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Epson 7710 VS 7720: Which WorkForce Printer is Better in 2021?

Epson 7710


Epson 7720


Personal printers are useful stuff for home use. With all the school projects for kids and discrete personal needs, it is a good idea to buy a printer for personal use. However, you just cannot go and buy a printer. You need to follow a certain procedure so that you can get the best value for money.

If you have heard about Epson printers and seen them working, you are probably impressed. But which one do you need to buy? Both Epson Workforce 7710 and Epson 7720 are good choices for home use. Yet, few things delineate the two.

Here is a comparison between Epson Wf7710 and Epson Wf7720 that would make you sit up and inspire you to weigh the features and make an informed decision. 

How To Compare Printers?

Home printers are no more just printers; they are printers cum copiers and scanners. These features are too helpful to not have in your home printer. So, when you are getting down to decide on a printer, choosing a printer cum copier cum scanner is a foregone conclusion. Both Epson 7710 printer and 7720 are so.

Yet, there are subtle differences between the two. So, what are the factors that you need to give a hard look at to decide on the best printer for your home? Here is a list of factors that we are going to compare the two printers. 

  • Presence of precision core technology
  • Resolution of images 
  • Extra features
  • Printing size
  • Paper type
  • Control panel
  • Printing speed
  • Colors available
  • Cost of printing

There are a lot of similarities between the two printers. So, let us check out the similarities. 


  • Both the printers double up as copier, scanner, and fax. 
  • Both have the same duty cycle of 20000 per month. However, this is the maximum one can do. 
  • Both can print in four distinct colors.
  • Both have the same printing size and resolution
  • Both have the same dimension and type of touch screen
  • Both can reduce/enlarge print area by up to 20/400%
  • Both connect wirelessly and let you print from mobiles, laptops, etc.
  • Both come with PrecisionCore technology, Epson’s high speed & high-resolution inkjet printing technology.
  • Cartridges in both 7710 & 7720 have enough come with enough black ink to print 11,000 pages and enough color ink to print 8,500. 
  • Both can print @ 18 PPM for black copies and 10 PPM for color copies.
  • Both have a similar control panel with the same display size
  • The cost of printing on these printers is almost the same.

Too many similarities? Pondering how to choose the best one? You need to check out the differences and come up with the most convincing argument for one of these home printers from Epson. 

Epson 7710 VS 7720 [Differences]

1. Epson 7710 Vs Epson 7720: Paper Capacity

A home printer need not have a very large paper capacity. Yet, you need a modicum of capacity so that you don’t need to add paper frequently. Both of these have an output tray of 125 pages. So, how do they compare in terms of the input trays?

  • Epson 7710

The front tray can hold 250 sheets of paper at a time and the automatic document feeder can hold 35 sheets of paper at a time.

  • Epson 7720

This one comes with dual trays. So, the front trays can hold 500 pages while the automatic document feeder can hold 35 sheets of paper at a time.

Winner: Epson 7720

2. Epson 7710 VS Epson 7720: Paper Size

A4 is the most common paper size that almost every printer can print. But you may need to take larger or smaller printouts, like tabloid, legal, A5, envelop, etc. So, how do the two compare in terms of paper size?

  • Epson 7710

It can print A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, Legal, Letter, 8×5”, 13 x 18cm, and 10 x 15cm.

It cannot print envelopes. 

  • Epson 7720

It can print A3+, A3, A4, A5, A6, B54, Legal, 13 x 18cm, 10 x 15cm, 9 x 13cm, and 13 x 20cm.

It can also print envelopes measuring C6, Number 10 & DL. 

It can print high-quality photos 

Winner: Epson 7720

3. Epson 7710 Vs Epson 7720: Functionality of ADF

The automatic document feeder is an important feature of printers. It lets you put documents to be copied. Let’s see how the ADF of the two compare.

  • Epson 7710

The ADF can hold all paper sizes similar to the front tray.

  • Epson 7720

The ADF cannot hold tabloid-size documents or images to copy. It can hold up to legal scale paper. 

Winner: Epson 7710

4. Epson 7710 VS Epson 7720: Buyers Experience

Epson 7710:

  • Borderless printing: Not good in ordinary paper. Needs photo paper. 
  • Economy of printing: Not quite economic.
  • Paper size for printing: Cannot print on envelopes. 
  • Print head: Need to clean it, otherwise it can get clogged quickly.

Epson 7720:

  • Borderless printing: Not good in ordinary paper. Needs photo paper. 
  • Economy of printing: Not quite economic.
  • Paper size for printing: Can print on envelopes. 
  • Print head: Need to clean it, otherwise it can get clogged quickly.

Winner: Epson 7720

5. Pros and Cons

  • Epson 7710


Straightforward software installation
ADF can hold up to tabloid size paper


You need to clean the printer head regularly otherwise streaky lines may appear
Just one year warranty
  • Epson 7720


Dual paper tray capable of holding 500 pages
Offers 3-year warranty


The ink may sometimes clog the cartridge nozzle
ADF can hold only up to legal size of paper

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Can I print on cardstock?

A1. You can print up to a thickness of 256 G/M Sq of any paper size.

Q2. Does the scanner work only in flatbed mode?

A2. No, it works in flatbed as well as ADF mode. However, If you need to scan larger than legal paper, the Epson 7720 may not be useful.

Q3. Can I get black print if the black color is exhausted, but other colors are there?

A3. Yes, you can get, but only for a short time. Moreover, this may damage the color print head.

Q4. Can I print on thin paper?

A4. You can print on thin papers if it has a minimum thickness of 91 G/Sq. M.

Final Verdict

Epson 7710 VS 7720 have nearly the same features, functionality, cost-effectiveness, and ease of operation. So, deciding the winner is a tough call. You need to take into account your requirements and preferences while choosing between the two.

If a quality print is your only criterion, you can easily go for 7710 since it can give you almost the same quality print at a lesser price. Also, both can be connected wirelessly.

However, you may be restricted to choosing one of these if you have a specific paper size to print on. Though both of these printers can print on an array of paper sizes, there is a difference between the two. 

The Epson 7720 is more versatile in terms of printing as it can print on A3+ papers as well as envelopes. It has that extra paper tray in the rear where you can place special size papers like envelopes and others.

Both 7710 and 7720 print great, but if you often need to print photos, it is a good idea to get the Epson 7720. It is costly, but you can get your money back in the long term. If saving space is a greater objective for you, you need to go for 7710 as it takes less space.

If printing great photographs and printing on versatile sizes of papers are your primary objectives, the 7720 wins hands down. You must appreciate that one of the most compelling reasons for buying personal printers is to print photographs. You may also need to print a variety of sizes of paper. Overall the Epson Workforce 7720 may be declared the winner since it meets some of the most compelling requirements.