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Chromecast Mirroring iPhone: Best ways to Mirror iPhone

We have been back and forth, a lot of times on how large we want our digital display screens to be. We have gone from supercomputers to micro tablets, from small candy phones with a two-inch display to larger-screened smartphones.

Chromecast Mirroring iPhone

We have gone from big CRT television sets to slimmer compact LCDs to huge LEDs that cover our walls from floor to roof.

So, now is time to integrate all these together.

What is Chromecast? 

A Chromecast is an electronic device, which is designed to be plugged into your televisions HDMI port using a USB.

This facilitates you to stream your smartphone, laptop and PC contents directly onto the TV screen.

The nifty and versatile little digital devices are developed by Google and are available online.

This is the first step you need to accomplish while you are setting up your television with your phone and computer.

However, if you are an Apple product user, your easy bet would be to buy the Apple TV to go with it.


The Chromecast has two ways in which you can stream content; the first one includes the use of apps that support the technology of Google cast.

The second way includes mirroring of content from Google Chrome. The article discusses the steps you need to follow to do Chromecast mirroring from your iPhone device.

What if, we suddenly see content on our small smartphones which could’ve been better experienced on a much larger television screen?

What if the movie we were streaming needs to be watched by more than two people and the mobile of the laptop screen is just not right for the job.

This is one of the reasons, we now have Chromecast.

How to Mirror Apps Supporting Chromecast?

This form of streaming allows you to watch your favorite videos while leaving your smart device free for texting and other uses.

Chromecast Box
  1. After connecting the Chromecast, make sure that the aforementioned device and iOS device are connected to the same network.
  2. There are several apps which are supported on Chromecast, such as YouTube, Pandora, Vimeo, Spotify and so on. Open such app and load the video content which you want to play on your television screen.
  3. There is a ‘cast’ icon available on the smartphone, which resembles a screen with WiFi signals coming out of it.
  4. If there is only one Chromecast device connected to the network, your chosen video should start playing immediately. If there are multiple devices connected to the network a list of the connected devices will appear on the screen.
  5. Choose your device and stream away.

However, these steps are only applicable if you want to stream content that is available on apps that support Chromecasting.

How to Mirror Anything and Everything using Chromecast?

If you have a picture or a video or any other content you would want to present on a television which is on a webpage, not supporting Chromecast, you need to follow a different set of steps.

Momocast (a)

The steps for Chromecast mirroring iPhone are given below.

  1. You need a different application on your smart device other than the default ones, to facilitate Chromecast. There is a free app named ‘Momo cast’ you should install. It’s available in the store.
  2. Make sure, your iPhone and your Chromecast device are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Though Safari itself does not allow sharing on Chromecast, after installing the Momo cast app you can work around it.
  4. Click on the Share option in the Safari app. There is now going to be an option called share with Momo cast.
  5. This will lead you to the Momo cast browser, which will open the webpage you were using on Safari.
  6. There is a cast icon on top of the Momo cast. This resembles the cast icon on your smart device. Tap on that button which represents the Chromecast device you want to steam your content on.
  7. You need to tap on the cast button again. Then you can click on an option called Mirror Screen to start your streaming.
  8. When you are done with your presentation tap on the disconnect button after clicking on the cast icon again. This will end the mirroring.

Thus, this kind of mirroring is very useful as you can present a file, picture or a PDF.

These are the steps you need to follow as to when you are displaying content which is available on WebPages. However, you might also want or have a need to present your display on the television screen.

Best Alternative of Chromecast Mirroring to the iPhone

There are no default apps on an iOS mobile device which would facilitate this endeavor. Although, as always, when it comes to technology, there is a workaround.

You have to first use Airplay mirroring to connect your phone to your computer. Only then, you can use the desktop mirroring of Chrome to stream to your television.

However, the apps that would facilitate the second part of the streaming are paid for use and there are no good free applications.


The best among these apps is the Apowersoft’s Apowermirror app according to many platforms and customer feedback. There is a free version of Apowermirror, but they use a watermark on their streaming which can be bothersome for the users.

You can also use Airserver if you want to stream sound and other sensitive contents. It has a trial period, but after that, you need to buy the app to keep using the services.

But you might only want to, or can afford to use a free app. The app LonelyScreen might suit your necessities in this case.


You need to make sure you are using a laptop or PC with running macOS or Windows 10. The steps you need to follow when you are Chromecast mirroring iPhone display to your PC are given below.

  1. As mentioned before, you need to make sure both Chromecast and iPhone are connected to one Wi-Fi network.
  2. After completing step 1, you need to look for the LonelyScreen app on the Google Play Store and Apple store. It’s available on both. The app has to be installed on your device. If you have a different preference on which app you want to use, you need to follow the same protocol. The steps are similar for paid and free apps.
  3. After the application has been installed you need to follow the regular steps to stream your PC display on the television screen.
  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • In the menu find and click on cast icon.
  • Select the cast desktop option in the resulting menu.
  • Find your Chromecast device and connect to it.
  1. When you complete these steps, you will have successfully cast your desktop screen from your laptop or PC to your television. Next, you need to connect your smart device to your laptop.
  2. Swipe up the screen of your iPads or iPhone and in the control center, finds Airplay Mirroring.
  3. Once you have launched it you will find the LonelyScreen option. Select that option.
  4. The LonelyScreen server name can also be changed from the PC in which case you need to click on the appropriate server option while you are following the above steps.

Limitations of Chromecast Mirroring to the iPhone

However, since there is a roundabout connection made to your PC, if you are trying to show images one after the other or if you are trying to watch a movie, there is a big probability that you experience delayed response.

Thus, it will not amount to a very pleasurable experience. Thus, you might just want to drop one of the wireless streaming steps, and go old school by connecting the laptop or MacBook directly to the television HDMI.


The casting of your mobile and laptop screen on to a computer is applicable may times.

For example, if one is an Apple user, one should stay in an Apple digital ecosystem.  Even though presently most apps of IOS are supported on Microsoft or Android platforms, and vice versa, having gadgets from one banner will help you access all the facilities that particular brand has to offer.

Thus, they haven’t built Cast into the system from ground zero; they have rather allowed the cast option to be available while building apps. Thus, independent companies like Hulu or Netflix can build their apps with the cast icon and choose which platforms they want to be available on.

Apple, with its long history of making their own technology not very compatible with their competitors, has its own set-top box available along with the Apple TV.

It will certainly be easier to connect an Apple smartphone to your Apple TV. But, you also need to look at the cost-effectiveness of the deal, as not all of us can afford to buy the very expensive Apple products to build an Apple ecosystem around ourselves.

Thus it’s far cost-effective to invest in a Google dongle and using an application such as AirServer or LonelyScreen.


In spite of the competing devices from Apple and even Amazon, the Chromecast devices of Google have been leading this Cord cutter movement, by far. The consumers nowadays have all but ditched the paid cable which offers us channels which are supported by thousands of advertisements which very negatively hamper our viewing experience.

We have even moved on from set-top boxes which allowed us to only pay for our selected channels and offered us more variety than cable. We are gradually all moving on to online streaming technology which offers us far fewer advertisements.

A lot of these platforms even offer us advertisement free subscriptions. This technology is also much cheaper than using a set-top box which used to bill us from the wrong side of a hundred dollars.

Today it is available almost everywhere in electronic shops and even in online markets.

There is also a second variety which allows the user to broadcast videos up to the resolutions of 4K. These varieties of dongles can also broadcast HDR colors.

So, get your own ChromeCast today and start streaming.