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How to Connect iPhone to TV Wireless?

A lot of people love watching videos on their iPhone because of the superb screen quality it gives. But it is still difficult to get the majority of the elaborated details because of the small screen size several times, particularly when lots of movements are happening inside the movie.

Therefore, you might have the requirement to flow your iOS device onto a larger screen, fortunately, there are many methods in your hands to receive them on your TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV Wireless

For people who have an Apple TV, linking devices isn’t a major thing. But, for people who own Samsung TV or alternative Smart TVs like LG TV or Sony TV, linking the device can be very troublesome.

To fix this issue, this guide will reveal different working procedures which will answer all your questions on How to connect iPhone to TV wireless.

How to connect iPhone to TV Wireless?

This process proves to be somewhat simple; it is also quite useful. Though Apple devices have excellent screens (notably the ultra-large 12.9at iPad Guru), it is often much better to play photos and video on the large screen instead of huddle around a tablet or smartphone computer.


You do not need to use wires Video & TV Cast will be quite a fantastic option. This program serves to show videos playing on your mobile devices to Samsung Smart TV and Blu-Ray players.

With the support of this, you’ll have the ability to flow offline and online movies without any time limitation. Here are some steps that you want to understand so as to Airplay Samsung TV.

  1. Download and set up Video & TV Cast on your iOS device and Samsung Smart TV. Once done, start the app on both the devices.
  2. In your iPhone/iPad, click the Cast icon in the upper right corner of your display.
  3. On clicking on the icon, a new pop-up window will appear containing an IP address. Just set the IP address on your TV using your remote controller.
  4. When the devices are linked, hunt for the movie which you would like to see and then play it.

TIP: To be able to visit the full display, press the Okay button on your remote controller.

With this app, you will have the ability to exhibit videos being played on your own iOS on Samsung TV. But, Video & TV Cast has its own drawbacks.

There could be an event in which you need to throw your device multiple times. That is because a few videos operate just after a variety of connection attempts.


Another way to enjoy content from the iPad or iPhone on your TV would be to use an Apple TV. To do this, connect the Apple TV to your TV using a free HDMI port and connect the Apple TV to your wireless system.

Pick the right input on your TV and be certain that the Apple TV’s home display appears.

In addition, you must be certain that your smartphone or tablet computer is linked to exactly the identical Wi-Fi system that your Apple TV is on.

Apple TV
  1. Start enjoying a movie on your iPad or iPhone (through the Videos app, Photos app, YouTube, Safari, etc).
  2. Swipe up on the bottom of the display to show Control Centre. In an iPhone running iOS 11, a brief swipe up brings up the pier – you want to stay swiping until recent apps along with the Control Centre (on the right) appear.
  3. If you are using iOS 11, tap Screen Mirroring, then select Apple TV. Otherwise if using iOS 10 tap AirPlay, then select Apple TV.
  4. Tap out of Control Centre to eliminate it and tap Play to keep on viewing the movie.

At times you can not stream video from an app, or the internet, on the tv. Support for AirPlay depends upon developers, rather than all support it.

With Mirroring chosen you can flow the whole of your iPad display, such as the Home display and anything is appearing in programs, on the tv.

Just swipe to show Control Centre and then Pick the AirPlay choice to deliver up the AirPlay menu, and choose Apple TV.

If you don’t want to spend on Apple TV then check out our article How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV.



Though Google’s Chromecast dongle does not allow you to mirror an iPhone screen on the Samsung tv, it will permit you to send audio, video, photos, and information from tens of thousands of apps that are supported. (For your mobile’s media files, we propose the AllCast program, covered below.)

  1. Plugin the Chromecast on your tv.
  2. Use the Google Home companion app to join with the device with your wireless system.
  3. We then need to find the Chromecast icon in apps that are supported.
  4. Harness it, then pick your Chromecast in the device listing.
  5. Start media playback and then it will show up on the television as opposed to your iPhone or even iPad.

These were the top 3 ways without any hardware requirement on how to connect iPhone to TV wireless. If you are still not satisfied you can check  Must Read: 3 Smart Solutions to Screen Mirroring iPad to Samsung TV