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How to Program Roku Remote to TV?

Using a Roku player, you can turn any TV into a smart television. You can get content from thousands or even hundreds of online channels through their services. You can watch Netflix on the TV instead of your phone or tablet.

Even though most remote controls that come with your Roku player work right away, there are a few situations when that may not be the truth. 

Roku remotes aren’t likely to be recognized by your Roku, say when they need to be replaced. Those two devices simply have to be paired, which is done in a matter of seconds.

How to Manually Pair a Remote from Roku

Keep the Roku remote near the Roku streaming device within a few feet and use fresh working batteries. Plug the Roku streaming player back in after unplugging it for two minutes.

  1. While the Roku is in the guided setup stage, it might advise you to connect the remote once it reboots.  
  2. The remote may not need to be paired if you already have it configured on your Roku.
  3. On the Roku remote, remove the compartment where the batteries are present.
  4. You will find a Reset Button there which needs to be pressed for about 5 seconds
  5. As a result, the remote control has been paired and can be used now.

Steps to Connect Roku Infrared Remote

First, connect the Roku streaming device and power source together to pair the Infrared remote. Click any of the buttons on the remote after inserting new batteries. The process for pairing begins
automatically when your remote is near the device.

  1. The Roku device needs to be plugged into the circuit for power and the TV.
  2. You must then change the TV to HDMI input in order for Roku to operate. 
  3. The television or its original remote has a Source button. Press it to do so.
  4. The Roku remote’s batteries need to be inserted.
  5. To operate the remote, press any of the buttons. Your remote will be automatically paired to your Roku streaming device after doing this. 
  6. Make sure the Roku device is in your sight when you’re using the IR version of the Remote. 

Easily Pair New Roku Remotes (Enhanced Version)

You need to buy new batteries for your remote to use in the enhanced remote with the Roku streaming device. Place the Roku remote close to it and turn it on. The pairing will begin with this action. Your remote will also display on-screen instructions.

  1. The TV will then automatically be switched to the Roku device’s HDMI input once you have activated it. 
  2. Your remote control or the television will have a button for Input or Source.
  3. Replace the batteries in the compartment where the batteries are present. 
  4. Same batteries can be removed and reinserted if you do not have replacements.  
  5. Roku should be within easy reach of the remote. 
  6. Your remote will be automatically paired to your Roku device when you do this. 
  7. Let the complete process for pairing end. 
  8. There will be a message that will display that the remote has been paired on the TV screen. 
  9. Once you’ve paired the remote, start using it right away.

It may be necessary for you to reset your remote if none of these methods worked for pairing your Roku remote.

Reset a Remote from Roku

The Roku remote can be reset by disconnecting the Roku streaming device. Switch off your Roku streaming device and then reconnect again after you have removed its batteries. Once the logo of the Roku brand appears on the screen, replace the batteries. Now click on the button for pairing and wait for the process to end.

  1. The Roku streaming device needs to be unplugged.
  2. Your Roku remote’s batteries need to be removed.
  3. Wait for 5 seconds and then reconnect the device.
  4. Now insert the new batteries or old ones if they are working as soon as it is on.
  5. After you have pressed and held the connecting button, you need to press it again. 
  6. The light which indicated pairing will begin to flash after 5 seconds. 
  7. Once the connecting process is complete, it will get connected. 
  8. Usually, this takes around 20-30 seconds. 

Your TV will show a message when it gets connected.

Location of the Button for Pairing in the Roku Remote?

In the compartment for batteries of your remote is the button used for pairing enhanced remotes. The button for connecting on the Roku remote can be found by following the steps below.

  1. Your Roku remote’s battery compartment can be accessed by opening it
  2. The button which we are looking for will be in the bottom section. 
  3. You may find a light used for indicating on the main part or within the compartment of the battery, depending on the model of the Roku remote.

How to Connect an IR Remote to Roku

IR Roku remotes without a pairing button need to be able to send a signal to a Roku device, so make sure nothing is blocking it. Alternatively, you can add new batteries or try a reset. First, any obstructions should be removed. It’ll only pair with a Roku streaming device if you point it directly at it. 

Make sure the streaming device and the remote are properly synced by removing objects that may interfere with signal transmission. Batteries in the remote should be reset. It is common for the compartment where the batteries are present to be misaligned and causing syncing problems. 

Put them back in place after removing them. Check if you can solve the problem by pointing the remote at the streaming device. Replacing the batteries is a good idea. Tru replacing the old batteries with new ones. If any obstructions have not been removed or they have not been reset. 

Check if the remote start syncing after putting new batteries into the remote, pointing the remote at it.

How to Add a New Roku Remote

If you want that the same Television or the Roku streaming device can be controlled from a different remote, you can add a new remote. 

Those with gaming remotes will find it convenient, as it allows two-person interaction during games. There is a menu for categories which is in the left-hand side of the display which will lead you to Settings under the Home menu.

  1. Click on the Remote option.
  2. Set the remote to pair.
  3. You will see the current remote paired on the next screen.
  4. Choose Right Arrow.

You will find the pairing instructions on the next page. Attempt the pairing again if it does not work the first time.

How to Disconnect the Roku Remote

Roku remotes can sometimes be unpaired to fix difficulties with them. It’s not difficult to unpair.

  1. Keep pressing the back, pairing, and home buttons together for around 3 seconds.
  2. Three blinks should be seen now in the light for indicating.

Check that your Television or the streaming player is now responding to remote buttons to verify unpairing. 

Can we Connect Roku Remote to Television?

As part of the Roku Ultra+ and Streaming Stick + releases in 2017, you are now able to set up new Roku remote controls to control your Television. 

  1. Roku players and certain functions of your television can be controlled remotely using infrared and wireless technologies in these enhanced remotes.
  2. You won’t be able to change channels or operate some other features with the enhanced Roku remote, although you can adjust the volume and power of the TV. 
  3. You can sometimes do so with certain TV brands, but they are very few in numbers.
  4. You cannot control TV-connected devices with your Roku remote.

Few Things to Consider 

Before you set up your remote control, it is important to know a few things.

  1. You have the option of setting up the Roku remote during the device setup as well as after it has been done. 
  2. Roku doesn’t affect existing TVs that have already been installed with it.
  3. Roku will try to recognize the brand of the TV if you set up both the enhanced remote and Roku player simultaneously. 
  4. It’s sometimes not possible to retrieve the TV’s brand, so you’ll need to manually type it in. 
  5. To ensure that the installation goes smoothly, you must gather the necessary data before beginning.
  6. When you wish to set up the remote control on your Roku, you should connect it directly to the TV first. 
  7. Because the Roku device for streaming needs to identify the TV’s brand in order to function properly.
  8. Roku is sometimes connected to surround systems instead of televisions. Even though this possesses no issues, it cannot be performed during setup. 
  9. Plug the Roku directly into the TV when installing the remote. After it’s complete, it can be readjusted.

Keep your Old Remote Close

You should keep your regular television remote close even if the newly paired Roku enhanced remote is compatible with your television.

  1. A designated TV remote may be required to access some menus which can only be opened using the original remote. 
  2. Among them are the settings menus and the menus to switch between inputs.

Still, it can be extremely convenient to use only one remote if you stream your content specifically using Roku.

Final Words

Roku is certainly a boon for people who like to stream content on their televisions. However, people can get confused during the programming of the Roku remote.

But after reading this article on how to program the Roku remote to the tv, you will be easily able to connect the Roku remote to your television. We have provided all the possible methods to easily connect a Roku remote with tv.