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How to Program Verizon Remote? One Minute Guide

One of the best televisions available is Verizon Fios TV. Besides all other channels, Netflix and YouTube are provided on the compact little box for all your entertainment needs. 

However, the Verizon Fios Remote can be difficult to program when setting it up. You may need to adjust the volume of the TV to a very high level. Here is a solution for those of you who are having trouble programming their Verizon remotes.

Easily Program Verizon FiOS Remote?

Push the 0 and Play/Pause buttons on the FiOS TV remote control. Enter the three-digit code for your TV manufacturer. Press the 0 and O buttons on the Verizon P265 and P283.

Input the three-digit code provided by the TV manufacturer. When pressed simultaneously, press 0 and 2 to control the TV’s volume. You then have to type in 9-5-5 and click the STB button.

How to Program Fios TV Voice Remote 

Using the FiOS TV Voice Remote gives the next level of comfort to the user. It does not require awkwardly pointing the TV remotely since it connects via Bluetooth instead of IR like many other remote controls.

Several voice commands are provided, but the most important feature is the sensitive microphone for capturing commands. Verizon created this device specifically to work with Fios TV One.

Follow these steps:

  1. While pointing the remote at the TV, press the 0 buttons and at the same time press the Play/Pause buttons.
  2. If the remote begins to glow blue, let go of both buttons. 
  3. You are ready to use your Fios TV Voice Remote once the light stops shining.
  4. You should now be able to control your TV using your remote control automatically after setting this up. 
  5. This can be done by selecting the Voice control menu item under the Menu section > Settings > Fios TV Voice Remote > Program Voice Remote > Automatic Setup
  6. A success message will appear as soon as you’ve completed this. You will find it in the TV screen’s top right corner. 

To ensure that this works, you should select Manual Setup rather than Automatic Setup. 

How to Program the Verizon P265 

If you have an old Verizon P265 remote that is giving you problems, do not worry; you can program it to control the volume of your TV very easily. See the list of remote codes for Verizon P265 to find the code for your TV.

  1. Your FiOS STB should now be on and your TV should also be on.
  2. The OK button and “0” must be pressed at the same time. There will be two blinks of the red LED and then it will stay on.
  3. Now find the TV-specific code from your User Manual and enter it.
  4. This will cause the red light on the remote to blink twice before staying illuminated.
  5. As long as the TV is on, keep pressing the “Ch+” button.
  6. Make sure your remote works correctly. 
  7. If you want to do this, turn on the TV, increase and decrease the volume, and select Mute and A/V from the remote. 
  8. You may need to hold the specific key if none of the above keys work. Once it has worked, release it. 
  9. Click “OK” to proceed if all keys are working properly. After blinking three times, the red light will turn off. 

Following are some major TV brand remote control codes for Verizon 265:

  1. LG: 210
  2. Philips: 285
  3. Samsung: 331
  4. Toshiba: 397
  5. Sony: 352

Programming the Verizon P283 Remote

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Your TV and your FiOS Set-Top Box must be turned on. 
  2. Find your TV’s code in its User Manual.
  3. Use the TV-specific code that you discovered in the user manual. 
  4. Then press OK and! buttons together. There will be two blinks of the red light on the remote control, and then it will stay on. 
  5. You just found out your TV’s code in the previous steps, so enter that. 
  6. Two blinking red lights will illuminate the remote. 
  7. As long as the TV is on, keep pressing the CH+ button.
  8. Your remote must work properly, so test it.
  9. Press the Mute and A/V buttons while turning the TV on to do so. Once it has worked, release it.
  10.  Press and hold the specific key if none of the keys above work. 
  11. Once it begins working, release it. Click OK to proceed if all keys are working properly. 
    1. Verizon 283 Codes:
    2. Sony: 352
    3. Philips: 285
    4. Samsung: 331
    5. JVC: 193
    6. Haier: 146

After blinking three times, the red light will switch off. You have now successfully programmed your remote.

How to Control the TV volume using a FiOS Set-Top Box?

Here are the steps you can follow to control your TV’s volume via your Set-Top Box (STB) using your Verizon remote:

  1. By pressing both OK and 2 simultaneously, until you get to see a screen. Release the buttons. 
  2. Two red lights will blink on the remote control and stay lit. 
  3. You need to press 9-5-5. This causes the red light to blink twice and remain illuminated. 
  4. From the remote control, press STB-Power. 
  5. After the red light blinks three times, the device will shut down.

TV volume can now be adjusted by the Set-Top Box. The volume adjustment on your television may be oddly calibrated, making controlling the loudness of the audio difficult, but now you can easily control it using your STB.  Each Verizon remote in this article goes through the same steps.

How to Reset a Verizon FIOS Remote

A reset will restore everything back to the default settings if your remote is acting up, or you’re experiencing other issues like the remote not changing channels. 

You will need to follow the following steps:

  1. OK and FiOS TV buttons must both be pressed simultaneously. 
  2. Release both buttons and the red light will remain illuminated while blinking twice. 
  3. Once every second, press and release the “Play/Pause” button.
  4. Keeping this up will automatically shut down your TV once it has found the appropriate code. 
  5. Press the button for a few seconds and then stop. 

You can now use your remote control as it was. It doesn’t matter what remote model you have, the steps are the same.

Final Words

This was the answer to how to program Verizon Fios remotes. You can easily configure any of the Verizon Fios remotes by following the methods above.

However, sometimes it becomes difficult to program a remote as the remote control is damaged or has some issues. In this case, contacting the service center will be the best option. You can also opt for replacing your remote if your remote is completely dead.