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Nest Thermostat E VS Nest Learning Thermostat: Which One To Get? [Nest Thermostat Comparison in 2021]

Nest Thermostat E VS Nest Learning Thermostat

Having smart thermostats in your home means that you are ready to control every device in your home completely automatically and without any major delay! If you are inspired to obey your friends or your family members to add a new smart thermostat, you’ve already come across the Nest gadget. Developed by Google, it is one of the best things that you would love to have in your home to control all the HVAC products.

Overall, it becomes a difficult choice between the net thermostat and the nest e thermostat. Mostly because they are both similar models but they do have small technical differences available. Without any further ado, here is a detailed comparison of Nest Thermostat E VS Nest Learning Thermostat that you can have a look at.

Nest Thermostat E VS Nest Learning Thermostat: Similarities

Both these smart thermostats do have a lot of options in common. Since their work procedure is almost the same, they have a lot of features in common. This is why before comparing these two smart home devices, it is important to know the similarities between them. Here are some of the key similarities mentioned below that will help you to know more about this product.

1. Third-Party Integrations

One of the most important factors that are common between these two products is the ability to recognize the outside applications. Third party integrations play out a big part when it comes to choosing the models with great synchronization. Thankfully, both of these devices do come up with similar app recognition systems that include easy connectivity.

From all the common applications, the most notable ones are Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Connecting with these applications is never difficult for you. It allows a simple tap-in connectivity option that gives you the option of having easy configuration.

Because of this, you can also get voice enabled compatibility which will help you to get easy controls to all the automated devices in your home. To integrate the smart working ability, it is important to know about the wonderful working platform this product has.

Technically, both of these devices run on the Nest initiative that can also bring up other devices via IFTTT. To be exact, when we tried to connect these two devices with the Alexa and Google home, it took around 2 minutes to complete the procedure and then use it again.

2. Mobile Application

The mode of operation works easily with the help of mobile applications that include functional and reliable work mode. The best part is they both have compatible mobile application formats that allow you to get a decent operation. The best part is that you can get easy compatibility that will help you to easily get a solution for getting the work done fast.

With the help of the Nest mobile app, you can easily connect both of these devices. Connecting them with the Nest application is never a big challenge at all. Individually, they work at a great rate that allows you to get fast results and easy connectivity.

Coming to this application, it is not only this device that you can connect to the Google smart thermostat it also allows you to get easy connectivity so that you can alter the settings in a few easy steps. Although there are a few differences when it comes to the Nest thermostat display options and the interface, it works well when this comes to using both these devices. This application comes with every control that a thermostat must have. However, it does allow you to get easy settings and well-built features that will allow you to get fast crashing options.

Nest Learning Thermostat VS Nest Thermostat E: Difference Between Nest Thermostats

1. Design

When you place a thermostat on the home, you would want it to be amazing in design. Obviously, it’s not only the display that you would want it to be amazing. You would rather get something that is amazing and the design is eye-catching at the same time. You can install these thermostats indoor as well as outdoors to make it look amazing.

When you choose a product, you need to make sure that it looks amazing in the surroundings and also improves the attractiveness of the home. This is why it becomes important to choose a product that makes the overall appearance of the home.

Nest Learning Thermostat:

Coming to the design aspect of this device, there are a lot of similarities between the 3rd gen model and the previous generation ones. For anyone, it becomes important to choose a proper thermostat that will help you to get an easy design and display for the people. This model also represents the same rounded design. On top of this, it has a stainless steel dial followed up with a similar display.

However, there are some changes as well. This product comes with a larger dimension as the manufacturers have increased it to 40% more. Apart from this, the screen image has a better quality. It is ready to serve you with an ultimate better quality. Today, this product is much slimmer than all the previous versions.

To be exact, the dimensions are around 84 x 84 x 32mm. It is extremely light in weight and is just around 1 pound in total. This is why it can also offer almost 10 temperature sensors. Apart from this, it also features a number of other sensors that can prove to be very comfortable to use. As compared to the original nest, this mode; appears to be much stronger.

Other features within the product include a WiFi module that has a decent capacity and also a Bluetooth radio. To compel this smart device also has a 512 MB memory. There are a lot of homes that include the 3rd generation model because it is slim and is also accurate to use.

Nest E:

The nest e thermostat brings up a unique look and it is completely different than that of the nest learning thermostat available. Everyone would love to have this model because of the plastic cover on the top it has. You can expect there is a part of cost cutting, but the plastic cover also looks to be decent.

Coming to the display, this product comes with a white screen in the front. It certainly looks stylish as well as it comes with a motion sensor. This sensor turns on as soon as any activity is detected and then it shows up the temperature and other settings. The one feature that becomes the most attractive part is the outer dial.

With the help of this dial, you can easily play on the nest thermostat with the help of the outer dial. Individually, the nest e looks amazing and this is why, most of the people do keep this open in the surroundings.

Apart from this, the dimensions of this product, the nest e thermostat features a 3.19-inches diameter. This is why it looks a bit slimmer than that of the 3rg gen thermostat. Another amazing feature of this product is the display resolution. It comes with a 320 x 320 pixel resolution which is decent as well.

Winner: Nest Learning Thermostat

2. Nest Learning Thermostat VS E: Function

The work formats for both these products are quite similar to the work products. However, there are still a lot of differences when it comes to the format of use and the features that these products come with. Nest E and nest learning thermostat come with some slight differences between them as well.

Some of the features like auto-schedule and remote control operations are similar between them. However, there are still few differences that will make you choose one.

Nest Learning Thermostat:

By far, this product comes with a better resolution of 480 x 480 pixels that become an amazing choice for everyone. Individually, the numbers are much easier to dread in this product. Another major difference between nest e and nest learning is the wide range of connectivity.

This learning thermostat comes with a better range of compatibility so that it can connect with more complicated devices. To integrate this system, Nest has introduced the wonderful thermostat with the Farsight feature that allowed us to connect with more products all the way.

Nest E:

The Nest e thermostat comes with both nest leaf and Farsight. Although it is an improved technology, the option of connecting with more products remains a limited option. Another difference in the feature is the digital screen which rounds about 320 x 320 pixels which is just a bit short to use. The display meters can be a bit difficult to read at times. They may not be compatible for such easy readings.

Winner: Nest Learning Thermostat

3. Nest Learning VS Nest E: Price

The price may come to be a big factor when you would want to choose a product. A lot of people do consider buying a thermostat that does the job well and has the basic technology upgrade. It is simple that with more technology, the price of the products will also increase.

Frankly, the nest e thermostat price is a bit lower than that of the nest learning thermostat. This is mainly because it lacks some compatibility and other features which will cost you around $189. On the other hand, the price of the nest learning thermostat is around $279 which is definitely a bit higher than the other model.

4. Nest Thermostat E VS Learning: Customer Reviews

Google Nest E Thermostat Review:

1. “Copper Nest is beautiful and functional”

One of the consumers from Amazon claimed that the device comes with a copper nest. The benefit of having a copper nest means that you will get a great achievement over other thermostats. It has a good feature that allows you to get good design and looks. This will cost you another $20 but it is worth having one if you want to stick it out on the main palette.

2. “Works Great and automatic”

One of the main reasons why most of the people do believe in purchasing this thermostat is because it is completely automatic in nature. It went on to be working great and then could automatically start reading out the temperature. However, the only one concern was the automatic turn on and off mode of this device. Other than this, everything worked on to be fine.

Nest Learning 3rd Gen Thermostat:

1. “Simple to install”

One of the consumers from Amazon feels that it becomes easy to install the product in the floor and wire. It is not big in size and will not require much space as well. However, the only factor that comes to use is the option of having C-wire. To get the installation done perfectly, you will require a C-wire that will allow you to complete the procedure.

2. “Wall plate was helpful”

Another consumer from Amazon claimed that the wall plate being used for this product was amazing and was also helpful in many ways. It provided easy installation and the thermostat readings became accurate. However, the best part was the ability to display properly as this device could be set up against the wall. It provided a great response to quick and fast installation.

5. Nest Thermostat E VS Nest Learning: Pros and Cons

Google Nest E Review:


Beautifully designed
Saves energy
Polished metal finishes


Price is high

Here is another Nest E comparison we have done for you, Nest E VS Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat. It will give you some less known insights.

Nest Learning Thermostat:


Home/Away Assist
The Nest Leaf appears
Beautifully designed


Installing takes time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there an option to make the screen not turn on when I walk past it?

A1. Of Course there is. Most of the smart thermostats do not come with such immediate action. This is why it will help you to get an easy display mode option with the wake up feature. By default, it is not turned on. You simply have to press the wake display option to turn it on and this amazing feature will work great with the product.

Q2. Does it work with Alexa?

A2. Yes it does. Smart home devices are compatible with the voice over command menu which allows you to get an easy work option. The best part is you won’t have to worry about the configuration at all. Once you open up the Alexa app or the Google Home device, it automatically completes the configuration and takes up very less time. All that you need to do is to simply tap on this.

Q3. Can it turn on/off HVAC remotely?

A3. Both these devices are tuned to work with most of the smart devices in your home. However, to turn off a product remotely, it should work with precise conditions and with efficient work procedure. They are capable of remote working modems which allow the entire unit to be working freely. It is not a problem to remotely turn the HVAC on and off.

Q4. Does this work with an oil furnace or heat pump?

A4. This will completely depend on the configuration that you have with the thermostat to be precise. Both of them do not have smart working modes with the oil furnace. So you have to manually wire them up. Coming to the thermostat, both of them do have a 24v system. You need to match up with the required voltage supply of the heat pump.

Q5. Can this replace a standard bimetallic switch thermostat?

A5. When it comes to the bimetallic switch thermostats, they are only used for the millivolt systems. This is why they are not much capable of dealing with heavy instruments in your home. It is important to place the bimetallic strip that will help you to get a complete solution for all the electronic devices in your home. You can also get the right product available with this.

Compare Nest Thermostats: Final Verdict

While you are choosing a proper smart thermostat for your home, you have two main options. Either you look for the budget, or else you can go for the amazing technologies that you can get. Going for the high-tech models will mean that you are about to get full control of the complicated HVAC devices.

For such circumstances, you can surely opt for the Nest learning thermostat. On the other hand, if budget becomes a big factor for you, try to go for the nest e thermostat. This will help you to achieve an amazing result in the least amount of time. Do let us know which product will be the most amazing choice between Nest Thermostat E VS Nest Learning Thermostat.