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Your Ultimate Guide To Promoting And Expanding Your Business On Facebook

Why Facebook?

If you are reading this right now, you must probably know the potential Facebook has a social media and a platform for many businesses. From its diverse advertisement options to watch parties and Facebook Live, social media has grown to be the most powerful one till now, with 2.4 billion monthly active users.

A solid Facebook presence aids you to engage with potential customers and grow your business. Potential customers are already searching for businesses like yours on Facebook. A clear focused Facebook marketing strategy is the only way to tap into this existing audience.

If you are just starting with your social media marketing game, this is going to be the best quality read for you. Even for businesses that you are trying to develop for a long time but couldn’t, the takeaway from this blog will surely help you increase traffic to any commodity you have. 

Creating A Business Page

If you are new to social media marketing, it’s very important to know that using your profile for marketing won’t help you much to grow your business. You have to create a page for your business, which will expose you to a lot of possibilities. You must add as much information as possible on your page from the contact details to the working hours. 

Once you get comfortable using a business page every day, you will be able to start analyzing your content and curate the content properly. 

Posting Regularly

Once you are done with setting up your business page, the next goal is to find a way to reach out to your audience. And that is done by posting content on your page often. You have to be consistent with posting anything that adds value and creates brand awareness.

But you have to keep the quality of every post at any point in time. Apart from everything else, you should spend most of the time just creating the content.

Every post should have a certain amount of use and entertainment value to it. Also, it’s important to keep in mind not to sell your brand always. Keeping it subtle and making it promising is the key to win the audience’s hearts.

Share More Videos

This is a crucial point to be noted as the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg himself was specific about this saying ‘videos are the future of content creation’ as we have gone past written content and photographic content.

The Facebook algorithm automatically pushes videos to the top of everyone’s feed surpassing other content, with links getting the least engagement of all. It’s very crucial as a brand for you to start focusing on sharing more videos than sharing photos or links or just captions.

Keep in mind not to sell much in your videos again; use it as your brand awareness tool rather than just another means to share content. Popular studies show that videos with 60-90 seconds of content with a caption of 150 characters or less get the most amount of engagement.

92% of the audience are mobile users, so people have less time to keep them concentrated on your content. A Popular analysis shows that you just have 8 secs or less to capture their attention, or they are going to scroll past your post.

Share Curated Content

Just posting about your business and your products will saturate the page. Instead, what you can do is share curated content from other creators in your niche.

This gives you more leverage as a business as it creates a relationship with the creator, along with delivering new content to your audience. Sharing someone else’s story also improves brand awareness among your audience.

Facebook Ads

Ads allow you to target the right people with the right content at specifically the right time. If you can identify –

1) who you want to reach
2) what you want them to see
3) when and how you want them to see it

Facebook can deliver in an incredibly effective way for many different budgets.

You can ask why organic posts aren’t enough. If you’ve been marketing on Facebook for a while, you might remember a time in the past when your brand’s organic posts reached a huge portion of your audience, perhaps even the majority. If it worked in the past, why won’t it work in the future?

In January 2018, Facebook implemented a change to its algorithm aimed at serving people more content from people they know.

When you create an ad within Facebook Ads Manager, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is who you’re trying to reach.  Once you’ve built an ideal customer persona, Facebook offers five unique and powerful types of targeting to get your message to the right audience. Those are location, demographic, interest, behavior, connection.

For example, if your business is based on real estate, and you want to concentrate your ads on just that location, you can target your audience in that location with your real estate Facebook ads.

Videos are a better medium for the phone because you can share so much more knowledge in a short time compared to text. The mobile screen has never been good for reading, but it’s perfect for a quick glimpse at a video. If you follow the tips given in the aforementioned topic about videos, you can create Facebook video ads that will surely increase your reach by multiple folds.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Messenger ads are the most recent iteration of business to customer communication and represent the best for automated interactions at scale. With 1.3 billion monthly active users, Messenger is a great way to make communication a little more personal and a fantastic tool for nudging prospects from consideration towards a decision.

These types of ads are the cheapest and also more reliable because, with this, people are going to interact with your company. Possibilities are endless with chatbots. People can even buy goods through just a couple of chats with a bot.

Facebook Groups

These are communities created to share knowledge and value by letting everyone in the group engage with each other. You can create a general group for everyone or create many groups with specific interests in each with a small section of the audience. The key to build your brand is to provide more value to them; in turn, you’ll get to sell more.

Facebook Pages to Watch Tool

This is an inbuilt analytics tool facebook provides by letting us track other page’s insights like their growth rate, their top-performing posts in the last seven days, number of likes, etc. You can use this tool to set goals and create benchmarks for yourself. You can choose your curated content from this tool.

But most importantly, you can get more inspiration from your competitors and create ideas for your page.


It’s clear from the recent updates that it’s hard to gain reach without paying for it. But you must also keep in mind that it’s still about sharing wisdom, making connections, and, most importantly, keeping up with customer satisfaction of your audience. You just have to find a suitable strategy to grow on Facebook as a business.