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10 Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

best subwoofer box design for deep bass

Are you in search of the quality box design for subwoofer units?

Well, there are plenty of options available but you have to choose the right one that fits the music unit properly. Now, you must be wondering about the quality of the box. To tell the truth, it is better to invest for a quality one as it will go a long way.

More interestingly, if you get a quality box it will be more than just a box for the subwoofer unit. The box is sure to enhance the bass sound of the subwoofer and therefore, it is worthy of the extra money that you spend for a quality box design of the unit.

So, without any further dilemma, go through the list of products and check the features. Opt for the Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass that suits your budget and requirement the best.

List of Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass

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1. Klipsch R-100SW Subwoofer Box

Are you looking for a product that focuses more on performance rather than just the design? If so, the Klipsch R-100SW Subwoofer is the perfect answer to all your questions. This device comes with a complete front-firing performance that can enhance the count.

Because of the Spun-copper embedded in the front of the woofer box, the sound coming out is much more enhanced than any other product and thus, you can always experience better music.

Is the performance so good to count on?

When it comes to performance, the all-digital amplifier design from the Klipsch R-100SW Subwoofer is ready to impress you the most. It comes as a part of the Reference series subwoofer. This series is especially known to provide you with ample power and higher efficiency.

Furthermore, it is much more reliable for true-to-source accuracy which can provide you a great output according to the needs. This is sufficient for filling up the entire home or even the car with the help of which you are traveling.

The one feature that will impress you the most is the option of the customized bass that gives you an ultimate response. Coming to the multiple features of the controls, you can get key benefits like low pass crossover, gain as well as the phase control. It is majorly efficient for the low-frequency and also the high-frequency sound controls. As a result of this, it becomes much more effective to purchase this product.

Since the Klipsch R-100SW Subwoofer is extremely light in weight and you can get along with the power cable, you can place the product almost anywhere.


Spun-Copper IMG Woofer
Low Pass Crossover
All-Digital Amplifier
300 Watts Peak Power


Easy to fit
Construction is good
Phase Control


No response below 30hz

2. Bbox E10S Pro-Series Wedge Shape Subwoofer

Is bass a major factor for you before considering a subwoofer box? If so, Bbox E10S Pro-Series Wedge Shape Subwoofer is an ideal product for you to choose from. This product comes along with a single sealed enclosure which can give you an optimum bass response as per your requirement.

It comes with a 10-inch mounting depth design that can be ideal for you to choose if you want low-frequency reproduction. Having such a feature means that you can get ideal for low profile sound quality subwoofer.

To be fair, the Bbox E10S Pro-Series Wedge Shape Subwoofer comes along with a 1-inch high-grade baffle made up of the MDF front. Because of this, the soundbox can get a structural rigidity when it comes to the construction. It is also topped with no-flex construction to provide an accurate bass reproduction.

Is the design worth buying?

Of course, it is when you are looking for deep bass. To be specific, the Bbox E10S Pro-Series Wedge Shape Subwoofer comes along with a CNC Miter and Dado design. As a result of this, it can create an air-tight precision that can easily fit in with all parts of the second of the car. Furthermore, it will allow a noise-free and rattle environment while you are playing music in your car. The vibration is also low compared to other models.

To keep the structure robust and ready for use, The Bbox E10S Pro-Series Wedge Shape Subwoofer is constructed with special aliphatic wood glue. This will ensure an air-tight seal that will give you some of the best results when it comes to finishing. On top of this, the product features OEM grade carpet material which is ready for a cool finish to the body.


Mitered Edge Construction
1″ MDF Front Baffle
Atrend’s Trick Glue
Premium Charcoal Carpet
CNC Miter & Dado design


Impressive sound support
Big in size
Light in weight


Only one speaker

3. Car Audio Single 8″ SPL Bass Subwoofer Labyrinth Vent Sub Box Stereo Enclosure – Editor’s Choice

Are you looking for a subwoofer box design that offers the best connectivity?

For this, it is better that you get the above-mentioned one. The port of the woofer is one of its primary features. The enclosure of the box looks like a snake that helps in easy airflow outside the design box.

The port improves the sound frequency as it offers better tuning options. In addition to this, it enhances the bass as you can change the backpressure. It offers the best connectivity as it has high-quality spring terminal cups. The design and material are perfect to get the ideal sound from the subwoofer.

What makes the Design Dox offer Quality Sound?

The box has 0.80 cubic feet of space for easy flowing of air along with a unique vent design. It offers the best enclosure for the subwoofer. It comes with perfect dimensions measuring 12-1/2” width, 10-1/2” height with 16-1/2” depth. The mounting depth is 11-1/4 inches making it suitable to fit the music unit inside the box.

The manufacturing of the enclosure helps to create backpressure that ultimately enhances the bass result of the sound. It is wrapped with a good quality carpet that gives a quality interior finish to the item.


Good quality terminal cups ensure better connectivity
Fine-tuned offering peaks up to 40 Hz
Subwoofer port is among highlighting features
Box port offers better sound frequency
Good quality MDF wood material of ¾ inches is used
Material is carefully cut and sealed and given a professional touch


The box design is sturdy enough to fit
The subwoofer box has a stylish look
The box is capable for 40 to 44 Hz tuning
The box is an “S” shaped one
Offers durability even when it is used daily


The woofer box may not be perfect for a unit that is rectangle or square in shape
The box is a little heavy

4. Bbox-E10DV Dual 10 inch Vented Divided Chamber Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure – Best Unit Holder

So, if you are in search of a subwoofer enclosure that holds the unit tightly in place, it is better to choose the above-said product. With nicely manufactured chambers in the box, the music unit stays in place, resulting in which you can get better quality sound with hard-hitting bass performance. This is among the high quality and durable subwoofers with enough room inside. 

Is it Strong enough to hold the Music Unit?

Yes, the above said subwoofer box has great build with high-quality material that makes it durable and strong enough to hold the subwoofer perfectly in place. The constructed is worthy to invest in this enclosure that is more than just a box. The outside panels of the box are also a sturdy one and from it, the box gets the capacity to hold the unit strongly.

Moreover, the capacity of the box depends on the quality of glue that is used in making the box. Before buying, check the manufacturing procedure so that you end up buying a quality one.   


It has an excellent box finish due to the SRO carpet that improves the visual appearance along with its durability.
Exterior color add to the appearance of the subwoofer enclosure that comes from charcoal color used
It is manufactured from quality material that offers durability
Design of the subwoofer enclosure is great along with its holding ability
Made from quality MDF panels of ¾ inches that offer the deepest bass


It can be tuned up to 32 Hz
Comes with nicely arranged chambers
Enables 2.12 inches of volume inside box
It has cutout diameters of 9.125 inches with depth of 14 inches


Fixing of the wires are not inside the enclosure

5. 8″ Dual Ported Subwoofer Box 37-Hz – Good Frequency Tuning

Is it possible to get a subwoofer box that can offer better sound quality? Well, if you are looking for the same product, here we have brought to you the best option of a subwoofer box. With a total air volume of 1.46 cubic feet, it enables easy airflow and fitting of the music unit.

It comes with two separate chambers and it looks unique with professional finish on its interior and exterior. As it has a height of 9¾inches, depth of 15¼inches and a length of 29 inches, it is suitable to fit the music unit easily inside it. Check the measurement to ensure that it suits your music system properly.

Is it suitable to offer High-Frequency Tuning?

Well, if you are looking for a box that offers better frequency tuning, the above said product is the ideal option. It has the capability to offer 37Hz of frequency that makes it easy to produce strong and hard bass.

This is what the music lovers look for when they wish to buy a box for subwoofers. The strong sealing also contributes that will prevent unnecessary vibration of the box when you increase the volume of the music.


Box offers high frequency up to 37Hz as it a low tuned enclosed unit
Built with good quality 11./16” MDF wood which is high in density
Comes with proper sealing made of silicone preventing vibration
Carpet on outer part of the box has superior finish boosting the visual appearance


Product offers 3 month warranty period
It is only 33 pounds in weight
Comes with 12 inches of depth space
Offers 7 1/8” diameter area


Cutouts in the box seem to be small to fit in the music unit

6. Q Power QBOMB10VL Single 10″ QBomb Side Ported Subwoofer Enclosure – Unit for Better Quality Sound

When looking for a unit for better sound quality, this subwoofer box design for 10 inches is a suitable enclosure to invest in. It is known that the box has thick bed lines that ensure that there is no leakage in the box and helps protect quality MDF wood. This QPOWER single box is capable of producing quality sound with hard-hitting bass.

Is the Sound Quality dependent on Box Quality?

Yes, it is often known that the subwoofer enclosure is able to give better sound due to the quality wood that is used to manufacture it. Due to its strong build, it can prevent vibrations when the sound is playing. The ¾ inches of MDF wood ensures better lasting and durability of the item. So if you wish to get a small box, the above said product would be the best pick.


Enclosure tuned at 39 Hz is able to remove external noise when in high volumes.
Quality outer finish gives an antique and shiny look
Comes with terminal cups that enables holding spring post terminals better
Boxes are well ported and vented that offers clear and crisp sound


It has black
Comes with nicely arranged chambers
Enables 2.12 inches of volume inside box
It has cutout diameters of 9.125 inches with depth of 14 inches


Fixing of the wires are not inside the enclosure

7. Car Audio Dual 15″ Slot Vented Paintable Baffle Stereo Sub Box Enclosure – Powerful and Deep Bass Sound Quality

Do you love to listen to music with deep bass? Well, if this is your requirement, it is better to look for a suitable subwoofer box that is able to offer good quality sound. The dual speaker 15 inches box is the ideal one to get deep bass sound output with stylish looking interiors.

It comes installed with a unique port that enables better airflow producing maximum bass of sound. Adding to this, it offers smooth connectivity as you can connect any wire to it following some easy steps. 

Does box design impact Sound Bass?

Yes, it is possible that material used to manufacture the subwoofer enclosure and the design of the box is responsible for quality bass of the output sound. For this, it is better that you invest for the right one even if you have to pay something extra.

It will be worth it to get the sound of a deep base. The above said product has a good quality 15 inches box that is made with quality MDF wood that contributes to the deep base sound of the music.


It gives the option to paint it the way you like
It comes with easy to use trim plate on which you can put the color of your choice
It gives maximum bass output
It offers hassle-free connectivity with power output with the help of a wire
Offers better peak changing range making it possible to change frequency easily


It is installed with good quality terminal cups
It can be tuned within a range of 28 to 60 Hz
It is built with excellent MDF construction
A 3.0 cubic feet air flowing space is offered in this product


The box is heavy in weight
Corners of the box need better fixing

8. Q-Power-QBOMB 15V Dual 15” VentedSpeaker Box MDF Wood with Bed Liner Spray – Perfect Dual Speaker Box

Do you wish to get a single speaker or dual speaker box? Well, whichever option you choose to get, make sure that it is a durable one and it is able to hold the unit strongly. At the same time, the speaker should produce a heart-pounding sound look for the above said product.

It would be the ideal one to invest for that has excellent features with most advanced features. This is a slot ported box in which a 15 inches subwoofer can fit in easily. Before you buy the box, it is better to get a suitable measurement of the subwoofer. 

Benefit of having Dual Speaker Box

Dual speakers can help get deep bass sound that will surround evenly within 1.5 cubic feet space. Even if you are buying a dual speaker box, make sure that the size of the speaker and the diameter of the box is suitable to fit in the music unit. Moreover, when the box is made from quality MDF wood, you can play the music both in high and low frequency.


Gives strong pounding sound without much distortion
It comes with double bed liner finish contributing to box durability
It has textured finish due to good quality terminal cups
Design and material is of good quality


It gives two-year warranty
Big sized woofer will fit into the box
Offers durability with better sound output
Contains suitable to fit in slot port


Box gives out a bad smell due to presence of chemicals

9. Q Power QBOMB12V Dual 12-Inch Vented Speaker Box with Durable Bed Liner Spray – Dual Subwoofer Box

The enclosure comes with two big slots that are able to offer better music output coupled with a deep base. In addition to this, it comes with durable bed liner that gives top-notch finish to the enclosure. Also, it is installed with deluxe terminal cups that make it possible to offer good quality music output.

So, if you wish to get dual subwoofer enclosure make sure that you get a quality one. In such a case, even if you have to pay something extra in order to buy a good quality subwoofer box, it is worthy of the payment. The music unit should fit in properly into the box that you get. 

Get Better Sound Bass with Dual Speakers

If you get the dual speaker subwoofer box, it is sure to produce better music output. But you have to ensure that you get the box made from quality wood. Moreover, it is easy to use the box. You need to place the music unit, plug-in and play it. With proper opening and terminals that are placed inside the enclosure it is suitable to get the box.


With 40 HZ frequency of tuning, it can produce hard pounding music
The large size of the box contributes to quality sound output
Comes with quality spring terminals which are easy to play just by connecting to wire and power
Exterior is coated with double bed liner that gives a better finish to the box


It comes with a middle-sized slot port
Offers two-year warranty
It offers good durability along with high-quality sound coupled with deep bass
It is able to fit in bigger sized woofers
Dual subwoofers contribute to better sound quality


Presence of chemicals leave a bad smell in the box

10. American Sound Connection H212

If you are looking for a mid-range subwoofer that comes with high-end sound quality, the American Sound Connection H212 is a reliable box to purchase. Coming from a reliable brand, it’s something that you can always rely upon whether it is the sound or the materials used for a long life.

Coming to the design of the American Sound Connection H212, it is fairly impressive. The product comes with a unique vent design that can impress everyone. The advantage of having such a design is that it can improve the airflow to the subwoofers. The airflow is highly rated as one of the best in this competitive market.

Moreover, this design is also built to improve sound quality. For the American Sound Connection H212, it is simply because it can create a decent harmony flow with the help of the low-frequency waves.

Is the Sound Woofer reliable for long?

The American Sound Connection H212 is fairly constructed with a hardwood box. This box has a depth of 3/4-inch MDF which can be good to use. Furthermore, the box is liquid nailed and then multiple screws are attached so that it can remain tightened from all the sides. Thus the body is sturdy to move around with. So even if you drive on the bumpy roads, it is a better thing to have.

To enhance the sound, the American Sound Connection H212 uses a labyrinth-style port. Because of this, you can get a big hole for each woofer. As a result of this, the weight also remains on the lower side and is around 39 pounds. So carrying the soundbox at the back of your car is not a difficult task.


Hatchback Design Angeles
Hardwood box design
Sealed from all sides
Spring-loaded Terminal Cups
Includes Carpet Wraps


Easy to fit in
Light in weight
Massive sound


Price is high

Editor’s Choice

As editor’s choice, it is better to choose Car Audio Single 8″ SPL Bass Subwoofer Labyrinth Vent Sub Box Stereo Enclosure that comes installed with good quality wood. It gives better durability and helps get better sound output. Before you buy the item online, it is better to check its features to ensure that you are making the right investment for the box.

FAQs on Box Design for Subwoofer

Q1. What quality of wood is suitable for a subwoofer box?

For a subwoofer, MDF wood is the suitable option for making quality enclosures. This makes the outer part of the box strong, thick and durable enough that is able to limit the sound waves. Proper manufacturing also prevents vibration of the box when you wish to increase the bass volume.

Q2. Is it possible to fit in different subwoofer units in one box?

It is recommended not to do so and it is better to try and fit in the music unit that goes with the size of the box. If you try to fit in an inappropriate box, you will end up damaging the unit and breaking the box.

Q3. Is it better to ported, sealed or bandpass woofer?

This being one of the common questions, it is better to get the one that suits your requirement and budget the best. For deep and precise bass, sealed boxes are suitable to make it loud, ported boxes are the option and for maximum slam, get bandpass boxes.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Subwoofer Box for Deep Bass

Few things should be considered when you wish to buy a subwoofer box.

  • Considering the type of box

There are three types of box designs like ported subwoofer box, bandpass subwoofer box, sealed subwoofer enclosures. If you wish to get a box with high sound bass, sealed subwoofer enclosures are the suitable option.

In case of a ported box, it can run without much wattage due to the vented design. Though it produces low bass but it will be a deeper one compared to a sealed subwoofer box. The third type is a dual chamber with medium frequency range and offers extra loudness.  

  • Material of the box

Most of the subwoofer boxes are made from MDF wood which is a quality one. But the thickness of the wood can vary from one product to another. If you get a thicker unit, it will offer better durability and shake less when listening to loud music. This way, it can have an impact on the weight of the unit box. 

  • Picking the right size

It is necessary that you pick the right size so that the music unit fits well. So, it is suggested to buy the box only after you measure the music unit properly. Take proper measurement so that you can get hands-on the right product.

  • Deciding on single versus dual design of box

Single subwoofer design is meant to offer better sound quality whereas dual design boxes are manufactured in such a way that it gives high sound result.

  • Importance of choosing right design of the box

Not every subwoofer design is managed to work with every box type. Therefore, you have to be careful in choosing the right design of the box. Bandpass enclosures are the suitable one if you wish to get hard-hitting music output.

Even the angled design found in pickup trucks is fitted against seatback that makes it suitable to get suitable music output.  Some designs of the subwoofer box can vary depending on the vehicle in which you wish to fit it. You have to be careful about the place in which you want to place the music unit.

  • Considering subwoofer airspace requirement

After you have decided on the size of the subwoofer, you need to know the subwoofer airspace requirement based on which you can get better music quality. It can also have an impact on the bass of the music. You have to know the proper measurement of the subwoofer so that you can get the right box.

It shall enable easy airflow from inside the box. The parameters and size measurement of the subwoofer should be given by the manufacturer for accurate information.  You can also read our review on the Best Powered Subwoofer Car.

Wrapping it Up

Before you finalize the subwoofer box, it is recommended that you go through the buyer’s guide section. This shall help you get a better idea about the type of box you need to look for. make sure that you get accurate measurements of the subwoofer unit so that you can pick up the right box.

Look for a quality box that will produce sound quality sound output and it shall go a long way. If only the features of the box match with your requirements, you should buy it. We hope that you have found the one the Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass for yourself.