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How do I Program an RCA Universal Remote To My TV?

Using a Smart TV like Vizio can be quite frustrating when the remote is lost. There are many things you can’t do without remote control, such as changing the volume. It’s always convenient to use the brand’s products over alternatives, even though other options are available for changing the volume/channel.

The volume and channel of your TV must be changed every few minutes when you are watching it. But what if there is no remote control? You surely want these two things to be changed on your Vizio TV, but how?

If you don’t have a remote for your Vizio TV, you have a few other options. Let’s see what they are like.

How to Control Volume on Vizio tv without a remote?

On Vizio TVs, the buttons are positioned in an unconventional place. In this case, you might think the buttons are absent. We will show you different methods of changing settings on the Vizio TV without the remote.

Control volume using Unit Buttons

Vizio TVs can also be used with this method, but it is much more frustrating. The step of leaving your place, finding the channel button, and changing the channel when you are watching TV sitting away from it will be much more annoying.

This method can however be useful for switching channels or changing volumes on Vizio TV if you need to in an emergency. Vizio TVs contain buttons, as opposed to what most owners believe. Trouble arises when users cannot locate the buttons. The buttons on a Vizio TV can be found in three different places.

On the lower left-hand side of the TV, there is a button to press. One of the sides of the TV has another set of buttons. One set of touch buttons lies under the television in front of these other buttons. A capacitive button is one of them. Once located, verify whether or not there is a volume button and a channel button.

The manual and Vizio Support can be consulted for assistance in finding physical buttons. Many times, a single button can act as a variety of functions without any representation of being a volume button or some other buttons.

Even though using Vizio TV’s unit buttons experience is not very good, you can still adjust the volume and channel from there

Buy Universal Remote as an Alternative

If you do not have a genuine remote for your Vizio TV, you should get a universal remote in order to change volume and channels. Buying a universal remote means not only can you use it with your Vizio TV, but for other devices as well.

A universal remote may already be in your house. Try connecting it to Vizio TVs if possible. It is also possible to give other device remotes a try since they sometimes start working too.

Logitech Harmony Remotes holds the top place among many universal remotes available on the market. Depending on your budget, you can purchase one. With any universal remote, you are able to control Vizio TV’s volume and channel without needing the original remote.

Use a 3rd Party IR Mobile Application

In the case that you cannot access the buttons and your television does not support SmartCast, what are your options? There are other options, which you can use in such cases. All Vizio TVs are compatible with this option, so you don’t have to be skeptical.

The app which we are talking about works by using infrared technology. The IR Blaster feature is available on most Android smartphones. Infrared light impulses can be sent or received by phone through this feature.

Is this going to help in any way? Yes, because remote controls work very much like TV remote controls. As a result, any phone that has this capability can function as a normal remote. Using this method is challenging for iPhone users since it does not work.

IR Blaster is not installed on Apple devices. As a consequence, you can’t use this method to use the iPhone as a remote control. Check the specifications on your smartphone’s manufacturer’s website to see if it’s IR-enabled. You can check more easily using this. On your mobile, look for a small point of blackness at the top edge.

Pinhead size might be an appropriate description. IR remote apps can be downloaded if your device has IR functionality, so you can install one if it is. The number of IR apps you can use online is enormous. As Viz Remote is specifically designed for Vizio TVs, we recommend that you try it out.

Using Viz Remote control Older Vizio TVs

With VizRemote, you can experience the same feeling as the original Vizio remote control. Users familiar with Vizio’s remote can easily use it. The app is a little dated, so it resembles older Vizio remotes. Additionally, the remote has no shortcuts at all.

Nonetheless, VizRemote offers almost every button a Vizio remote could possibly have. As well as the feature to access your television’s applications. 

There’s no comparison between the application and standard remote control in terms of how well it feels in the hand. This set does not have shortcuts, and its design is a bit dated compared to newer Vizio apps.

A 3D setting built right into the application might be appreciated by older Vizio TV owners. By switching it on or off, you can quickly take care of 3D without navigating to your settings.

Using Google Home

The ease with which you can control your TV with Google Home probably shouldn’t surprise you if you own it. Those who don’t know how it works should know how it works.

With Google Home connected to your TV, you can control it with just your voice. Almost all the functions of your TV can be controlled with your voice. Streaming content can be viewed, browsed, and controlled from one place.

Additionally, it communicates with lighting and speakers in other smart homes. Despite this, the option is without a doubt the easiest way to control your television.

Turn On Vizio Tv using Mobile

Vizio TV settings can be customized by using this method, which is among the most popular. You must download it to your smartphone, but it is very easy to use. Android and iPhone users can both use the app.

On Google Play and the App Store, VIZIO SmartCast can be downloaded. Vizio TV can be controlled by an app downloaded from the respective store on your mobile.

  1. Download and install the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile application.
  2. Click on “Add Device” in the upper right corner of Devices.
  3. Connect the app to the Vizio TV by holding your smartphone near it.
  4. On the lower end of the screen, click Control when it is paired.
  5. The layout of the remote will be provided to you. Your TV will turn on once you click on the power button.
  6. Vizio TV can be controlled easily with the app.

The application offers a variety of options. These include the pause and play buttons, the volume buttons, as well as the power button. However, the Vizio app cannot control models prior to 2015.

The remote control app comes pre-installed on some Android smartphones. Xiaomi, for example, has an app called Mi Remote for its smartphones. Vizio TV can also be turned on using those apps.

Control Vizio TV with PS4

Streamlining game-starting procedures may be important if you’re an avid player. The following steps will turn your TV on when you start up a video game console. 

  1. Start your PlayStation by connecting it via HDMI cable to your Vizio television.
  2. Then select System from the Settings menu.
  3. Make sure HDMI device links are enabled.
  4. The Vizio TV switches to the correct input when the PlayStation 4 is turned on. 

The PlayStation 4 will also be turned on automatically when you select that input from the list.

Control Vizio TV with Nintendo

Nintendo Switch users go through the process slightly differently. 

  1. Through the dock, you can transfer data between your Nintendo console and Vizio TV.
  2. Navigate to System Settings from the Home screen.
  3. From the left column, choose TV Settings. Then turn on Match TV Power State by scrolling down the list.
  4. Your console will turn off the input when you put it to sleep. TVs will automatically switch to the appropriate input channel when you power on the console.

Final Words

Your Vizio TV lets you stream your favorite content through the streaming service of your choice. The physical design schemes at Vizio are consistent with their focus on cutting-edge technology. When it is dark, it is definitely difficult to find the buttons.

However, the font is no longer distracting, and there are no bumpy side effects. The power cycling process is not regularly used, so you can always use the remote to perform the same actions. Now, you now know where you can find the controls on your Vizio TV if your remote stops working.

The solutions shown here for How to Control Volume on Vizio tv without a remote are also good options for controlling your television, as they are very convenient.