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How To Delete A GIF On Facebook? [4 Ultimate Ways]

Graphics Interchange Format, popularly called gif has now become an entertaining mode of communication among social media users, starting from Facebook to Twitter and others. These have made expressing easier and more fun for the users, showing their feelings without having to write and in a rather amusing method. Starting from using these for blog writings to story listing, the GIFs’ have made its presence felt in every nook and corner of the social media sites.

how to delete a gif on facebook

These GIFs can be looked at various apps like GIPHY and also on Google that is attaching the latest searching instrument or a tool that is developed especially for these GIFs, which are full of animation and creativity.

With a day-by-day increase in the use of GIFs’, there have always been questions of how to post them on Facebook posts and comments, and about how to delete a GIF on Facebook. In the next few lines, we will try to answer a few for all the users.

Let us first discuss how to use GIFs in posts on Facebook.

How to use GIFs in posts on Facebook?

To upload GIF you need to upload a post and are required to select those three small dots on the same post. Now, you have to select the button of the GIF on Facebook. When you click the three points, a new window will pop-up showing many different choices of GIF for the user for their post. Now, select the option of GIF, shown in violet color.

Make good usage of this by making sure that you choose the best GIF, according to your post and the ones which are good enough to convey your state of mind. Once you decide on the GIF, just select it and done. It will be uploaded along with your post.

You can also add gifs as comments. All that you are required to do is choose the post on which you wish to comment on. You will then come across the comments section beneath the content, and then you just insert your comment. Just beside the comments section, you will find an option that has GIF written over it. Just click on it, and choose any GIF of your choice.

Coming on how to delete the GIF: you can delete it from both on the posts and on the comments.

How to Delete a GIF on Facebook Comment?

You are first required to select the comment which you wish to delete. But, a reminder that you can only delete the comment made by you, and not the ones which are posted by others.

  • Click on the comment and cling to it which will lead to the opening of a menu.
  • Then, click on the delete option and approve that you wish to have the GIF in your comment, i.e. have that whole comment deleted.

How to Delete a GIF on Facebook Post?

The first step is the same as deleting a comment.

  • You first need to select the post which you wish to delete. And as with the comment, in posts also you can only delete the ones that have been uploaded by you only.
  • In the next step, you are required to click on the ‘v’ option which is present at the uppermost corner on the right-hand side of your post. And this will again lead to the opening of a new box.
  • In the end, you just need to click the option of DELETE and the uploaded GIF would get deleted along with the whole post.

There is another method of deleting the GIF. It can also be deleted through the GIPHY Application. In this, there are different ways for computer users and for mobile phone users.

For Computer Users

  • You need to open your account and then click on the gif option.
  • Now, select the gif and click on the option of pencil editing, which can be found on the uppermost right-hand corner of the page.
  • Now, select the button of ‘DELETE the GIF’ which is located on the lower side in the corner.

For App Users

  • The main step for the app users is the same as for the computer users, i.e. to log in into their accounts and then select that particular one which you wish to delete.
  • You will witness a series of 3 dotted points, which you are required to click on.
  • Now select the DELETE option and the GIF gets deleted from your application.


GIFs have now become a trendy way of expressing ourselves, and with time it is important for all of us to evolve and learn the different technologies and systems that these graphics interchange formats come with. The technology is enormous and vast. Hence, we do need to understand the basics that come with it. Hence, we must all try to use and get used to how to perform certain functions of these GIFs on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp

Functions like posting, deleting have become very essential nowadays as we tend to use these social media sites for longer hours in the day. These GIFs are not only amusing and fun, but also add life to the chat sections of our social media sites, and enable us to learn more things about technology, about what new revolutions can be brought, and how much can a two-second animated concept can express more than words do. So, this was the article on how to delete a gif on Facebook. We hope we covered everything.