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How To Use Firestick Remote?

Many homes have begun to have video streaming devices as a result of the growing video content popularity. The fact that these gadgets are commonplace does not mean everyone knows everything about them. 

A good example is the Fire TV stick. It may not seem too complicated to pair a USB drive and remote, but for some people even connecting the remote with the Fire TV stick is tough.

How To Use Firestick Remote?

We will teach you several of the interesting features the Firestick has in addition to how to pair the remote with it. We have written this guide so that you can get the most out of the firestick. 

1. What Is Firestick?

It is simply a device that allows users to stream digital videos. The first version of this video streaming stick was introduced in 2014.

There were additional features in that version that were separate from video streaming, including gaming features.

The Firestick which is a more advanced device with new features was released in November of the same year. 

An HDMI port was included to connect to any modern television. It also had two types of remotes. A remote-controlled by Alexa and an IR remote.

As of October of 2020, Fire TV Sticks will be in their third generation. 

October 2016 marked the release of the new generation after the first model was released. The 4K version of it was launched in October 2018 which is a separate device with 4K capabilities.

2. Pairing A Remote With A Fire Stick 

You’ll need to hold the button for a home for as many as ten seconds for the controller remote to pair quickly. 

Once it gets connected, a blue light will flash thrice on your remote or on-screen.

Follow the steps below to reset your remote if that doesn’t work:

3. Resetting A Fire Tv Stick Remote Controller

The remote used for the firestick can be reset by unplugging your device for about a minute. Now you will have to hold the remote for about 12 seconds after you press the menu, left, and the button for the back. 

Plugin your Firestick and take out the batteries, then wait for a minute again. Click on the button for the home tab after you have inserted the batteries.

  • 1 Minute after unplugging the device, plug it back in again.
  • You must then click the menu, left, and button for the back for about twelve sec on the remote. 
  • Your remote has a button for the left direction on the leftward portion. 
  • You will see a circle with an arrow points leftwards on the back button and three lines that indicate the menu.
  • Remove your remote’s batteries after five seconds. It might be a good time to replace your other batteries.
  • Once the 60 seconds have elapsed, reconnect your Fire Stick to the outlet.
  • The batteries need to be inserted next.
  • In order to finish, click on the remote’s home button. 

Whenever you reset the device, Amazon recommends standing about a distance of 10 feet.

Note. Pairing your remote with Fire TV may take some time.

Also, you can hold on to the button for Home. You should hold it for about ten seconds. This might help if the device still doesn’t pair after a few minutes.

To connect a brand new remote or replace an old one, you will need to manually search for remote code and enter it. To do so, follow these steps:

4. Pairing A Replacement Remote With The Fire TV

  • You can easily connect a replacement remote by going to the New Remote section which you can find in the settings.
  • You will need to hold your new remote’s home button for about 10 sec. Now using your previous remote, select the name of the latest remote.

Note. It is also possible to connect and disconnect remotes with your application if you do not have a working remote. You will need to follow the steps to do that:

  • After that, go to Settings. Your remote will highlight the desired icon, once you press the right directional button. 
  • To enter into settings simply press the down arrow on the remote.
  • You can then select Settings and access the Settings menu by pressing the right directional button. In that case, all subsequent steps will be similar.
  • Continue by selecting Bluetooth Devices & Controllers.
  • Select the Fire TV Remote option from the list.

Note. Add Bluetooth devices by scrolling down the options and then clicking on the Other devices option. Select the remote option on the screen, once you have put it into paired mode.

  • Now you have to add the newly connected remote which you want to use. It displays a list of discoverable remotes when it has found them.
  • The home button should be held for 10 seconds on the remote which you just added. You will see the newly added remote on the screen as soon as it gets connected.
  • Now confirm it by pressing the select key on your remote. Your remote’s middle button resembles this.

Note. Your new remote may take a while to update.

As soon as your new remote appears on your screen, simply start using it.

How To Control Firestick Using Mobile Phone?

To make use of your mobile like a remote, there is a firestick mobile application that can be used.

The application does the job rather well, but it’s not as convenient as an original remote would be. 

You can download the Fire TV app from both the Playstore and the App Store. Follow these steps to connect your Firestick to your Android mobile phone:

  • Make sure your smartphone is compatible with the App.
  • Now connect both the smartphone and Fire TV stick to an internet network.
  • After doing so, now go to the app.
  • Log into the application.
  • Select the fire TV option in the application.
  • Then turn on the television. The firestick should be connected to the television. 
  • A code will appear on the screen which is used for making a bridge between the application and the TV.
  • Your app needs to have the code.
  • Now you just have to be patient until the code gets verified and the connection is being built.

This is how you can easily connect your smartphone to Fire TV and use it as a controller.

How To Setup Wifi For Fire Stick Remote?

Wi-Fi is necessary in order for the setup to work. The USB port does not have an Ethernet port, so wired connections won’t work. 

In order to receive a clear signal, make sure the USB is not inside a small area. Place it in a medium-sized room for the best performance.

The device can be connected to the internet network by completing the following steps:

  • Use the remote and go to Settings.
  • Go to the menu and select System.
  • Click on the WiFi option.
  • There is now automatic detection of all Wi-Fi networks within range.
  • Under Available Networks, select your network and type your password if required.
  • Click the Rescan button for rescanning if your network name didn’t show up the first time.
  • For returning to Home, simply click the home button.

Final Words

Firestick is gaining popularity nowadays and as we all know, video content is the future which means that this will grow even more.

People nowadays like all their content at one place on their television from where they can watch whenever they want. And fire sticks facilitate this demand pretty well.

However, users sometimes do face issues with programming a firestick remote. But after reading this article on how to program a firestick remote, you can easily program any remote for your firestick.

You may also connect your smartphone with the Fire Stick and use it as a controller. It has many advanced features which you can make use of.