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Fire Stick 4K VS Fire Cube: Difference Between Fire Stick and Fire Cube [Comparison In 2021]

Fire Stick 4K

Fire Cube

Technology is advancing very fast. Just imagine who would have known a few years back that we would be able to install apps on our television. Yes, those square boxes were nothing without a cable connection. But now those square boxes have evolved into highly advanced technology. 

And with the help of Fire Stick, you can make complete use of this technology. Fire Stick is a device that will stream online content on your television. There are many types of fire sticks available in the market but in this particular article, we will be focusing on fire stick 4k vs fire cube.

What is Fire Stick 4k?

The Amazon Fire-TV Stick 4K is the newest model of Amazon’s favorite streaming device. It has an 802.11a-c wifi chip and also a 1.7-GHz quad-core processor. The Amazon Fire television Stick 4K comes with Amazon’s Alexa built-in voice helper.  With this latest variant, Amazon has addressed the problems that people had with the preceding Fire television Stick. 

What Is a Fire Cube?

It is one of the latest Streaming Video Players. It is far above with respect to performance, also it can easily control your house theatre, and make a smart home where you will be able to control all your devices with just your voice.

It supports 4k HDR which is a feature that most people want because the availability of 4K content has increased drastically. It has an Alexa helper that can even show the lyrics of your favorite songs and let you know the name of the actors while watching any movie. It seems quite utterly futuristic but it is not 100% accurate currently.

Fire Stick 4K VS Fire Cube

1. Amazon Fire Stick 4k VS Fire Cube: Design and Voice Control Through Remote

Fire Stick 4K

The Fire Stick 4K is somewhat a little bigger in size when compared to its previous non-4K versions. It has a square matte black plastic pub and also an HDMI connector on one side and also you can find a micro-USB port on the other side.

Its remote is second-generation and has a slim rectangular wand, a pad for navigation, and also a microphone is present close to it for using Alexa. It is also capable of controlling your television stuff such as power and volume. So, you don’t need to sit with a separate remote for controlling your television.

Fire Cube

Talking about Fire Cube, Amazon has tried to improve it is internal and software-hardware but they haven’t changed its outer body much. It has a dark block having an LED over the top. 

There are four controller switches for both muting, increasing and decreasing the quantity, and managing Alexa. Also, the Fire Cube is remarkably great at picking up what you are saying because it has eight amazing microphones.

2. Fire TV Stick VS Cube: Setting It Up

Fire Stick 4K

Fire Stick 4K is simple to set up and works exactly like establishing any additional Fire device. First, you will need to connect it to your television and then plug it into the power port. Now connect both the devices with your home wifi. 

And also you don’t actually require a premium version of the Amazon Prime account for using it. A free account will do the job. But if you have an Amazon Prime premium account then you can also use Prime Music along with Prime Video.

Fire Cube

Setting up the Fire Cube is also not very hard. But you should be very careful while connecting it to your house theatre. It can not be too near your speakers because they can overshadow the built-in microphones. 

Alexa has become so advanced that now it can control your television too. It can now also increase or decrease the quantity of one’s sound-bar and adjust the station in your box with just voice commands.

3. Fire Stick 4k VS Fire Cube: Operating System and Content

Fire Stick 4K

The Fire Stick has mostly the same Os as the other Fire Television devices. The first menu already has huge rows of programs and websites. It contains shows both from your interest and content recommended automatically. It is not a big surprise that most of the suggested content is from Amazon Prime but also a good deal of third party programs and services are available.

Unfortunately, the firestick doesn’t have apple or google content, but other huge video sites for example Crackle and Crunchyroll are present. 

Fire Cube

The Fire Cube is an amazing device for you if you love watching Amazon Prime content. Talking about its operating system, the home screen has most of the content from Amazon Prime. But don’t worry there is also a featured row situated at the exact top of the screen where your own programs on row and sponsored articles on a row are present. But still, most of the rows of its home screen even below the primary screen are influenced by Amazon Prime.

Obviously, it’s not a big thing that Fire television Cube’s give attention to Amazon content is practical, considering the fact that many people who buy the Fire Cub already have an Amazon Prime subscription. But, still, it cannot hide the simple fact that Amazon is trying hard to make Fire Cube a product very similar to apple tv.

Even though Amazon Fire Cube is dominated by Amazon Prime but it’s still possible to get quite a few additional streaming programs for example Netflix and many other bigger and smaller streaming content providers.

4. Fire Stick VS Fire Cube: Amazon Alexa

Fire Stick 4K

Being a Fire TV device, the Fire Stick 4K has Amazon’s, Alexa Audio Helper. For using it you will need to click the microphone button present in the remote and use the microphone with a clear voice. Alexa can show overall information or even hunt for websites to watch or pay attention in the Fire television Stick 4K. 

The television connected with the Fire Tv Stick will show all the answers answered by Alexa to your questions, such as weather predictions with rain and cloud icons, and sports scores, etc.

You can use Alexa to perform all the tasks such as scrolling, starting any content on Amazon Prime. This feature is available for some other platforms as well. Alexa supports around 20,000 household automation devices including lighting, thermostats, and also locks.

Fire Cube

Talking about Fire Cube, those who have a smart camera can take the help of the Amazon Fire Cube for live streaming your camera on your television. You can also watch restaurant ratings and their location on your television itself. 

You can even use your telephone connection features with the help of Amazon Fire television Cube. Another interesting thing about it is that Alexa also shows prices and product reviews of products on Amazon.

But for most of the upgrades which have taken place in the past couple of decades, Alexa still needs accurate and clear terms to work.

5. Fire TV Cube VS Fire Stick 4k: Performance

The Fire Stick 4K interface is quite simple to use for all those who have not used a streaming device earlier. Recently obtained shows and programs are located on your home screen, also you can scroll across and up to come across distinct content and programs. US Fire-TV clients may even locate a newly added tab in the device’s port; called ‘Live TV’, which collates all of your live stations into a place.

In addition to being user-friendly, the UI is quite responsive and easy to load, also there exists an excellent assortment of streaming programs to pick from. 

Using the Fire television Stick 4K with remote is equally simple, and also the Alexa powered voice hunt functionality is fast and accurate once you are using programs such as Netflix or even Amazon Prime Video.

But, voice hunt does not assist every program.  UK audiences will see that you can not put it to use with bbci player, this usually means you’ve got to manually type search phrases within the program. Additionally, you won’t have the ability to work with your voice to jump to another episode on many programs that differently support voice control, which is somewhat frustrating.

The other difficulty with the voice hunt would be that as soon as you produce a petition that the Fire-TV Stick 4K is not able to encourage, whatever material you’re playing disappears, and then you’ve got to select it again from inside the Fire or app television homepage to launch.

That said the voice hunt is typically very fine, and you may use voice commands to automatically get your television on, get a handle on your smart devices and also view live cam feeds from compatible smart video security camera systems in your own television, that will be really helpful.

Generally, the search functionality is far better compared to the preceding model, since now you can look for shows by celebrities and designed for 4K. Amazon’s particular content is prioritized above additional results from platforms, which might possibly be irritating if you are primarily a Netflix consumer.

All in all, the assortment of programs available is good, and also you can find most streaming platforms on it. Even though UK audiences won’t have the ability to view Today television, along with US audiences won’t manage to use Walmart’s Vudu. Still, there is such a massive amount of content left to be watched.

The normal Fire Tv Stick was no doubt a beast in performance but now the 4K version has even gone past ahead in performance. The previous version of Fire Cube used a Quad heart ARM Cortex GPU and also Amlogic S905Z SoC which gave a good performance. But that’s been updated into a powerful Hexa-core processor. The new processor is capable of supporting Dolby Vision and also 4K Ultra HD content at around 60 fps.

In reality, as a result of the 802.11a-c wifi antenna, videos higher-than 15 Mbps will not buffer now. The outcome is that the videos appear magnificent. The Amazon Fire-TV Cube home screen includes a 4K HDR row, therefore it is well worth making the most of it. The Fire television Cube does a fantastic job dealing together with your 4K television to put in them to the greater resolution 

6. Fire Cube VS Fire Stick: Price

The Fire Stick 4k Is available on Amazon and many other E-commerce stores to buy at $49.99. Meanwhile, the Fire Cube latest version is being sold at $119.99. Although, you can also buy its previous version at a cheaper price.

Similarities Between Fire Stick and Fire Cube

There are many similarities between the fire stick and fire cube because both devices have the same work to do. One of the most significant similarities is that they both support the 4K Resolution. Also, both support Dolby Vision for HDR but the Fire Stick has Dolby Atoms for Audio too, which is not found in the Fire Cube. 

Best Fit For

The fire stick 4k is mainly made for Amazon Prime Subscribers but it does give an option for viewing other network content. The fire stick 4K is best suited for people who can manage surfing content using a remote and don’t have any high-end Television. If you are bored from your traditional firestick remote then you can check these interesting Amazon fire stick remote replacements.

Interestingly, the Fire Cube does exactly the same thing which fire stick 4k does but with better quality. You can also find voice control features in Fire Cube and it is more powerful in terms of processor than Fire Stick 4K. If you have a high-end television and love to watch seamless content then you can grab a Fire Cube.

Buyer’s Experiences

Both products have got mostly positive responses from buyers. The fire stick 4k is being applauded for its affordable price and great performance. Meanwhile, the Fire Cube is liked by buyers for its great powerful operations and also for its great voice control feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Fire Sticks Legal?

A1. The fire sticks available on Amazon for purchasing is completely legal. They have some sort of deal from the content streaming sites for streaming their content through a fire stick. Although, there are some illegal ways of streaming content as well but you should not use them at any cost.

Q2. Is there any monthly fee for Fire Stick?

A2. No fire sticks are for a one-time purchase. You don’t require to pay any monthly charges. But you will need to have a license from some of the streaming sites to watch their content.

Q3. Can Amazon Fire Stick be Traced?

A3. There are currently no ways to trace a fire stick. If they are lost or stolen then it is almost impossible to get them back.

Q4. Should I unplug Fire Stick when not in use?

A4. You can do that. The fire sticks shut down by itself if it is not used for 20 minutes or so. But it will still not be completely off. To completely turn it off, you will need to unplug it.

Final Verdict

According to us, Fire Stick 4K is slightly ahead in some fields against Fire Cube. But deciding the best between fire stick 4k vs fire cube is a very difficult task. Both are actually very close in most things. So, before buying any one of them, you must assess your requirements and then buy.