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How To Download Movies On iPad For Free?

Watching movies on the iPad is not a new concept. Since ages, people have appreciated the exotic features of iPad to watch their favorite movies.

iPad Pro features are like the cherry on the cake for all the movie-savvy people. The thinner and lighter iPads are becoming a focal point for movie lovers.

How To Download Movies On iPad For Free

How To Download Movies On iPad For Free?

iPad facilitates the horizontal viewing of your favorite movies at your comfort. Isn’t it amazing?

All you need to have is ample of leisure time, an iPad and a robust internet connection. That’s all! You are ready to watch your favorite movies through the eyes of your beloved iPads.

Well, if you are planning to watch your next movie on the big screen of the iPad, here is the bible for you about how to download movies on the iPad for free.


From the diverse methods readily available which facilitate to download the movies on your person iPad, ITUNES tops the list. It is probably one of the easiest ways to grab hold of your favorite movies right on your iPad.

In place of movie download, ITUNES platform facilitates its users with the file transfer the movies purchased by the customers.


What can you transfer through the ITUNES platform?

• The ITUNES platform enables its users to make a movie transfer either purchased or rented from the ITUNES online store.
• It helps you with the transfer of digital copies accompanying the physical discs.
• Other movies stored on the client computer

How to download movies from ITUNES?

  1. Connect your iPad to your desktop and open the ITUNES platform.
  2. The top left of the ITUNES screen contains a drop-down menu for iPad selection. Choose your iPad device from the drop-down menu.
  3. Once you are done with your iPad device connection, tap the movies from the running menu.
  4. You will find the movies option on the left side of ITUNES screen.
  5. Once you select the movies option, you will be redirected to a new page with all the compatible movies titles.
  6. Strike the synchronization option and select your desired movie for download. Alternatively, you may check in the ‘All option’ to sync all the enlisted film.


Are you Amazon’s Prime Member?

Then the Amazon platform is loaded with heaps of opportunities for you.

Being an Amazon’s Prime Member, you are blessed with the junction of the massive video library. Watch unlimited movies there at Amazon’s video library.

Alternatively, if you feel the need to download some of your favorite movies on your iPad, you can even do so.


Well, let us see how the Amazon’s Prime Membership avails you the feature of movies download.

Amazon Prime

Easy Steps to download your favorite movies via Amazon Prime:

  1. First of all, you will need a good iPad and a robust internet connection handy with you.
  2. Next step is to install Amazon’s Video application. For downloading Amazon’s video app, you will need to visit the ITUNES app store from your iPad.
  3. Once on the ITUNES app store, browse for the Amazon Video app and download it.
  4. Once you have the app on your iPad, open it and enter the app.
  5. Sign in the app with your Amazon Prime Membership account details.
  6. Once you log in the Amazon Video App, tap the Wishlist button. The Wishlist button flashes at the bottom of your Amazon Video app screen.
  7. Once you make a selection of the Wishlist option, a drop-down menu appears for selecting your desired movies or videos.
  8. For the film, you will find the download option flashing next to the movie title.

A note to remember here is that, when you download any movie or video, it is available for the period when you remain loyal Amazon Prime Member.

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We usually watch movies on Google Play. Possibly some of us are even not aware of the movie download feature of Google Play.

The best thing which makes the Google Play option to stand unique in this list is that there is no need to synchronize your iPad with your desktop.

The movie download feature now seems to be simplified and hustle free with Google Play.

Google Play

The simple eligibility is stable Wi-Fi connectivity to download movies on your iPad.

Let us explore how to avail the film downloading free via Google Play.

What do you need to do for downloading movies on your iPad via the Google Play platform?

Are you ready to download the movies via Google Play?

Let us begin the step-flow.

  1. Grab hold of your iPad and internet connectivity.
  2. Visit the iTunes application store> Browse for the Play Movies application and install it on your iPad.
  3. Open the Play Movies application installed.
  4. Sign up the app with your Google account login credentials.
  5. Once you step on the home page of the Play Movies app, click the menu button. The menu button flashes at the top left a corner of the screen.
  6. As soon as you tap the menu button, a list drops down. Select My library option there from the drop-down list.
  7. The drop-down list will consist of your purchased movies.
  8. Each acquired movie title will be accompanying a download button beside it.
  9. Tap the download button of your desired, and your movie file will be ready for download.

After downloading the movie, you can watch it without an internet connection.


Till now, the Cloud Storage platform was known only for storing in the large data files.

Majority of us are still not familiar with the Cloud Storage feature of movie download.

The good news for all the Cloud Storage users is that your very own and reliable Cloud Storage facilitates you with the video downloading option if you have iPad handy with you.

Cloud Storage

All you need to do is choose your favorite service. Let us say, for example, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. Besides these three platforms, there are many on the internet.

These are popular platforms with unsurpassable iOS applications.

Once you avail any one of these three services, upload your desired movie there.

Next step is to select the movie, and via Cloud, Storage feature downloads the movie on your iPad.

Although it seems a bit time-consuming task, this Cloud Storage is so simple and easy to download your favorite movie.


Let us take an example of Dropbox Cloud Storage:

  1. Take your iPad and visit the Dropbox platform online.
  2. Sign on the Dropbox platform with your authentication credentials. Remember one thing- never disclose your login credentials before anyone. It might cause you trouble.
  3. Once you sign in and get your sign-up credentials verified, click the Upload button.
  4. The upload button is present on the top right-hand corner of the Dropbox Home Page.
  5. Make a selection of the file you want to upload from My Computers.
  6. Once you are done with the file uploading, the next step is to open the Dropbox application.
  7. Search for your desired file to download it on your iPad.
  8. Once you click the desired movie file for download, you will see a download arrow button flashing next to it.
  9. The download arrow button makes your movie available for your offline watch.


Netflix helps you to watch your favorite movies offline on your iPad device.

The only thing you need to be cautious is about your device space consumption. If space is not an issue for you, then you are a perfect fit to avail your favorite movie via the Netflix platform.

“But how to download and watch my favorite movie via Netflix?”

Is this the question bothering you?

Well, if yes then do not worry ahead. We have got a Netflix guide for you.

Follow these simple steps, and you are ready to download your favorite movie on your iPad device.


Update your iPad device with Netflix:

  • For updating Netflix on your iPad device, you need to open the App Store and browse for Netflix.
  • Once you land up on the Netflix option, select the Update button. The Update option is present right next to the Netflix title.

Once your iPad has got the updated version of Netflix, it is ready for further steps.

  1. Open the Netflix application.
  2. As soon as you open the Netflix application, an option pops up indicating the ‘Download & Go’ feature.
  3. At the end of this pop-up, you will find an option highlighting ‘Find Something to Download.’
  4. Tap on the option if you wish to download the movie right now.

In place of this pop-up option, you can access the movie download option under the Menu icon.

The Menu icon is present in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

There at the upper left-hand corner, the menu button appears in the form of three horizontal lines or bars.

  1. From this Menu option, search for ‘Available for Download’ option. Once found, tap the option.
  2. Next, you need to make a selection of the movie you desire for your offline viewing. You may select one or multiple options from your drop-down menu.
  3. Once your choice for the film is made, search for the button that highlights the ‘Download’ option.
  4. Tap the button to receive the entire movie as one single file for your offline viewing.

After your movie is downloaded, search My downloads option under the Menu bar. Your offline movie list is accessible from this My Downloads list.

Now you can tap and watch your desired movie from here anytime.


Movie Box facilitates its users to watch their favorite movies from across the pool of film flooding the internet.

The Movie Box platform aids the users to download videos in either of the low, medium or high-quality setting (HD).


As a complementary feature, the Movie Box offers liberty to their users to have a trailer watch before committing to download a full-length movie offline.

What else do you need?

Go ahead and get a hold of your iPad, browse for the Movie Box application and enjoy your leisure time watching your desired movies.


Let’s conclude on the guide How To Download Movies On iPad For Free? Now, we know about 7 Awesome ways about How To Download Movies On iPad For Free?

All the above platforms help you to download your favorite movie on your iPad device. Downloading and watching movies on your iPad device with the same theatre effects was not possible if you take a look at a couple of decades back.

But slowly with the evolution of digitization era, iPad devices underwent a revolution. Today, the internet is loaded with heaps of platform for downloading the movie to facilitate its offline watch on your iPad device.

This feature is still left to be introduced on Smartphones with the same resolution. Appraise the technological revolution, which raised the allure of watching movies on iPad devices.

This was your guide on How To Download Movies On iPad For Free. If you have some more awesome ways about How To Download Movies On iPad For Free then do let us know in the comments section below.