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How to Program Hisense Remote Control?

The Hisense universal remote can be used with the Hisense TV and the codes are listed in the table below. You can find three-digit and four-digit codes in the list below, so try these codes one by one until you have gotten your universal remote control to work.

We have also shared different methods through which you can program your Hisense universal remote. So, try the one which suits your requirement. You can do it by yourself and no expert intervention is required.

Manually Programming The Hisense TV Universal Remote

Keycodes are the codes that are used to identify particular TV models and brands. To program your remote using the keycode, follow the below steps:

  • You must first turn on the device
  • On the Hisense TV universal remote, press TV.
  • You’ll notice the Light Flash appears after you hold the Setup button on the Universal Remote for a few seconds.
  • Now, type the keycode which is suitable according to your TV’s model.
  • After typing, press and hold the power button on your remote while pointing it towards the television.
  • Whenever the screen turns off, simply release the “Power Button”

After that, your universal remote control will work perfectly with your TV. If even still it doesn’t work, then try some other codes.

Hisense TV Universal Remote Programming Using Code Search

The universal remote can be set up to scan for the correct key code if you couldn’t find it at the time. 

  • The remote is forced into search mode by this code in the manual.
  • Turn your device on first
  • By holding the Setup button, you will be guided through the setup process
  • Type “9-9-1” into the dialing box
  • Keep holding the “Power Button” on the remote until you see the “Turn Off” sign 

If you want to find your key code, you need to perform the above method. Your remote should now be operating for all in-built functions once you have performed the above steps. Hisense device universal remote can easily be programmed in the above three ways.


Hisense TV Universal Remote Programming Without Codes

A scanning process can be applied to all the codes in the universal remote as part of the auto-search method. In order to program a remote control, it scans each of the codes. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • You can use the universal remote to control a smart device, such as the television, by turning it on first.
  • Tap the device button on the remote for 3 seconds. When it is ready to program, the LED light turns on.
  • Using the remote, point the switch to the device and press CH+ & CH-. 
  • Signals will be displayed on the remote. Continually press either the up or down keys till you hear the device turning off.
  • Click on the power key to verify the code. The device will be turned on. 
  • Now check whether your Universal remote is programmed or not by using it.

Again tap the device button to save the code. A blinking LED will confirm the stored code twice.

Programming The Dish Network Remote For Hisense Smart TV

  • First, turn on both your receiver and the Hisense smart TV.
  • Press the clear tv button on your Dish remote and hold it until the lights blink four times.
  • Push the button for 1 time on your remote after that.
  • Your Hisense TV will then turn off when you press the channel up button.
  • For one second, press your remote’s Pound sign button.
  • On your dish remote, press the power off button until your Hisense television turns off.

Soon, it will restart and your remote will be programmed.

Remote Codes

3 Digit Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 759

4 Digit Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 0156
  • 0009
  • 0508
  • 0216
  • 0848
  • 1170
  • 0208
  • 0182
  • 0145
  • 0748
  • 0227
  • 0821
  • 0753
  • 0696
  • 0073
  • 0780

5 Digit Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 12183
  • 11758
  • 10748

Direct Tv – Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 10178
  • 11204
  • 10019
  • 11710
  • 10748
  • 11314
  • 11660
  • 12049
  • 0178
  • 11780
  •  10171
  • 1326
  • 11517
  • 12002
  • 11564
  • 11641
  • 11963
  • 12183

Warner Cable – Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 400
  • 1463
  • 386
  • 0178
  • 10178
  • 10463
  • 450
  • 0784
  • 0463

Comcast – Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 11517
  • 0178
  • 12002
  • 10463
  • 10748
  • 11314
  • 10178
  • 10171
  • 11204
  • 11641
  • 11660
  • 11780
  • 11785
  • 11892
  • 11963
  • 11326

Cox Communication – Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 10178
  • 1463
  • 1326
  • 0178

Dish Network Hisense Universal Remote Code

  • 659
  • 62
  • 505
  • 720
  • 538

Final Words

Programming a Hisense Tv Universal Remote is not that hard. You can use any of the above methods to program your Hisense universal remote. If you have found the keycode then you can use the keycode method. If you don’t have the key code then you can search it using the auto search feature.

In this article, we have even provided many universal remote codes for Hisense from where you can find the appropriate one for your TV and use it to program your Hisense remote.