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How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV?

Fundamentally the most frequently used approach to casting your iPhone on a TV is using an Apple TV. But if you do not wish to invest too long in projecting your iPhone’s action on a larger TV screen, then it might be an issue.

It is a fantastic thing that third-party programmers came up with software that may actually help you mirror iPhone into TV with no Apple TV. Without further ado, let us see how they work.

Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV

How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV?


Among the most preferred procedures which we may be used to project our iPhone’s display action on a normal smart TV is by way of a program called Mirror for Samsung TV.

With this tool, you’ll have the ability to cast some iOS device you have on a TV without needing another gadget or buying a lavish Apple TV.

This tool allows you to begin streaming your movies, gameplay, movie, etc a larger display from your comfort.

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Nonetheless, your device has to be compatible with this particular app so you may use it successfully.

Screen Mirror (a)

To use this app, here is your manual you will need to consult with.


  1. In the first place, get this iPhone casting device from the iTunes or even AppStore and install it on your iPhone.
  2. After that, you can start to enable your iOS 11 display recording function from the Control Centre. But if it is doesn’t seem in the control center then you want to activate it from the Settings on your own.
  3. The next step is to open AirBeamTV, and it’ll instantly search for your smart TV.
  4. If your “smart TV” is detected simply tap it to begin linking your iPhone on your TV.
  5. You have to enable the notifications, so you will know if your TV is functioning.
  6. Now to begin mirroring, swipe-up until you find the control center and tap on the Screen Recording button for 5 seconds.
  7. Another widow will subsequently appear, from here select “Mirror Samsung TV” if you’ve got a Samsung Smart TV to directly display your iPhone/iPad activities on your TV.
Screen Mirror (b)
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  • It’s cheaper than getting another gadget or purchasing an Apple TV for display mirroring.
  • It has a very simple and straightforward user interface.
  • It can mirror your iOS display activity with great quality.


  • There is a problem with its sound casting.
  • If you have to cast music, you have to play with the program first before linking the app.


Another way to mirror the iPad to Samsung Smart TV without using Apple TV is by using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter along with an HDMI Cable.

This can be a more secure method of mirroring because it is connected to a cable rather than through an online connection.  To mirror your screen with this, here are the steps to follow below.

  1. You need to join the lightning end into the Lightning port into your iOS device.
  2. Connect the HDMI end to an HDMI cable that connects to your Smart TV.
  3. Now change your TV source and switch it to HDMI port and your iPhone home display will then be displayed immediately.
  4. You can then play any media on your iPhone and it’ll be shown on Samsung TV.

This procedure is much more secure in contrast to the wireless system which we spoke about over. The mirroring is much more precise than the initial method.

However, you have to obtain the adapter as well as the HDMI cable too which is rather pricey and is merely effective at projecting a max of 900p resolution.

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The following method to mirror the iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV is by using an application that is called AllCast. As the title itself indicates this tool offers display casting from a specific cellular device onto a bigger display like a TV.

Navigating through the gallery of your recorded images from the device on a larger screen brings gratification and comfort, which produces this program a must-try one.


Here are some steps for you to mirror the iPhone into a Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Download and set up AllCast from AppStore. Next is to start your smart tv.
  2. Open this app and allow it to access your photos or songs that the window pops up to allow them.
  3. You can now start mirroring your device by hitting the cast icon located in the lower portion of your display. From here, you may start looking for the name of your TV and tap it to establish a connection.
  4. The application will then automatically direct you to your saved videos and photos. To begin streaming, just tap an image or movie and it will look directly on your TV.


  • It works on other devices with the casting function.
  • It has a very simple interface and it is quite simple to use.


  • It may only cast videos and photos from the photo gallery.
  • You may experience pop-up ads every now and if you don’t buy its premium variation.

Above are the top ways about the best way best to mirror the iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV. Mirroring wouldn’t be a problem if anybody had an Apple TV, but many smart TVs do not have an integrated role like this.

Therefore the best thing you could do is to adhere to the approaches shown above. If you’ve other ways to mirror the iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV, please share them in the comments box. Thank you a lot!

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