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How to Stop Facebook Live Notifications on iPhone? [3 Ultimate Ways]

how to stop facebook live notifications on iphone

Once in a while, we all have been a Facebook lover because what’s better than scrolling your feed and getting yourself updated? Recently, Facebook has come up with a new feature called Facebook Live where people share their love video stories.


So, for the ones who aren’t aware of this feature. Facebook LIVE is the identity of Facebook’s live streaming ability. It allows the users to use Facebook as a source of sharing their live videos and audios from their phones, be it android or the Iphones or the desktops.

But this feature is also good enough to irritate people as not everyone desires to see these live videos and also get regular notifications regarding the same.

To solve this issue, mentioned below are some steps so that you can enjoy scrolling through Facebook without getting disturbed by the notifications, which aren’t important for you.

How to Stop Facebook Live Notifications on iPhone?


One can take the help of the Facebook SETTINGS option for turning off the live notifications on Facebook. This method is sure to work on any device, be it iPhone or Android phones or be the computers.

  1. All that you need to do in this method is to go to the website of Facebook.
  2. Then tap on the arrow in the upper-right part, so as to open the section of SETTINGS. Tap on it, and then on NOTIFICATIONS.
  3. Now, in the next step, you have to tap on the EDIT option, which is there just next to the option of ON FACEBOOK in order to change the settings of Facebook LIVE VIDEO NOTIFICATIONS.

On this window, slide down so as to witness the live videos. Tap on the option where it’s written ON and change it to OFF.


  1. Another method, especially for the iPhones, is by opening the window of SETTINGS on your device.
  2.  Select the option of NOTIFICATIONS.
  3.  And then from the list, select the option of FACEBOOK.

One can also change how she/he wants to come by these FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS on their device by switching the ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS off.


For Android users, there is yet another means to solve this same problem.

  1. You just need to open the application of Facebook on your device.
  2.  From there, you need to click on the symbol of MENU, which is present at the top-most bar and is to appear by three straight lines.
  3.  From here, the user is requested to slide down to the section of NOTIFICATIONS.
  4. After this, it is suggested to click on NOTIFICATION SETTINGS.

We hope we solved your question on how to stop Facebook live notifications on iPhone. Still, if you face any issues then please share them in comments. We would love to answer them.


It is always a case that we don’t wish to witness all these live videos, but for some, we are equally excited to see these live videos, which are uploaded by those who are close to us. In order to limit yourself, you need to do the following certain steps.

You should add those people in the list of the CLOSE FRIENDS in which you are able to only get the notification to only some of the selected persons, and not disturb yourself.


Many times, we come across those live videos which are violent in nature or may seem to us as indecent or improper and we wish to not view these. So as to stop seeing these live videos, you can look up to the below-mentioned methods so that you save yourself from seeing you don’t wish to.

First of all, there’s no choice of switching or turning these Facebook live videos off on your devices. This one thing has always been asked by the viewers, but no solution for such an issue has come up as of yet.  And it’s unlikely to pop up in the coming future. It’s been a good amount of time since the release of this feature of Live videos on Facebook.

But due to a failure of the website on its part to not be able to resolve this issue fully, there are some methods in which you can’t stop seeing these videos altogether, but at least these few next steps will try to be helpful for you.

So here are some ways in which one can put a limit on these videos.


  1. One way in which you can avoid seeing these videos is by scrolling through them really fast or quick.
  2. You can also opt for the option of REPORTING the videos you don’t wish to witness in your personal space.
  3. To do so, you just need to tap on the arrow which is present on the right-hand side in the upper part of the post.
  4. And after that, just click on the option of HIDE POST. The users also have the choice of hiding all from anyone.


Another method of avoiding seeing these kinds of videos, the viewer can always switch the FACEBOOK AUTOPLAY VIDEO option to NEVER AUTOPLAY VIDEO. This will allow them to automatically hide those videos which you wish to not see. But the issue with this solution is that it works only for iPhones and Androids, and isn’t suitable for desktops.

  1. First, you have to go to the option of SETTINGS on your device, whichever it is
  2.  After that, you are required to open the ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
  3. After this, you just need to click on VIDEOS and PHOTOS and then choose the option of AUTOPLAY. In the last step, you just have to tap on the option of NEVER AUTOPLAY VIDEOS.

While the above-mentioned steps or methods won’t fully stop the concern or solve this issue but are good enough to limit the number of these kinds of live videos.


With the introduction of this new feature of LIVE VIDEO, it has been made possible to share and see these live videos and audios and make sure to tell these friends of our whereabouts. While this feature is enjoyed by some, it gets a bit irritating for others. It does get irritating at times by its numerous notifications, which seems to disturb the peace of the users.

Hence, there have been ways to limit these notifications that one received, as we have talked about in the above statements. Also, you can limit the number of indecent live videos you find on the application on whichever device you are running.

We hope that the above-mentioned steps prove just right and helpful to all the users of the application of Facebook. Also, it must have answered your query of how to stop Facebook live notifications on iPhone.