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5 Best Roku Streaming Stick Remote Replacement [Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021]

roku streaming stick remote replacement

The remote control allows you to simultaneously manage several household electronic devices with a single device. It is an instrument that is able to memorize several numbers of different codes and which, consequently, allows you to program the remote control buttons according to your needs. In fact, universal remote controls allow you to manage various appliances such as television, soundbar, satellite decoder, DVD player, and all smart devices in the house.

For most of the cases, we refer to the universal remote control for TVs and other audiovisual devices, but in reality, it is a tool that allows us to also operate garage doors, house gates, and many other home automation elements.

Curious to find out which is the best Roku streaming stick remote replacement? Here is a guide with the easiest to program and versatile models, chosen from the range of remotes available in the Remotes section on Amazon.

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5 Best Roku Streaming Stick Remote Replacement

1. Roku Voice Remote (Official) For Roku Players – Best Seller

The first Roku tv replacement remote on this list is from the Roku brand itself. The Roku Voice remote control can be connected to most of the Roku devices via wifi.

Very elegant from an aesthetic point of view, it is very simple to program thanks to the PC or the dedicated app and it is not only remote control but a real smart device that combines appliances that otherwise would not communicate with each other.

It works with simply 2 AAA batteries and also comes with a few shortcut buttons which allow you to reach your favorite streaming platform in just a single click.


  • It has a voice control feature.
  • It is compatible with most Roku devices.
  • This remote comes with 4 shortcut options.
  • This replacement remote works with 2 AAA batteries.

Buyers Experience

It is one of the most highly rated products in this category which makes it a bestseller. The buyers like its elegant design and amazing features which they get at a decent price.


Voice Control
Easy To Use
Wifi Connectivity


Slight Expensive

2. New IR Replaced Remote Fit For Roku – Most Affordable

Our next Roku tv remote replacement is from a well known Vinabty brand. Among the manufacturers of remote controls, Vinabty has always distinguished itself by creating devices that are easy to use and above all very resistant. 

Made of plastic and coated with durable, shockproof rubberized material, this remote works with alkaline batteries. It doesn’t need any kind of programming or pairing.

This control has very large and legible keys and is especially suitable for children thanks to its durable coating. Infrared technology is used in this remote for transmission and it comes with 4 shortcut buttons as well.


  • It has a small, sleek design that is very easy to hold.
  • This remote works on Infrared technology.
  • You will need 2 Alkaline batteries for it.
  • It comes with 4 shortcut buttons for Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Vudu.

Buyers Experience

This product is highly rated in the market by buyers. They like its elegant design and amazing performance at such an affordable price.


4 Shortcut Buttons


Less No. Of Buttons

3. VJY Replacement Remote Compatible With Roku TV – Best Design

Designed to replace and group the remote control of the Roku Streaming Stick, the Speedy model by VJY Shop is a simplified remote control that is compatible with most Roku devices.

Its continuously updated database makes compatibility operations very simple, eliminating the risk of losing additional functions and keys when switching from the official remote control. 

Operating with two alkaline batteries and using Infrared for its transmission makes it quite durable. No need for any kind of programming, just put in the batteries and use it. This Roku stick remote replacement comes with 4 shortcut buttons for different streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Youtube.


  • This remote is compatible with most Roku devices.
  • It comes with four hotkeys.
  • It uses Alkaline batteries.
  • Infrared technology is used for the operation.

Buyers Experience

This product has got many positive reviews from the buyers. The buyers simply love its ergonomic design and amazing features.


Four shortcut buttons
Infrared Tech


Less No. of Buttons

4. Amaz247 Universal ROKU IR Learning Remote – Most Advanced

Ideal for both children and the elderly, the universal remote control model produced by Amaz247 makes essentiality and ease of using its main strengths.

It works on the Infrared principle and needs 2 AAA batteries for operation. The body is well built and has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to grip and very comfortable to hold it.

Self-learning and very comfortable, it has the bare essentials such as channel change, volume adjustment, and little else.  It is essential, very easy to program, use and update. The four shortcut keys are Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Amazon. 


  • It works on Infrared rays.
  • This remote has four hotkeys.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold.
  • It works with 2 AAA batteries.

Buyers Experience

This universal remote control is very highly praised in the market for its amazing performance and sleek design. The buyers like its durability and the good number of features.


Ergonomic Design
4 Hotkeys
Easy to use


Less No. of Buttons

5. Amaz247 Wi-Fi Remote For Roku Streaming Stick  – Best Selling

The last replacement Roku tv remote is also from the Amaz247 brand. It is ideal for managing not only TVs but all Roku smart devices in the home.

It works on Radio Frequency technology as it is a wifi-remote. This remote also comes with four hotkeys.

The structure of the remote control is ergonomic and is made of satin plastic that does not retain fingerprints. Furthermore, it can be used easily even at night.


  • It uses Radio Frequency for transmission which means that you need not to point towards the receiver.
  • This remote works with Alkaline batteries.
  • It has 4 hotkeys for Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Google Play.

Buyers Experience

It is also a very highly positively rated remote control in the market. The buyers like its amazing durability and connectivity.


Radio Frequency
4 Hotkeys
Ergonomic Design


Flat Buttons

Roku Replacement Remote: BUYING GUIDE

By comparing different models of universal remote control, you will already have an idea of ​​the technical characteristics essential for an instrument of this type. There are some fundamental features that can help in the choice.

The Roku stick replacement remote must be easy to program and able to communicate with two or more devices according to your needs. Last but not least, the universal remote must be made of durable materials.

Here is in detail what is important to keep an eye on when choosing the best universal remote control in relation to your needs.

1. Compatibility / method of interaction

As we have seen, the main function of the universal remote control is to operate multiple electronic devices with a single tool, the compatibility of the remote control will therefore be a fundamental feature, to keep an eye on to understand which model to choose.

If you need a tool that allows you to remotely control your TV and satellite decoder, for example, just buy an inexpensive universal remote control, capable of connecting to up to 2 appliances.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a remote control that allows you to manage all your devices with a single tool, you will necessarily have to choose a top-of-the-range model. You will easily be able to have a single remote control to manage everything, from the TV to the air conditioner, from the shutters. to the lights of your smart home.

When choosing the best universal remote control you will also need to take into account another factor, that is, any restrictions related not so much to a type of appliance, but to a certain brand. Despite being “universal”, these remote controls often only work with devices from a specific manufacturer.

2. Updates

Just like all technological devices, universal remotes also have updates to install. This procedure can be more or less simple depending on the way in which it occurs. In some cases it is possible to connect the remote control, via USB cable, to online software or download an app on the smartphone and, through this, install them.

Finally, in the simplest cases, the various updates can be communicated via SMS. While it can be tedious, it is important to update your device to take advantage of new features belonging to more recent products.

3. Ease of configuration

This is a very important feature for those who are not particularly good with codes and are looking for a device that makes their life easier. The simplicity of configuration is also linked to compatibility, so remote controls that automatically recognize a device will be easier to use. 

In addition to compatibility and the way in which the device to be connected is recognized, ease of configuration also concerns the configuration of the remote control buttons. If the basic functions are set automatically, the advanced functions require a manual setting.

4. Functions

In addition to the ability to connect two or more devices in a simple and automatic way, the best universal remote also has a number of additional functions, which simplify and expand the possibilities of this tool.

Is it essential that a universal remote control has the ability to set favorite channels, connect to Bluetooth or WiFi, be controlled via a tablet or smartphone and have touch components?

No, it is not essential, but it could be useful both the connection to WiFi, which allows you to connect the “smart” devices of the house such as the refrigerator and lighting system to the remote control and the control via smartphone and the presence of a dedicated app.

5. Number of devices

Another element that differentiates universal remotes is the number of devices they can connect to at the same time. The models belonging to a medium-low range, usually, can manage a few devices, between 2 and 4. On the contrary, the more expensive and technologically advanced models reach up to 15 devices.

In this case, there is no better choice than another, but the one that best meets the needs of those who are performing the action. If the purpose is to replace an old remote that has broken, then it is useless to buy an ultra-technological one.

6. Materials

Being an instrument used very often by young and old, the remote control must have a shock-resistant structure, robust but at the same time easy to handle. If at the time of purchase it is not possible to make a precise evaluation of the materials inside the remote control, it is nevertheless possible to get an idea from the outside about the quality of the materials used.

The external part of the remote control is always made of plastic, which can be of higher or lower quality, very often it is coated with silicone or rubberized material, in order to withstand bumps and falls from the sofa. Especially in the case of families with small children, it is advisable to choose a model with a rubber coating to prevent the remote control from breaking the first fall.

In addition to the material with which the “body” of the universal remote control is made, it will also be necessary to evaluate the quality of the keys, both in terms of interlocking in the remote control to prevent them from coming off and as regards the quality of printing of numbers and letters on the keys.

7. Supply

A feature that distinguishes the top-of-the-range models from economic-range universal remote controls is certainly the power supply system, i.e. the way they work and stay on.

As an alternative to the classic AA batteries, rechargeable or not, typical of economic and mid-range models, the top of the range has an internal battery that can be recharged thanks to a special “base” inserted in the current, just like a cordless phone.

8. Brand

If none of the universal remote control models are proposed to convince you, do not worry as on Amazon you will find a wide choice of models and prices in the Remote Controls category, with many offers and the help given by users’ opinions.

When evaluating the brand to buy, it is also good to evaluate what the company offers: brands like Meliconi and Logitech, ensure high-quality devices and, above all, a pre, during, and post-purchase customer service.

9. Price

The price range of a universal remote control can vary according to the features it offers. The simplest remote controls, useful for managing the TV and the decoder, belong to a low price range that is around $10.

On the contrary, tools equipped with advanced technology, designed to manage smart appliances such as TVs, lights, refrigerators, and many others, are more expensive and can cost even more than $30.

How It Works And Why To Choose The Universal Remote Control?

Thanks to its ability to communicate with multiple devices, the universal remote control serves to have a single tool that allows us to control everything avoiding the clutter of having a remote control for each appliance that can be operated remotely, earning both in terms of space and batteries and batteries.

As with all remote controls, even the universal remote control has an electronic circuit inside it: when we press a button. In fact, the remote control sends a signal to the device, which response accordingly based on a binary code.

In the instruments we use at home, this signal is an infrared ray, propagated from a LED light, that is the red light that we see on the remote control when we change channels or turn on the TV.

The difference between the traditional remote control and a universal remote control lies in the ability of the latter to have a compatibility ratio with more than one appliance, the economic models are usually compatible with 2 devices, while the top of the range can reach compatibility with 15 different appliances.

To ensure universal remote control dialogues with the various devices, it is necessary to know how to program this tool. While the top models are able to do this automatically, for the economic models it will be necessary to enter a code corresponding to the appliance that we want to connect.

The latest generation universal remote controls are all equipped with a USB port, and thanks to the connection to the PC they are able to update the codes independently thanks to the automatic configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which remote works with Roku Streaming Stick?

A1. If you have lost your original Roku Streaming Stick remote and are looking for a decent replacement then you can buy one if the remote controls are mentioned in our list as they all are compatible with Roku Streaming Stick and other devices as well.

Q2. Is there a replacement Remote for Roku Streaming Stick?

A2. There are many good replacement remotes for Roku Streaming Stick in the market. We have reviewed the top 5 replacement roku remote in this article which you can have a look at.

Q3. Does Universal Remotes work with Roku Streaming Stick?

A3. Most of the universal remotes will work with Roku Streaming Stick. All you need to know is how to program them according to your device.

Q4. Where can I buy a Roku enhanced remote?

A4. You can get a hold of a Roku Replacement Remote in any of the eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart. You can also purchase them in your local Roku store.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best Roku streaming stick remote replacement can really be a confusing job as there are so many options available in the market. But after reading this article, now you have got a decent idea about which remote will be most compatible with your setup.

Our recommendation would be Roku Voice Remote because it is one of the best selling remote and is manufactured by Roku itself. Here is another amazing read on TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement.