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Which is the Best LG TV Remote Replacement? [Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021]

lg tv remote replacement

The wireless remote control, as we know it today, was introduced in the 1950s. The idea came about because an American Mr. Eugene F. McDonald could no longer stand watching advertisements, so he wanted a “zapper” for it. 

In addition, he also found it annoying that he could not change the volume. Which led him to invent a product which is not being used in every house. If you are also one of those users who has lost/broken the tv remote then don’t worry. In this article, we have reviewed the best LG tv remote replacement.

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6 Best LG TV Remote Replacement Reviews

1. New Remote Control AKB75095307 – Most Affordable

Our first best Lg Tv remote is from the AIDITIYMI brand. This new remote control is best suited for LG TVs. It supports both LED and LCD TVs and even other brands.

This guy doesn’t need any additional programming or pairing. You just need to put the AA batteries in it and you are good to go. This remote for LG tv works with IR. You will need to buy 2 AA batteries for using it.


  • This best LG tv remote uses Infrared for operations.
  • It works on AA batteries.
  • It supports almost all models of LG tv.

2. Universal Remote Control for LG Smart TV – Best Seller

Angrox company is the manufacturer of this product. It has a well designed smooth body and is compatible with LG Smart TVs and also LCD, LED. It works on Infrared but it has a long-range of operation.

It can easily replace the original remote and provide all the features which the original one had. It is small in size and its body is very easy to hold. No programming or pairing is needed. This universal remote works on 2 AA batteries.


  • It is small and easy to grip.
  • 2 AA batteries are used for operating this.
  • Compatible with maximum LG TVs.

3. Angrox Universal Remote Control for LG-TV – Most Versatile

The next universal remote control for LG smart tv also comes from the Angrox brand. It works with IR technology and the body is very slim and easy to grip.

No programming or pairing is needed. Just buy 2 AA batteries and use them. This remote is best suited for LG brand Tv. It supports almost all TVs made by LG.


  • Works on Infrared Technology.
  • It needs 2 AA batteries for working.
  • The body is slim and small for better grip.

4. Nettech LG20 AGF76692608 Universal Remote Control – Most Durable

The next product on this list is from the Nettech brand. It is a well-designed advanced piece and it supports all models of Lg Tvs (even Smart Tv).

Like the previous LG tv remote, this product also works on IR technology which means that you will always need to point it towards the receiver for operating it. The body is thin and slim which makes it easy to grip. Interestingly, it comes with 1 year of warranty. It requires an alkaline battery for operating.


  • This remote also uses IR technology.
  • It needs an Alkaline battery for operating.
  • It comes with 1 year of Warranty.

5. Nettech New LG AKB72915239 Universal Remote Control – Best Design

Our next universal remote for LG smart tv is also from Nettech company. This LG universal remote control works with almost all models of LG, even the Smart TVs.

It comes with 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer. Like the other two remotes, this also works with infrared and its range is somewhat about 10 meters. Alkaline batteries are used for operating it.


  • The range of work is about 10 meters.
  • It has 1 year of warranty.
  • Alkaline batteries are used in it.

6. New Universal Remote Control Replace LG TV  – Best Design

It is manufactured by the Neuronmart company. This universal remote control for LG tv is well suited for most LG TVs. It even has Netflix and Amazon buttons. You will need to buy 2 AA batteries for using it.

Infrared Technology is used in this product. It works directly without any programming or pairing needed. The design of this product will easily catch your attention. It has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold and use.


  • It has IR technology.
  • 2 AA batteries are needed for using it.
  • The product has an ergonomic design.

Buying Guide

You can set a universal remote control to operate various devices. This way you do not need multiple remote controls and you can do the same work with one device. When buying the LG smart tv remote replacement, you should pay attention to important features such as the keys, the setting options, the display, the batteries, and the price.

1. Adjustment options

You must initially decide how many devices you want to use this remote control. This is usually stated on the packaging, for example, you can use a 4-in-1 remote control to control four devices.

Then you also have to set up this remote control. This can be done by means of codes that recognize the different devices. If you enter the correct code of a device on the remote control, you can operate this device. These codes can be found in the manual as standard, so make sure you do not lose this information. You can usually only use the basic functions and you may have to enter several codes to find the right device.

You can also opt for a learnable remote control. This type can learn which keys you need to operate a device. You can set all keys separately and assign them a function.

You have to set another universal remote control via the computer with the supplied software. This can also be done through the manufacturer’s site where you can download a program. You can load the functions in the remote control and you can search by the device. 

2. The buttons on the Remote Control

You can choose from different types of buttons on your remote control. The first type is push buttons, these are the most common and you can see on the buttons themselves what the function of each button is. However, the buttons can be different per device, if the button has an extended function, this is usually included in a menu so that the remote control remains clear.

Touch keys are the second option. These work the same as push buttons, but they are built into the remote control, so you have less wear on the buttons. They are therefore more sensitive, so you can quickly press the wrong key.

Finally, there are also devices with a touchscreen, this is much easier to operate your devices and also offers many more options. The remote control can easily adapt to other devices.

3. Display and Batteries

You read that right, some remote controls are equipped with an LCD. This display shows which devices are connected and you have an overview of the possible functions with the device. This usually occurs with a remote control that you can operate with a touchscreen, you can then touch the same screen to use the device.

In the past, all remote controls worked on separate batteries, but nowadays you can also choose to buy a model with a rechargeable battery. These usually come with a base station to charge them and have the great advantage that you will never run out of batteries.

4. Broadcast Signal and Price of the Remote Control

Two different broadcast signals can be used, RF and IR. Remote control with RF (Radio Frequency) transmits signals over a frequency and has the advantage that you do not have to aim at the device, you can use them from any position. This way usually occurs with more expensive devices. Most remote controls work via IR (infrared), the downside is that you always have to point the remote at the device for it to work.

Finally, you can take the brand into account. A well-known brand usually also has a better quality. In any case, it is better to compare different models, so you will gather more information about the strengths of each product. Of course, you will also find information about the less good points, you have to choose the best product from among all the offers.

How Do You Use a Smartphone as a Remote Control?

The remote control is wireless but it has the disadvantage that it often gets lost. In addition, it can also happen that the remote control suddenly stops working for whatever reason. That’s why universal remote controls have been designed; to offer you a solution so that you can still control your TV.

But there is actually an easier way, namely via your smartphone. The smartphone has since replaced many of our devices like the home phone, the camera, and now it can also serve as a remote control. Some smartphones are equipped with infrared, which makes them suitable to be used as a universal remote control.

For this, you can download various apps, where you can enter your television brand and type to immediately start zapping via your phone.

How Does Using Your Smartphone as a Remote Control Work?

Step one is therefore to check whether your phone indeed has infrared.

How can you see this?

It’s very easy: find a shiny black piece of plastic on the top of your phone. It is often small, but if you don’t find it, check the manufacturer’s website to see whether or not your device is equipped with infrared. In any case, various Huawei and Xiaomi phones have it.

Then you check on your phone whether there is an app with which you can use infrared to operate the TV. If you don’t have one, you can download such an app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. 

Is Infrared on the smartphone the future?

The thought must have crossed your mind: if we now add infrared to all smartphones, we no longer need to use remote controls, right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

There are reasons why even the most expensive smart TVs still come with a plastic remote control with rubber buttons. Let’s be honest, that good old remote control whose buttons you can find by touch is indispensable if you are relaxing on the couch and want to change channels.

Such a plastic remote control can also take a beating. So, it is not a problem if it accidentally slips off the sofa. It is believed that in the future we will mainly control our TVs using our voice. Many televisions already have this option.

You could also use Google Home to zap. On the other hand, talking to the TV while watching an exciting movie can be disturbing. Because many smart TVs are connected to the internet, they can also be controlled without infrared via smartphone apps.

In the coming years, we will therefore still receive remote controls with buttons with the purchase of a television. If you lose your remote control, you can buy a universal remote control. If you have a smartphone with infrared, you can also consider using it as a remote control to be able to keep zapping.

Android App for Smartphone Remote Control

Curious which Android apps exist to make your smartphone function very easily as a remote control? The Google Play Store for Android includes the Universal TV Remote Control app. All you have to do is connect your phone and your Smart TV or other devices to the same WiFi network.

For IR TVs, your phone must have an infrared feature to function as a remote control. The infrared feature is required to send signals from your phone to the TV, just like a regular remote control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I replace my LG TV remote?

A1. Yes, for sure you can replace your Lg Tv remote. If your original Lg Tv remote has been lost then there are replacements available in the market for it.

Q2. Will a universal remote work on an LG Smart TV?

A2. Most of the LG Televisions support universal remote. The products mentioned in this article are some of the best remotes which support LG Smart TVs.

Q3. How do I connect my remote to my TV?

A3. The product mentioned in this list doesn’t require any programming or pairing. You simply need to put in the required batteries and you are ready to go.

Q4. Why is my LG TV remote not working?

A4. First of all, check if the batteries are not dead. If the batteries are working fine then restart your Tv and your receiver. If still, the problem persists then probably there is some issue with either your remote or your Tv.

Final Verdict

The remote control can make it much easier to operate different devices with one device, but of course, it should not be too complicated otherwise you will not understand much about it.

Find the best LG tv remote replacement for yourself that has the best ratio between price and quality. If you are looking for a recommendation then Angrox Universal Remote Control would be a great choice.

We have also handpicked a few Directv Remote Replacement for you. We hope that you like this article.