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Nest E VS Ecobee3 Lite: Which One’s Better? [Google Nest VS Ecobee Thermostat In 2021]

Nest E VS Ecobee3 Lite

Thermostats in every home are the best thing that you can get to control the hvac devices. With proper thermostats, you will be able to control the individual devices that require temperature and power adjustments. A smart thermostat gives you the upper hand for choosing a proper device that allows you to get easy controls.

You can remotely operate them from your mobile devices or from the application even when you are not at home. Comparing Nest E VS Ecobee3 Lite, both are such amazing devices to try out and offer you a great experience. If you are getting confused between which product to choose and which one to skip out on, here is a complete guide that you can follow.

Nest E VS Ecobee3 Lite: Similarities

[Ecobee OR Nest]

The Nest E and Ecobee 3 lite are manufactured by two different brands. However, one can say that they are close competitors because a lot of features are common between them. When you go on to buy either of these products, it is always important that you know more about the similarities between these two products and then you can go for picking the right one.

1. Price

The prices for both these models are almost identical. There is hardly any difference in the model types and this is why the price range is the same for both these models. However, the Nest E does not come with any type of accessories with the product.

As a result, the price of this may slightly increase when you purchase the accessories. On the other hand, the Ecobee 3 lite price is included with all the accessories.

2. Communications

Another common feature that everyone would look to have in a smart thermostat is the ability to connect with devices. Most of the thermostats use easy wireless connectivity. Luckily, both of these models do include mobile application as well as a voice command control to allow you to get a better result. It takes just a few steps to complete the configuration procedure and you can easily complete it.

3. Installation

Installation does play up a big factor when you go on to buy any product. Of Course you will require a wall mounting option to keep the thermostat fixed at a position and closer to the products that are available.

With the help of easy installation, you will be quickly using the product. Both of these models do come with a similar installation procedure. As a result, you will be able to quickly set up the products following the DIY guide mentioned with this product.

4. Controls

One of the most important features of any thermostat is the compatibility of this. Before buying any product, you must know if it is compatible with the HVAC device you have in your home or not. This is why choosing the right type of thermostat takes up some time.

Thankfully, both these devices including the Ecobee 3 lite and the Nest E do come up with heat pump compatibility and also humidifier controls. They will be able to run all the HVAC devices in your home.

Nest Thermostat E VS Ecobee3 Lite: Detailed Comparison [Nest OR Ecobee]

1. Design

When you purchase a thermostat for your home, you would want it to be looking great and offering a decent picturesque. This is why it becomes important to choose a proper thermostat that will have the best looks. Both of these devices look great individually, however, there are slight differences which make one of the products ahead of the other.

Nest E:

The Nest E thermostat comes with a round body that is designed after the Honeywell ideology. This is why it looks amazing and also comes with a decent factor. Coming to the design and structure, this product features a stainless steel body which can go well with any decor. The colour is highly attractive as well because it can easily come with a steel ring reflecting on the wall. As a result, the overall look of this product is impressive.

Ecobee 3 Lite:

On the other hand, the Ecobee 3 Lite comes with a stunning black plastic cover. This product does not have any stainless steel cover but the overall look of this product is certainly amazing. It features a decent touchscreen display at the front which makes the overall look great. You can use the touchscreen to alter the settings. Certainly, the Ecobee 3 Lite has a wow factor that is a major missing on some other products.

Winner: Ecobee 3 Lite

2. Schedule Learning

Every smart thermostat must have the social capacity to integrate and learn the devices that are connected. This is why technology is developing every day. Smart thermostats are coming with new updates that are making our lives easier every day. One such feature is the schedule learning that can prove to be great.

Nest E:

As the name suggests, Google Nest E is a self learning thermostat. This model works hard on learning the mechanism that allows you to get easy controls and also fast scheduling. With the help of this feature, you won’t have to manually edit and change the temperatures. You can do this at ease with the help of the smart learning feature that allows you to swiftly complete the work.

Ecobee 3 Lite:

On the other hand, the Ecobee 3 Lite comes with easy connectivity options. Since it gives you fast you would be able to set up a preset timer which will allow you to set the desired range for the devices that are available. Every device on your home could be manually scheduled for their work throughout the day. However, the automatic schedule learning feature goes missing in this.

Winner: Google Nest E

3. Nest Thermostat VS Ecobee: Voice Control

Smart thermostats always require smart connectivity and features that will help you to get adequate results in the least possible time. It takes up very less time to set up a command and perform this accordingly. Smart thermostats are built in such a way that will help you to get the best results in the least possible time. Voice control option allows you to quickly set up the work from a distance.

Nest E:

The Nest E comes along with Google Home assistance that allows you to connect in just two steps. By default, it does not have the Amazon Alexa but you can install it as well. The major missing in this product is the support from Apple Homekit. Thus, the product could be a great choice for the android users in your home. The speakers are good and it comes with good precision.

Ecobee 3 Lite:

At the same time, the Ecobee lite 3 is one important device that everyone would love to have. The voice integration platform in this product is much more advanced. It can easily support all three types of voice assistance which gives you a great help. Coming to the speakers, this product features Alexa speakers built into the device.

Winner: Ecobee 3 Lite

4. Ecobee VS Nest Thermostat: Customer Review

Ecobee 3 Lite:

1. “Fast interface and improved sound”

One of the consumers from Amazon is amazed by the quality this product features and the amazing concept that it brings up. Needless to say, this product comes with a smooth transition of voice which can even operate from a distance. This is why it will not take much time delay to recognize the voice command and will start operating immediately.

2. “Highly recommend Ecobee smart thermostat”

This user from Amazon has recently purchased this smart thermostat to configure and use. He has almost six hvac products in his house and the configuration for all of them was amazing. Infact, it just took around 10-15 minutes to complete the whole setup. Since his ac was a bit old, he used to get worried. However, the Ecobee worked perfectly for him.

Nest E:

1. “Great product, easy to install”

Installation is one key aspect that almost everyone has mentioned while talking about this amazing product. Everyone feels that it is easier to install this amazing thermostat as it requires only a few steps to complete the configuration. Overall, it took us around 10-12 minutes to finish off the work and start using the product. We could set it up with the ac almost immediately.

2. “A must have that pays for itself!”

One of the users from Amazon believes that the Nest E thermostat is a little on their higher price range. However, the features that you get because of this price are amazing as well. The best part is that this product also offers you to get amazing options that will help you to get an easy efficiency. It is a must have if you are looking for the best results.

5. Ecobee3 Lite VS Nest E: Pros & Cons

Ecobee 3 Lite:


Alexa Built-in and an intuitive mobile app
 Includes SmartSensor
Powerful quad-core processor


No Learning mechanism

We have also compared Ecobee 3 Lite VS Ecobee 4. It can be a helpful read as well.

Nest E:


Farsight shows you the temperature
Quick View on the thermostat’s display
Automatically adjusts itself to an Eco Temperature


No accessories present

You can also check this comparison among the two thermostats by Google, Nest Thermostat E VS Nest Learning Thermostat. You might find it an interesting read.

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQs]

Q1. Does the box include a wall plate?

A1. The manufacturer has provided a complete solution for you to use the products at ease. It does not ask you to get the accessories from an external store. Moreover, you will also be provided with a DIY guide. You can easily take the help of this guide to ensure that you are following the correct steps of installation. Simply following them up will get your job done.

Q2. Can this be used on an older AC unit?

A2. If you are purchasing a smart thermostat, it does not mean that the hvac devices in your home have to be smart compatible. Infact, they may just be good enough to use with the products as well. You can simply take the help of the wired circuit present inside the thermostat to make a manual connection. It will be automatically detected by the thermostat.

Q3. Does this show temps in Fahrenheit?

A3. This will completely depend on the temperature settings that you have at the present time. If the temperature settings are at Celsius, it will show the same. However, every thermostat allows you to change the reading units. For this, you need to go to the setup manual and you will be able to run the product easily. It takes up only a few steps to complete this instruction.

Q4. Will the Nest work with a smart phone even if you don’t have WiFi in the home?

A4. This is a backlog for any of the models you choose either from Nest or from Ecobee. No smart thermostats can work without the internet. They have a WiFi module and always require live data transmission to allow you to make changes. If any device is currently running and you are lacking bandwidth, you won’t have to worry much. The device will not stop until you manually turn it off.

Q5. Can the Mic and Alexa be turned off?

A5. Unfortunately, this option may not be available with any of the smart thermostats as well. They do not have any hardware alternative function that allows you to manually program the mic. It will automatically catch the voice and you won’t be able to mute them as well. You can simply turn off the thermostat or keep using the application for the controls.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat VS Nest: Final Verdict

The Nest E is an amazing product to choose and to try out if you require a smart thermostat. It has all the special features that you would want to have. On the other hand, the Ecobee 3 lite is another product that has all the bases covered.

Both of them are equally smart and they are available at the same price range. Comparing all the features, the Nest E gets a slight advantage because of a few additional features present. Do let us know which one is the best choice according to you. Also, let us know for any doubts in Nest E VS Ecobee3 Lite Comparison.