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Ecobee 3 Lite VS Ecobee 4: Compare Ecobee Models in 2021 [Which One’s the Best?]

Ecobee 3 Lite VS Ecobee 4

Smart thermostats are going to devices which will help you to get an amazing solution for your home. In any HVAC device, a smart thermostat plays a big role in creating a loophole which allows you to get an amazing choice for your product. It allows you to get an amazing feature that will help you in combating the right devices.

Mainly because Ecobee smart thermostats are new devices in the market and they can quickly sum up the work requirements. If you are getting confused about which one to choose and what is the most difficult aspect, you can always go in for the detailed comparison between Ecobee 3 Lite VS Ecobee 4 mentioned below. This is the exact guide you need to follow with a verdict below.

Ecobee 3 Lite VS Ecobee 4: Similarities

Both these smart thermostats do have a lot of differences, mostly because they are from different generations. However there are some similarities as well. It is important that you know about these similarities before knowing the differences. It will give you a brief idea on how the thermostat works and what are the key factors that you must look for before you buy any one of these products.

1. Setup Procedure

One of the most common similarities between these two devices is the option of having a decent setup and installation procedure that follows up. The best part is that it does not take much time to install either of these products. When we tried to install this smart device, it just took 10-15 minutes in a total to complete this procedure.

To help you with the installation, the manufacturer has provided mounting brackets that help you to wall mount this product. You can also get an instruction manual available with the product in order to complete the installation quick and easy in just a few steps. Apart from the installation, the setup procedure for both these devices is the same. They take very little time for configuration and also auto recognition.

2. Third Party Integrations

Another important similarity is the third party integration of both these devices and the way it performs with other devices. These smart thermostats are built on the same platform and this is why they both allow third-party integration options. One such example is the Alexa. Although the Ecobee 4 comes with built-in alexa and the Ecobee 3 comes with alexa compatibility.

Another common option for voice integration is Google Home. They can be easily synchronized with the multiple devices connected. Although there is a slight difference in the number of devices set to be connected, it becomes easier to connect with the products that are available in your home. There may be a slight difference in the number of HVAC devices to be connected, but the mechanism for both of them is the same.

3. Operating Pattern

Another common feature that you need to consider is the sensing and operating patterns of these devices. Even if everything within these devices is not common, there are still a lot of features that lie to be common between them. Ecobee comes with a new and improved platform that is designed to save more. It is common for both these devices as you can get up to 23% of savings on these products easily.

Both of them have improved sensors which are adequate enough to help you on this. Moreover, you can always expect that this product will deliver you around a geofencing feature which will be very helpful to adjust according to the room sensors. You can easily purchase the smart thermostat and work according to the needs.

4. Energy savings

Almost every device in our home is now designed to save more and work more. This is a similar concept for all the devices from Ecobee. Similarly, the Ecobee 4 and 3 lite have no other. They are integrated on the same platform that is designed to save more. Although the manufacturer claims it would easily save around 23% of the energy, you can expect that the actual rate will be around 15 to 20%.

Because of this, the product seems to be delivering a lot of benefits and will always give you major relief while you are working with this. There are certain features like weather forecasts which will help you to automatically adjust the temperature of the HVAC devices in your home.

Differences Between Ecobee3 Lite And Ecobee4

1. Size

When it comes to the looks, both of these thermostats appear to be the same. However, there are still some differences in the dimensions and the design. Individually, both of them are quite handy and also attractive to look at.

Ecobee 3 Lite:

This device comes with a slim profile and it is designed to provide you with an attractive look. The exact dimensions of this product include 4.05 x 4.05 x 0.85 inches which makes this product extremely light in weight and ready to use for multiple purposes.

Ecobee 4:

On the other hand, the Ecobee 4 also looks similar. The polish on this product is a touch better and it is great to fit onto your walls. To be exact, the dimensions are around 1 x 4x 4 inches which makes it a great product to choose. It has a stylish design and will influence the people to love more.

Winner: Tie

2. Voice Integration

Any smart device at your home will want to work with a better rate of integration. As a result, it becomes much easier to work with such products which are more compatible and also helpful to use. Both of these devices are tech savvy and this is why it is not at all difficult for you to be configured and keep using this device for long.

Ecobee 3 Lite:

The Ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat comes along with a simple integration and an amazing connectivity feature. Most of all, it is Alexa and Google home compatible. As a result, with the help of a single button click, you will be able to complete the configuration procedure and it is well compatible with the device. Overall, it hardly takes up any time to complete such steps.

Ecobee 4:

On the other hand, the Ecobee 4 is a much more advanced device when it comes to the compatible options. Most of the other devices are only Alexa compatible, but this one has an in-built voice over command program which allows you to access the thermostat even before configuration. Basically it works as a 2-in-1 device which you can easily run at your home.

Winner: Ecobee 4

3. Room Sensor

All the hvac devices in your home do work with the help of a thermostat that indicates the accurate temperature. Some of these devices also require adjusting according to the room temperature. If you have auto heating or cooling mode in our device, it will always require the thermostat to work perfectly and detect the current temperature settings.

Ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat (2nd Gen) With 2 Room Sensors:

This product comes with a number of features and this is why, it becomes very important to keep the Ecobee3 Lite thermostat handy. There are multiple sensors present within this device that allow it to work automatically. However, the one feature it lacks the most is the option of not having the room sensors. Although it can detect the room temperature, you cannot adjust it with the help of a remote.

Ecobee 4:

On the other hand, the Ecobee 4 comes up as a great device for you to use. This product features a great room sensor feature that works out amazing and comes to a great help. The room sensor feature allows you to get a fast heating option which will always help you to bring up an amazing interface. You can also use the mobile application to alter the temperature.

Winner: Ecobee 4

4. Wire Terminals

Every smart thermostat in your home comes with the ability to connect to different hvac devices. This procedure is possible with the help of wired terminals in these devices which can easily connect to them. With more wired terminals, the device will be able to handle more products and complex thermostat requirements.

Ecobee3 Lite Wiring:

The Ecobee Lite 3 comes with an amazing range of connectivity. In total, it has around 10 terminals which allow you to get easy configuration. Unlike the Ecobee 4, it misses out on the “ACC” terminals. Such features are important if you have a dehumidifier in your home. They come out to be very handy for regular uses.

Ecobee 4 Wiring:

On the other hand, the Ecobee 4 comes to be very advanced in the terminals. There are more wired terminals (12) than the former model. This will allow you to connect with more devices with the single thermostat. You can use these extra ports to control the ventilator of your home.

Winner: Ecobee 4

5. Ecobee3 Lite VS Ecobee4: Price

Price always becomes a big factor to consider when you are willing to buy any electronic device. When technology comes into play, the price will obviously start going higher. It is evident that choosing the Ecobee4 price is higher and will cost you more than that of the Ecobee 3 lite.

Infact, it is not difficult at all to guess because the Ecobee 4 is the new generation model and it also comes with some advanced features. Now, everything depends on the requirements that you have and the expectations.

Obviously, the Ecobee 4 lands in with more features which are technically advanced. It also has better compatibility. Now it all depends on you to pick between a budget friendly model and a technically advanced smart device.

6. Customer Reviews

Ecobee3 Lite Review:

1. “Exactly what we wanted”

One of the consumers from Amazon is simply in love with this product. It comes with some amazing touches and great finish to the exterior. They used the wall mounting option to make the smart thermostat look even better. This is why it became an amazing choice to have for every person outside. The one feature that impressed everyone is the easy control of all 4 air conditioners.

2. “Liking my Ecobee thermostats”

Another user from Amazon was highly impressed by this device. He used it mainly for the AC unit in their home and it seemed to be a great choice to have. The easy compatibility with Alexa gives this product a better dimension. This is why it becomes easier to choose a product that runs great. The thermostat works fine for a year now.

Ecobee 4 Review:

1. “Great smart thermostat”

One of the best features that most of the people liked about this device is the geofence option. It provided a great assessment that allowed the consumer to control the device even when he is not at home. For any user, this feature can be highly satisfying to use. The smart thermostat came down as a great option for everyone.

2. “Have to use Smartthings to get working on Google home”

One of the users from Amazon found the connectivity feature to be very helpful. For most of the people, this feature brought up a great choice for most of the people. It works well with Google home which allows the user to be very friendly with this product. However, the only concern is that you need to have Smartthings to connect this smart thermostat with Google Home.

7. Ecobee 3 Lite Vs Ecobee 4: Pros & Cons

Ecobee 3 Lite:


Works with local weather
Budget Friendly
Compatible with Alexa


No Geofencing

Ecobee 4:


Built-in Alexa
Easy remote control
Comes with timer integration


Price is high

Here is an Ecobee 3 VS Ecobee 4 comparison written by us. It might help you make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I set the unit to run the fan only at set time intervals?

A1. Of course you can. Setting up a timer in your smart thermostat is no big deal and it hardly takes up a few minutes of time to get the best results. You can easily take the help of the auto synchronization feature presented by this product and get amazing timing work modes. You can switch it on with this cool or heat mode.

Q2. Can the thermostat set a high temp?

A2. This completely depends on the type of HVAC device you are working with. Both of these models are equipped to alter the temperature at any time. You simply will have to focus on the device and the temperature settings that it has. If the product is an air conditioner, you will be easily able to alter the temperatures.

Q3. What happens if the thermostat can’t access the internet?

A3. This may be a side effect of not having remote access. Both of these devices are smart thermostats and they do require internet connection to operate. Remote access is not possible to a high extent. Although they can change the temperature scale through the remote, it will always be difficult to change the settings through this application.

Q4. Does it have a battery backup?

A4. Even I believe that these devices should be portable and thus, it must include a battery to power. However, when you look at the technical aspect of this product, you will find that the Ecobee comes with multiple configuration settings. This is why it is run with the help of direct electricity and not any backup. There is no battery backup included.

Q5. Do you need to purchase the bracket to mount the thermostat?

A5. Setup and installation of these devices are easy and they do not take up much time at all. The best part is they do not have much complex steps involved if you want to introduce a new mounting plate. By default, they do include brackets which help you to get easy installation. You can complete the steps by following this procedure. Here is an Ecobee 4 installation guide.

Final Verdict

The Ecobee 4 is a new generation model. You can obviously expect that this product will have a higher price range. As a result, it may get difficult for you to choose a product that gets you so confusing. You need to make sure that the product comes along with all the basic requirements that you have.

If budget plays a big role for you to pick the right product, you can obviously go for the Ecobee3 Lite smart thermostat. It is a budget friendly model that gives you the advantage of having a decent technology and compatibility. Do let us know about which product you liked the most from Ecobee 3 Lite VS Ecobee 4 comparison.