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Confused Between iRobot Roomba 650 VS 770? [Comparison and Reviews in 2021]

Roomba 650 VS 770

Cleaning the mess after a house party can be long and tiring. Even, it can take almost 3-4 hours just to pick up the dirt from the floor. But, at the same time, it can be worthwhile if you get a device to get the job done for you. That’s only possible if you have a robotic vacuum at your home.

There are not many options considering a professional’s view, but the two different models from iRobot can be a hefty purchase. When it comes to choosing any one between Roomba 650 VS 770, going through a detailed comparison is a must. This can confirm you pick any one of the models based on their performance, the cost, and also your requirements.

Key Differences Between the Roomba 770 VS 650

  • The Roomba 770 comes along with optical sensors that can protect it from damages. It also includes acoustic sensors for quick tracking. However, the 650 does not come with such navigation technologies included.
  • Roomba 650 is much more affordable when compared with the Roomba 770 model. To be fair, the price difference between the two models is around $100 which makes people slightly in favor of the 650.
  • The 770 comes with more updated technology for the cleaning options. It has two virtual walls present within the body. However, in the case of the Roomba 650, the numbers of walls are restricted to only 1.
  • AeroVac is a decent filtration technology used with the Roomba 650. It is efficient to remove particles of dust. On the other hand, the 770 comes with the Dual HEPA filter. This device has a better filtration system than the former model.

Features Comparison [Roomba 650 VS 770]

iRobot 650

iRobot 770

1. Cleaning Performance

Both these devices come with exceptional skills and performances as per the necessities. But it seems that the technology is quite similar, only one of them is better and much more upgraded to nature.

However, the best part is that both these robot vacuums use a three-stage cleaning technology to complete the work. This whole procedure includes loosening debris, using a brush for cleaning, and then suction to get them in.

2. Sensors

Coming to the professional’s point of view, the iRobot Roomba 770 robotic vacuum cleaner comes with an upgraded version as the sensors and the power utilization seems to be quite handy. To get the cleaning done, the 650 uses a single unit of flat brush which can be great for the floor.

However, the 770 comes along with a round brush and also another flat brush. The round brush is an extra feature for cleaning the edges. It can be very helpful in such situations.

3. Dirt Detection Technology

Another factor that determines the performance is the dirt detection technology that helps the robot to detect where the dirt is and then operate with it here, the iRobot Roomba 650 lacks acoustic sensors. So you find this device heading to the same spot over multiple times. This may also increase the battery consumption and may affect the performance also.

However, it is not the same when the iRobot 770 is in play. This device comes with an optical sensor and also an acoustic sensor. So navigating with this model is far better than the other ones. This device comes with better performance to detect the exact location of the dust. So it will not rotate on the same spot multiple times.

4. Performance on Floor

The one thing that may attract many people is the power to adjust to all the floor types. The Roomba Vacuum 650 and the 770 are quite perfect for both the carpets and the bare floors.

However, while cleaning, the 650 may leave out some minute dust particles while the 770 won’t. As a result, the process and the time taken by the 770 will be much more in nature. It can give better attention to the details.


iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
270 Reviews
iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • 3 Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors

Last update on 2021-11-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

5. Navigation

Coming to the navigation system of the Roombas, they both tend to clean in a random pattern depending on the amount of dust and the location. There is no similarity in the location that will allow the device to travel to only one place. However, since the 770 comes along with an optical sensor, the movement is much less random.

It is because the sensor gives a proper navigation alert. On the other hand, the 650 comes along with iAdapt technology. This technology is mainly intended for responsive navigation. Though it is not bad, the 770 comes with an upgraded version of the same technology.

  • Roomba 650

While performing with the 650, it may seem to move irregularly in lines. This is the reason why it can bump into objects multiple times. Though it will not affect the body much, if there is something present on top of the furniture like a bottle or a vase, there may be damages. It is mainly because the bumps come with higher speeds.

Before you place the 650 in a cleaning area, make sure that there is nothing nearby to allow it to crash into any other object. To be precise about this, keeping an eye on the device while it is working will be the most suitable option.

  • Roomba 770

However, the 770 comes with a better navigation option than that of the 650. Because of the optical sensors installed, it can adapt to the pattern of your room. Also, it never bumps into any obstacles. To implement this technology, the 770 has been manufactured with edge sensors. As a result, it can also prevent itself from falling or bumping into solid objects.

But, the best part of having such a device is that it can detach soft and hard obstacles. So if there are wires on the floor, it can cross them easily and without much exterior help. When it comes in contact with any of the objects, it starts an easy cleaning procedure. As a result, cleaning is done much better here.


iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
270 Reviews
iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • 3 Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors

Last update on 2021-11-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

6. Filtration

Another key difference between the two devices is the filtration technology involved. However, they both have bagless options and so there are not many features for storage and then dumping. The only thing that you can do is to change the filter.

  • Roomba 650

According to the research, both the Roombas have multiple levels of filters that allow proper dust cleaning and making it eco-friendly. However, the Roomba 650 comes with the AeroVac filters that can provide a single layer of protection.

On the other hand, the Roomba 770 comes with dual HEPA filters. So there are dual-levels of filtration that can be highly beneficial.

  • Roomba 770

The benefits of having a HEPA filter in any vacuum device are highly rated. It is because the filters are designed to capture even the smallest of dust particles ranging around 0.3 microns in size.

So you can expect almost 99.99 percent of dust allergens to be cleaned up instantly. People who have dust allergy must opt for HEPA filters to keep them safe. The AeroVac filter may be a decent choice for many, but it’s not the best to prevent any type of allergy.


7. Dirt Bin

Having a bin with the robot vacuum is an important aspect of the product. It allows dumping the dust particles collected within the bin so that you can use the cleaner multiple times.

Without a bin, it becomes difficult to collect the dust that is constantly forming within the vacuum cleaner because of the daily operations. So the bigger size of the dust bin you have, the better it will be for your use.

  • Roomba 650

The Roomba 650 comes with a great size of bin along with itself. The bin present with this device has a capacity of holding around 0.47 gallons of dust. Compared to most of the average products, the size of the bin is decent and can help you with almost 5-6 days of cleaning.

But the one part where the technology of this product lacks is the absence of the bin full indicator. It does not show you any warning signs. As a result of this, it becomes difficult to know when to unload the dirt inside. You have to manually check it every time.

  • Roomba 770

The Roomba 770 on the other hand is far better than average when it comes to regular use. The best part of having this device is that it comes along with a bin indicator on top of the robot. When the bin inside is almost full, it starts to blink.

As a result, it becomes clear about when you need to empty the bin and then use it again. Moreover, it’s not the only thing that amazed us. Compared with the 650, the volume of the bin for the 770 is a bit larger. This device has a capacity of 0.51 gallons.

Winner: Roomba 770

8. Features

Another important part of the comparison is always the features. The features of any device determine how smoothly the gizmo will perform and how better can it be to use the device. Of course, you can’t give all the time to the devices and keep nagging over it.

So there are multiple controls and features that you can use at any time to make your Roomba work better. To be specific, they are both designed to work 7 times a week and are one of the handiest devices to use as a regular product. Having the extra features makes it more convenient to use these cleaners and also you can pre-set the requirements.

  • Roomba 650

The Roomba 650 has a convenient controlling option and allows itself to be operated with buttons. The buttons are located on the top of the device. However, there are no remote control options available along with this device that will allow you to control it. Still, you can take the help of wireless controls to set up voice commands.

  • Roomba 770

On the other hand, the Roomba 770 is much smarter to operate with. This device comes with a complete touchpad. So you can always operate it with the help of this pad and layover voice commands. But if you feel to re-program the device, you can easily take the help of the remote control available which will help you to achieve this.

Winner: Roomba 770

9. Customer Reviews

  • Roomba 650

One of the consumers from Amazon has quoted that “The Roomba is the best investment I have ever made”. This was made in favor of the Roomba 650 and she has been using this for almost years now. According to her, the device seems to be quite effective when it comes to performance against dust and other allergies.

The device surely makes up a huge difference to pick up the hair from the ever shedding cat and also other dust falling here and there. Earlier she used to have a pain in the lower back while manually cleaning, but now it seems to be a fine choice.

  • Roomba 770

On the other hand, another person named M.Kerr has quoted on Amazon as “This little beauty can take care of business”. This was made in favor of the Roomba 770 and she has been using the product since 2019. In her words, she owns a dog and 2 cats, and thus, it became a trouble to pick out the hair and specks of dust from the rugs, carpets, or from the floor every time.

But with the 770, it seems to be a perfect choice for business. The device could easily pick up the hair rolls while she is enjoying her valuable time on other issues. But the best thing she mentioned about the 770 is the ability to dock itself when it is done with the work.

10. Pros & Cons [iRobot 650 VS 770]

  • Roomba 650


It is very low in budget and thus can be a great option for hardwood cleaning.
This product is very user-friendly.
You can use the Roomba 650 on all types of floors available including linoleum.
Every sensor built inside the product is made up of high-quality materials. They provide great results.
The vacuum comes with easy controls.


You cannot connect the Roomba 650 to the WiFi.
  • Roomba 770


This product comes with multiple HEPA Filters.
You can get optical sensors with the product
It comes with a 3-stage cleaning procedure to clean the dust.
The Roomba 770 has 2 virtual walls that protect the body from extensive damages.
It has an easy setup procedure. You can save time while configuring the device.


The device can generate a loud noise while startup.
The costs are high than that of the 650

We have one more in-depth comparison for you between Roomba 655 VS.650.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Will the 650 be a good choice for a larger number of hairs?

A1. Of course, it can be so… I have personally tried out the 650 in multiple situations such as this. Since I have two pet dogs in my home, you can find the long hairs here and there.
But the most surprising thing about the vacuum cleaner is that you can easily bring out the device to clean the long hairs. I have seen it to detect and pick up the long hair without mere problems. To be fair, I’m quite happy with it.

Q2. Will it stop if I place a black Carpet?

A2. Now, this is one feature that can be amazing and awful at the same time. I used to have a black carpet a long time back and it seemed to be not a great decision to have for me. Since the 650 can easily sense the black color, it will immediately stop.
Now if you just place the carpet at the corners to protect the body, it’s a good thing to have. But if you’re placing it in the middle of the room, the Roomba will immediately stop.

Q3. How does the Roomba perform around the lamps?

A3. To be fair, it’s one of the best vacuums when it comes to performance and the movements. So if you have cords lying on the floor, it won’t cause the Roomba to stop, and instead, it will just walk over the cord!
But the problem is that since it comes with sensors at the bottom half, the device can easily catch up with the cords. You would not want to have such a clumsy situation when the Roomba engulfs a cord and it takes almost an hour to remove this.

Q4. Will I still require a manual vacuum even after this?

A4. Now, this completely depends on what the situation of your home is and how the Roomba is operating in your home. Specifically, if it’s about dust under your bed or under the furniture, the 650 or the 770 cans easily take care of it. But, if it’s about some areas which are too compact or small for the Roomba to enter and move, you may have to put in a manual effort.

Q5. How can I charge the iRobot?

A5. The best part of having the iRobot with you is such that the product comes with a home base charge. Now the function of this home base charge is simple- it brings the Roomba back at the original position that will help you to charge up the device. It starts to head back just when the device senses low battery warnings. If it just stops halfway, you need to move it back manually.

Q6. Do I need to change the filter?

A6. Of course, you need to and the frequency depends on what type of floor you have. To be fair, it’s a part of maintenance that you always have to consider while using the Roomba for a long time.
So if you have more carpets on the floor, the robot will not have to clean much. As a result, you can change the filter once a year. Otherwise, consider changing the filter every 6 months.


Picking the right one for you solely depends on what your priorities are. If you feel that saving $100 could be a great option, you can pick out the Roomba 650. It has all the potential to clean your home and has multiple features just like the Roomba 700.

However, if you just want to dig in for the hutch, the Roomba 700 can be the best option between the two. Several extra features will mesmerize you to pick this product as a priority. If the price is not a matter for you, you can easily pick the Roomba 700.

Do let us know down in the comments about which product you are using between the iRobot Roomba 650 VS 770.