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How to Reset Imessage on Mac? [7 Amazing Quick-Fixes]

how to reset imessage on mac

It is often seen that the users of MACBOOKS or any other Apple product tend to face the problem of not being able to send or get text messages on their devices.  Sometimes, it may even happen that one may get these normal messages, but face issues regarding the same processes with the iMessage. In some cases, it might be even possible that you are able to receive all these messages, but aren’t able to reply to any.

There are many reasons which cause the issue, but the main cause is the gap in the transaction between the MESSAGING APPLICATION and the MESSAGING SERVER on Apple’s side.

By performing certain essential steps, one can actually get the answer for your question on how to reset iMessage on Mac and is able to solve the problem of iMessage not working on mac.

How to reset iMessage on Mac as iMessage not Working on Mac?

It is often that we may have forgotten to perform the basic functions like restarting the device or making sure that there is a proper web connection. So before turning to the advanced steps,  it’s better to perform the simplest of the steps first.

Mentioned below are some of the most predictable fixes, a MacBook user can use to solve the issue of messages not working on the device.


Restarting your device is actually an effective method of solving any issue, let alone the problem of not being able to send messages on the device.


Make sure that you have a proper internet connection and don’t forget to turn on the connection on the device. 

Make sure that the I-message outage has already been checked by you on the System of Apple Status page. These iMessages don’t really get out, but it is essential to make sure that it really is active before you start to solve the problem, which you actually cannot resolve.

After these basic methods, the users can also look for the advance ways of fixing this issue. Some of these advanced methods are listed below.


In this method, you need to perform certain steps.

  • Go to the SETTINGS on your MacBook under the option of MESSAGES, which can be found in the PREFERENCE option.

These SETTINGS commands the link between the application of the messages and your information of messages connected with your device ID, contact number and iCloud.

  • Firstly, you need to confirm that your MacBook is registered with the messages. It is essential that your device is linked with MESSAGES, so as to get the messages in your MacBook.
  • You are also required to inspect the address from where you are easily accessible. You also need to re-check all of the obtainable numbers in the CONTACTS section and make sure to tick all of the boxes.
  • Now, at the bottom-most part of your device, you will be enabled to witness a drop-down list which is named, “START NEW CONVERSATIONS FROM” with your contact.


The messages of MacBook are linked with i-CLOUD of the latest versions of macOS, which creates another issue for the users. The most appropriate solution for this is to try to RESET the CONNECTION. In this method, one needs to perform the below-mentioned steps.

  • Log out from the iCloud wholly. 
  • Then you need to log in for the second time from a new boot system.

These steps will then RESET the verification of the messages which will allow your MacBook to reunite with the texting server.

A reminder for the ones who have their data linked with the iCloud, these steps may get complicated. Firstly, you will be required to make sure that you already have a back-up solution as I-CLOUD isn’t really the best thing for backing up the important data and these can actually get a bit lost or damaged, and the case is truer in situations where the DESKTOP and DOCUMENTS SYNC is on the ON mode. Hence, before doing anything, remember to download all your essential files and documents.


If the user wishes to restore the messages in a fresh condition, she/he can do so easily by deleting or removing the remaining sign-in data. For this purpose, certain mentioned steps are required to be performed by the user:

  • Sign out from the I-CLOUD and then from the MESSAGES.
  • After that, you need to remove the folder of “ /LIBRARY/MESSAGES.

One can also opt for copying the folder to your desktop so as to protect a copy of these stock or pile of messages saved for the future.


Many verification processes tend to get stuck if the time in your device isn’t correct, including the MESSAGING section.  If the time isn’t set right, the user can get to face many major problems.


To use the MESSAGES, one needs to hold onto an exceptional and unregistered MAC SERIAL NUMBER. So, make sure that you fulfill this requirement.


From the above-mentioned steps, it can easily be understood that the issue of resetting the messages in MacBook is not a piece of cake or a walk in a park. One needs to perform various steps and very carefully and diligently so s to solve this issue.  Also, one could see many things going on in the application, which tends to be untouched by the user of the device and hence, various subjects are in the hand of the server of the Apple itself. This is was it from our side on how to reset iMessage on mac. Let us know the errors you were facing in the comments.