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How to Turn On Bose Solo Without a Remote?

There is no power button on most of the Bose sound devices. You always have to rely on the remote control to turn them on. It is possible that your remote control might fail for many different reasons, and if it does get damaged then the devices won’t turn on.

If your remote control stops working or gets lost then you might be experiencing problems with turning the device on. However, the devices can still be turned on, if your remote stopped working. Here’s how to turn ON Bose solo without remote.

Why the Bose Remote is Not Working

Bose Solo Remote
  1. Make sure that the speaker is plugged into a working outlet.
  2. Consider changing to the 100% working outlet if you are uncertain
  3. For surge protectors, you may try plugging directly into the outlet that works
  4. A clean, well-connected power cable should be checked at both ends
  5. If the remote battery is low, try replacing it
  6. If there is a device that is compatible with the Bose remote then you can try using your remote on that device to check if it is working or not.
  7. You can try unplugging the device for some time and then plugging again to check.

How to Turn ON Bose Solo Without Remote

There are two options to turn it on if you’ve lost the remote:

  1. You can make use of a remote which is universal.
  2. You can also buy a replacement remote for your Bose device.
  3. Set up your own Bose soundbar or speaker remote

Universal Remote Control

On the market, there are several universal remote controls. Unlike a specific device remote control, a universal remote control works on all devices. Many devices can be controlled by it. Universal remotes are already in many homes. You can turn on any of the Bose sound devices without using its original remote by using this method.

 How to Turn ON Bose Solo Without Remote

Remote replacement for Bose

A replacement remote is available for each Bose speaker and soundbar which you can purchase through Bose’s website. You can also contact the Bose service center for any help regarding buying a new remote. 

Programmable Bose Remote

Remotes can be programmed to control any type of device. There are many articles and videos available on how to program Bose’s speakers and soundbars’ remote controls. You can now turn the speaker/soundbar on and off with the Bose remote. 

Pairing Bose with a Samsung TV

There are several ways to pair Bose sound systems with Samsung televisions designed for home entertainment. On newer Samsung televisions, a Bluetooth connection is also an option in addition to a cable connection.

Cables and ports

Consider the port options on your Samsung smart TV before attempting to connect Bose. It is common to purchase the cables separately, giving the user a choice. HDMI cables provide crisp audio since they are digital connections. Some users prefer HDMI over Bluetooth for soundbar and television operation in both directions.

The optical cable is another common option that also provides clear sound. Many external devices are connected to Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and Xbox systems via optical cables. A Samsung TV and a Bose speaker can be linked easily using optical cables.

Lastly, you can also connect speakers with a basic cable. Auxiliary cables are used for connecting phones to car stereos and to other devices with basic audio jacks. Compared to auxiliary cables, HDMI provides a better quality connection and is a more viable choice than an old-style cable.

However, older Bose surrounds sound systems may still be compatible with this connection.

Creating connections

After choosing the right cable, connecting the devices is simple. The HDMI cable is connected to the corresponding HDMI port on the television by turning the Bose speaker off and disabling the music. 

Connect the other end to the Bose speaker’s HDMI Out port. Select the Source and Function options on both devices, then HDMI to create the bridge between them. An optical cable is connected to the Samsung television’s optical output port with the other end going into the wall.

Your speaker’s digital audio input port will be connected to the other end of the cable. Pick the D.IN source from the speaker’s Source button. A cable setup option is available. Then choose External Speaker under Speaker Output in the television’s audio settings.

However, compared to digital cables, the auxiliary cable offers poorer sound quality. The cable should be plugged into the Bose speaker’s Aux-In port and the television’s Audio Out port.

For finalizing the connection, select AUX from the remote’s Source option. Now that you have a Bose system installed, you can listen to the sound from the television.

Connectivity via Bluetooth

Bluetooth can also be utilized to connect Samsung televisions and Bose sound systems. For temporary settings and to avoid having to connect to a hardwire in general, wireless transmissions are convenient. 

In spite of its lack of superior sound quality, Bluetooth can be an easy way to bridge the gap between digital and analog connections.

By pressing the pairing button on the Bose speaker or remote, you can connect using Bluetooth. Select Sources from the menu and then Connection Guide on your television. To operate television sound from the Bose without a wired connection, select the speaker from the list of devices ready for connection.

Additionally, Bluetooth allows other devices, such as cell phones, to be connected to the Bose wireless speaker. With Bluetooth, it is possible to operate the speaker from multiple devices simultaneously.

Final Words

This is how you can turn on a Bose Solo without a remote control. However, if your original Bose Solo remote is damaged or broken then it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible. You can either buy a Universal Remote or a Replacement remote.

It completely depends on your choice. If you need a remote control for other devices as well then Universal Remote is a good choice. Otherwise, if your only purpose is to use Bose Solo, then you can buy a replacement remote for Bose Solo which is readily available in the market.