes available. It has a lithium battery which can be recharged and used for weeks.

It automatically goes into sleep mode if not used for let say 15 seconds. You can press any key and it will be back live again. Like the previous remotes, it also contains an IR blaster, so you can use this at any point in your house. People who love to multitask at the same time can take great help from this remote for doing that.


  • It also comes with an IR blaster for using it from long distances.
  • It can do many tasks at once.
  • This remote contains an auto-sleep feature that saves power.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • Every kind of operating system is supported by this remote

3. Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control – Premium Choice

This Nvidia Shield remote alternative can easily control your whole home entertainment with your iPhone or Android mobile. The remote is unusually light and lean, and works via RF, in the place of IR, and therefore that you do not require to be in the line of sight.

Its battery lasts for quite a long time. Harmony’s activity-based buttons provide easy functionality for purposes such as “Watch TV.” The upgraded program makes initial installation easier than past versions.

The Hub is designed to sit down or as part of your television cabinet and flame infrared (IR) remote controls to get a handle on your own gear.  The system also comprises a different wired IR blaster, you are able to position to reach for long distances.

The remote is thinner and lighter compared to the usual standard clicker. This sliver-thinness is permitted by way of a wafer-like watch battery (CR2032) which Logitech says can endure for a year. The small dimension of this remote, alongside makes it very wonderful to grip.

Compared to this larger Logitech Harmony Nvidia Shield, supreme Home Control seems convenient and necessitates stretching to attain secrets. Button positioning, for the large part, is fantastic. The keys are a breeze to navigate with texture, searchable logically, and sized directly. 


  • It works via RF.
  • Its battery runs up to 1 Year.
  • It is thinner and lighter.
  • It has an IR blaster that signals to far places.

4. One For All Zapper Basic Universal Remote – Most Versatile

This Nvidia Shield universal remote is compatible with all brands of television, TNT, and most audio equipment. When using this hardware, you will be able to control up to 3 devices. In addition, you can turn off your devices separately.

The added bonus of investing in this model is the presence of the learning function. With this system, you can personalize the device and transfer all the functions from the original remote control to it. During configuration, all you have to do is copy the codes marked in the instructions.

It has large keys which, in addition, are colored for better visibility. The grip is also easier, but it can also stand upright on a flat surface. The strap that is integrated into this copy also enhances the practicality of the use of the equipment.


  • Great compatibility: This universal TV remote control is recommended since it supports most of the devices you adopt on a daily basis.
  • Performance: By activating the learning function that comes with this One For All universal remote control, you can transfer the user options of the original remote control so that you don’t have to use it anymore.
  • Easy handling: This accessory only contains the keys that are necessary for controlling your devices in order to avoid any confusion.

5. One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 – Best For Geeks

This brand’s remote control is aptly named, as it controls TV, set-top boxes, Blu-Ray DVD players, and other audio equipment. It supports 4 devices in all, which encompasses the general home audio-video system of any home. To watch a movie, listen to music, or the like, all you have to do is press one button and the device will do the rest.

It is compatible with any manufacturer too. If you were to acquire new equipment or replace it, you can keep the same remote control without worry. So if you have it under different brands, that’s okay with this product.

It takes a minute to set up, based on the user guide included in the bundle. And for those who are afraid of not finding the same options as the old remote control on this one, they have the Transfer of functions. The latter corresponds to the update of the new one so that it has similar possibilities to the old one.


  • Rich support: In addition to operating devices of different kinds, the series recognizes several manufacturers. This is the ideal tool if you want to relax in front of your TV.
  • Quick Setup: It just takes a minute or a little longer to set up this remote and be able to enjoy it. 

Buying Guide 

To choose well, it is essential to know these few important criteria:

Criterion n°1: Transmission standard

The transmission standard is an essential criterion for the purchase of remote control. There are two types of transmission standards. First, we have the remote controls that work under infrared (IR). The devices placed in your living room have the particularity of functioning with this transmission standard. 

The latter has great reliability and is inexpensive. However, infrared cannot pass through walls and obstacles. In addition, it cannot operate over a great distance. The second transmission standard is radio wave (RF) transmission. It is unaffected by obstacles and has a greater coverage distance.

Criterion n°2: Options

The options are also to be taken into account when choosing the best remote for the Nvidia shield. For more performance and convenience, manufacturers are integrating more and more advanced options.

We can find touch screen models to improve handling. Others have the option of duplicating some functions of your original remote, using a pass-through option. Some models of universal remote control have a built-in motion sensor and automatically turn on the television as soon as you pick it up.

Criterion 3: Compatibility and the number of devices to be checked

These two criteria are very important and cannot be neglected. It is imperative to know if the remote control is compatible with your devices. Then, it is essential to know how many devices you can control with the remote. You can thus control your multimedia player (DVD or Blu Ray), your TV, your decoder, and your Wi-Fi system at the same time.

If you plan to remotely control other devices, there are remote controls on the market that can control up to 20 devices and accessories. 

Criterion n°4: Battery or battery power supply

To work, the remote control needs electrical energy. The diet has an important place in the selection criteria. The autonomy depends on the use of the remote control, but for more practicality and efficiency, it is necessary that the latter has batteries or powerful batteries, otherwise we would have to recharge them or change them all the time. 

Criterion n°5: Design and comfort

Indeed, the remote control is one of the elements arranged in your living room or bedroom. It needs to look what you want. It should also be easy to handle, with well-spaced, well-designed keys, as well as an easy and comfortable grip. Similarly, also prefer models with protection against shocks and possible falls for increased durability.

What Is A Universal Remote Control?

The Nvidia Shield universal remote is a tool that can remotely control various electronic devices like TVs, DVD or Blu-ray players, home theater systems, etc. Depending on the model, it can even be used to control shutters, blinds, alarms, or even the lighting in your living area.

This type of remote control is used to replace a damaged or lost model. In addition, it could also be used to centralize management and control of devices in a single remote control instead of using an array of remote controls that just clutter up the room. There are pre-programmed models that are compatible with a specific list of devices. There are also programmable models that can be adapted to more devices.

The remote controls can operate using the infrared signal or by radiofrequency. For the first, the user is forced to point the remote control at the device, without there being any obstacles. For the radio frequency link, the coverage distance is greater, it is no longer necessary to point at the device and the presence of an obstacle does not prevent the link.

The Different Types Of Universal Remote Control

Universal remote controls fall into two categories: pre-programmed universal remote controls and programmable universal remote controls.

Universal pre-programmed remote control

The design of a pre-programmed universal remote control is quite basic and in general, it looks the same as a regular remote control. However, we can find waterproof, shockproof, and ergonomic models.

It has limited use because it is programmed for an exhaustive list of devices and troubleshooting. Before purchasing this kind of remote, it is important to check its compatibility list and make sure your device is on this list.

Universal programmable remote control

The programmable universal remote control is also called a “learning remote control”. This type of universal remote control is most suitable for users who want to replace the many remote controls invading their home in one.

It is more advanced and modern. It has great versatility and can have a screen to efficiently perform its task. In addition, it provides several functionalities. In addition to being able to control your multimedia devices such as TV, player, satellite decoder, sound system, it is also able to control other equipment in your homes, such as alarms, shutters, blinds, or even the lighting for example.

Why Buy A Universal Remote?

Contrary to popular belief, a universal remote control is easy to program. Usually, programming this device the first time it is used with the device it will be controlling is fairly straightforward.

The steps are usually listed in the User and Setup Guide that accompanies the product. You just have to follow the key combinations mentioned and voila. 

1. Versatile

The use of a universal remote gives the user the ability to control multiple devices from a single remote. For example, you can control your television, your hi-fi system, your optical drive, or your TNT or satellite decoder. No need to have a bunch of remotes swarming the room, as a single remote can easily do the job.

2. Make your life easier

In addition to being able to control your electronic devices, some models can even control the home automation part of your home such as opening the gate, managing alarms, air conditioning, roller shutters, or even blinds. Universal remote controls, therefore, offer the possibility of centralized management of your home, optimally with little effort. This greatly facilitates your daily life.

3. Economic

As a single universal remote control could replace the function of several remote controls, it is an economical solution. You will only have to buy a universal remote control to operate a device with a damaged remote control, but in the future, it can still be used as a remote control for other devices if the remote controls for these stop working. Plus, all you need to do is buy batteries for one remote instead of acquiring for multiple remotes each time.

4. Possibility to customize the keys

Depending on the model of the universal remote, you can program a specific function or customize a button to make use more and more easy. You can then create programs like “watch video”.

Several actions can then take place at the same time on several devices, such as the DVD player, television, and the sound system for example so that the video can be read on the player, displayed on the screen, and heard through the sound system.

How To Choose A Good Universal Remote Control?

Sometimes the subject of arguments in many homes, the remote control is a device that has become essential in everyday life. Even though it’s easy to buy one, with the incomparable number of remotes on the market, the choice isn’t always obvious. This buying guide for the best universal remotes will help you choose a good universal remote by showing you some key things to consider: its features, range, and power.


Switching off, volume control, and changing channels are some of the basic functions of any remote control. What sets the universal remote control apart is that it can control multiple automated devices at the same time. Indeed, all the devices in the house do not all bear the same brand.

With the universal remote, all device-specific features can be controlled from a single remote. Also, to facilitate this control, some universal remote controls are pre-programmed or programmable with codes that speed up the recognition and use of the commands.

It is these codes that allow the remote control to operate. Some remote controls have macro commands that activate a series of programs with just one button. Others can be connected to a computer through a USB port for programming.

The most sophisticated remote controls are able to automatically read the functions of the remote controls originally supplied with your device in order to receive control signals. In general, the more complex the remote control has, the more expensive it will be. Be sure to consult our price comparison before any purchase.

The scope

If the command was invented, it is to make your life easier. Here are some tips: when making your purchase, you should ask yourself how you will use it on a daily basis. If you intend to control multiple devices that are not all in a single line of sight (devices placed in different rooms, for example), your best bet is to opt for a radio frequency remote control.

Alternatively, if your home theater and its components are all in one place, an infrared remote control can do the trick. A useful feature also when operating the remote control in the dark is the ignition function. Some remote controls light up when operated at night. Light movement sensors are built into the device that turns on with a simple touch.


Remote controls are usually powered by standard alkaline batteries which may or may not be rechargeable. These standard batteries are mostly AA and AAA type. However, some types of remote controls come with a set of rechargeable batteries and the charger that goes with them. This option is better suited because it avoids either having to buy batteries when the remote control no longer works or to stock up on batteries.

If your question is how to buy a better value universal remote control, these tips can help. Keep these tips in mind when shopping and now find where to buy a new universal remote.

How To Use A Universal Remote Control?

When you have multiple devices at your disposal, it can become overwhelming to have to use different remote controls. These accessories will allow you to control both your TV and your DVD player or Hi-Fi system.

1. Read the instructions carefully

Consulting the instructions for use remains the first reflex to adopt when purchasing a new accessory. In the case of universal remote control, for example, it is important to check the type of batteries to be used to operate the product.

It is indeed strongly recommended to stick only to the models specified in the instructions. This is to avoid malfunctions of all kinds and also to guarantee the safety of the owner.

2. Find the model number of your remote

These accessories are certainly dedicated to controlling several types of devices. However, you will need to check the compatibility of the product with them. In order for the remote to work properly, you will need to find devices that you can pair it with.

To do this, consult the model number of your item. This is usually found on its back or in the battery compartment. Then go to the Remote Code Finder page and find your specimen there. Once done, take a look at the code list in PDF format. These correspond to precise references of VCR or others.

3. Set up a universal remote control

To perform this action, you have two choices. Either enter the code of the devices with which you want to use your remote control or you plug the latter into your PC and follow the configuration guide. For the first case, you will find the code in the instructions for use of your devices. And for the second alternative, a USB cable is usually supplied with the remote.

4. Find the operating code

This action remains easy. All you need to do is refer to the list of codes provided in the instructions for use of your accessory. If you cannot find the one that matches your device, the product you have in your possession is not compatible with it.

5. Programming the remote control

Programming mode lasts 10 seconds after you have held down the SET button and activated the TV button for example. At this point, an indicator light comes on. Do the same with your DVD players or your Hi-Fi system.

6. Check the installation

If you want to control your TV, for example, press the TV button. Then use your device as if you were on the original remote control of your device. If the product does not respond, remove its batteries, press all buttons, replace the batteries and try again. This should restart the system so that you can better enjoy your accessory.

The Best Universal Remote Control Brands

In our opinion, the best universal remote control brands in 2021 are:

All for One – One For All is the world leader and first innovator of universal remote controls that suit all lifestyles. This company manufactures remote controls and for 20 years it has also been a leader in wireless control technologies. Its products are sold in 5,000 stores in North America and more than 13,000 stores in Europe.

Philips – Based in Amsterdam, Philips is one of the major lighting and appliance groups. Founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, this brand is renowned for televisions, vacuum cleaners, laser epilators, and coffee machines. In recent years, Philips has enriched its range with universal remote controls with an ergonomic design.

These are at the cutting edge of technology and are compatible with more than 1000 devices. In fact, the Philips brand lives up to its values ​​by offering products that are easy to use, but of superior quality.

Logitech – Founded in 1981 in Apple, this Swiss company traces an exceptional journey through innovation and the quality of its products, including remote controls, mice, speakers, and keyboards. Logitech offers different models of universal remotes, reflecting the meticulous work and the creative spirit of the brand. Thanks to its innovative and high-end devices, Logitech lets you enjoy many applications integrated into a single remote control.

Samsung – Founded on March 1, 1938, this South Korean company is well known in the world of technology product design. It is well known for its impeccable quality, constant innovation, and unparalleled design. More than 15 devices can be controlled on Samsung remotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I buy the new Nvidia Shield Remote?

A1. You can buy the Nvidia Shield remote from various e-commerce sites such as Amazon. It is available on Amazon at a cheaper price compared to other e-commerce websites. You can also buy this product from Nvidia’s official website.

Q2. How long does Nvidia Shield Remote battery last?

A2. As we mentioned earlier that the Nvidia Shield Remote contains Lithium batteries and it can be recharged. Once fully charged, it can give you up to 60+ hours of continuous usage.

Q3. Is the Nvidia Shield remote Bluetooth?

A3. No, the Nvidia Shield remote doesn’t use Bluetooth technology. Rather, it is connected to the television through Wi-Fi. So, you can use it to control all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Q4. Where is my Shield Remote?

A4. If you have somehow managed to lose even your Shield Remote then don’t worry. Simply download the Shield Tv Application on your device. It has a Find My Remote” feature which gives you the location of your lost buddy.

Final Verdict

This was all about the Nvidia Shield remote replacement. You should have now got the idea about choosing a perfect remote for your television set. If you will ask us about any recommendation, then our choice among the top 5 would be NVIDIA SHIELD Remote which is specially designed for Nvidia Shield Television. But, we will completely leave upon you the decision for choosing the best remote for Nvidia Shield.