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Roomba 880 VS 870: Which One is Better? [iRobot Roomba Comparisons in 2021]

Roomba 880 VS 870

Having a professional robot vacuum in your home means that you are free from the stress of cleaning your home every hour! The main work function of the Roomba is to detect where the dirt lies inside the room and can clean it up easily. It automatically detects the dirt inside the room and even pet hairs on the floor. Of course, if you have hygiene issues, the Roomba is your dearest friend.

However, it may get confusing between 870 and 880. Both of them are quite similar to each other and there are just a few factors to differentiate between them. You must know about 870 and 880 before choosing the right product. This guide on the Roomba 880 vs 870 will surely help you to pick which one is the best amongst the two.

Roomba 880 VS 870: Similarities

The 870 and 880 come with a lot of similarities because of their nature. They are mostly two identical iRobot which have a similar operating model. Moreover, they both are based on the roomba 800 series. So you can expect a lot of things to be common between them. Here are some basic and advanced similarities that you may find in between 870 and 880.

1. Navigation

One thing that makes the Roomba so special is because of the navigation. Navigation is something that induces the 870 and 880 to automatically find out the dirt and clean it up easily. This is why it is important to have satisfying navigation with the Roomba. The 870 and 880 have this feature in common because the sensors used for navigation are the same. Both of them use the iAdapt Navigation mode which is quick enough to operate throughout the room.

2. Run Time

The runtime of the product matters a lot when it comes to performance and uses. If you have a longer runtime of the Roomba, it will support you for better activities. Similarly, you will be able to use the product for long. According to the stats, the 870 and 880 come with similar battery composition. This is why the runtime for both these products are also the same. It comes with durable support of 60 minutes which is great for covering a large space.

3. Filter

When the Roomba catches the dust, some of them may be toxic. This is why the presence of a filter makes it easier to catch the dirt. Both 870 and 880 have an advanced HEPA filter included in the product. Because of this filter, you will be able to clean the room faster.

4. Decent Bin

To store up the dirt and the dust collected, every Roomba requires a space. The manufacturer has provided a decent bin size for both these models. It is the same for both of them and this is why it becomes much easier to collect and to store the waste.

5. Charging

Another common feature between 870 and 880 is the self-charging mode. Whenever they are low in charge, it signals the light warning and beeps with a charging alarm. However, the most interesting part is that it can easily return to the original base and then opt-in for the self-charging mode.

6. Cleaning Technology

Cleaning becomes a factor in every Roomba that you opt to purchase. The cleaning technology is good; it does not take up much time to keep the entire room fresh. Thanks to both 870 and 880, they have similar cleaning technology involved. To be precise, they both work in a similar 3-stage cleaning process which makes it much easier to clean up the entire floor without any delay. To enhance the cleaning mode, this product comes with a 5x suction power which makes it a great purchase.

7. Scheduling

Another impressive feature which is common in between 870 and 880 is the advanced scheduling. This feature does not allow you to opt for cleaning the room 5 times in a day. Instead, the Roomba has scheduling alerts. You can manually choose them and they will work according to the given gaps. It saves up a lot of time and effort to clean up the room.

Roomba 880 VS Roomba 870: Detailed Comparison

1. Controls

Accessing your Roomba all over the place is always an important task in hand. You need to make sure whether the product you choose comes to be handy or not. Although both of the devices come with controls, there are slight differences between them

iRobot Roomba 880:

This device comes with simple access control. To make it easier, you can also get remote control which will help you to get a complete solution for cleaning up the room. You can get multiple buttons which have a range of 10 meters.

iRobot Roomba 870:

The 870 does not come with any remote control options at all. Because of this, you may be restricted to work with a limited range. However, you may get controls on the top of the Roomba which will help you to get the work done.

Winner: iRobot Roomba 880

2. Virtual Wall

When the Roomba is travelling throughout the room, it will always try to make space and way to reach out to the next step. This is why it requires additional virtual wall assistance so that the Roomba does not move out of the room. This is why it is an important feature to differentiate upon.

iRobot Roomba 880:

The virtual wall is one such aspect where the Roomba 880 makes its way. According to the manufacturers, it comes with dual modes which include both an infrared beam and a lighthouse compartment. This makes navigation better.

iRobot Roomba 870:

The Roomba 870 comes with an impressive navigation system. However, the difference is that this device comes along with a single-mode virtual wall assistant. They are not compatible with any virtual wall lighthouses.

Winner: iRobot Roomba 880

3. Size and Weight

 If the size of the Roomba is big, it won’t be able to reach out to the corners or even clean in tight spaces. Although both of them look amazing and quite similar, they have slight changes.

iRobot Roomba 880:

The Roomba 880 appears to be amazing and it has a great design. However, this product features a taller design and it is almost 3.6 inches tall. You must choose the right product according to your needs.

iRobot Roomba 870:

The Roomba 870, on the other hand, becomes much easier to choose and you can get a low profile design and a lightweight body. This will allow the product to travel faster and will give you a better space.

Winner: iRobot Roomba 870

4. Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance of any Roomba is the most important aspect of this. It will allow you to make a specific choice of products according to the requirements that you have. Both of them are quite decent when it comes to cleaning performance.

iRobot Roomba 880:

The Roomba 880 comes along with a simple 650 ml bin capacity which will help you to get a complete solution. It has a dynamic range of cleaning that includes suction brushes as well as wide floor area coverage. To be precise, it can cover around 1700 square feet.

iRobot Roomba 870:

The Roomba 870, on the other hand, comes with a bigger bin capacity. It has an overall space requirement of 1000 square feet. Moreover, this product has a bin capacity of 1000 ml and will give you a lower sound. This is why the 870 has a better advantage as a Roomba and will give you low noise production even while it is cleaning. The performance is always good.

Winner: iRobot Roomba 870

5. Price

When it comes to the price factor, the Roomba 870 is much affordable. Infact the difference between them is almost $100 which makes it much easier to use. Although, the Roomba 880 comes with some extra features that can be handy for you! You can still choose according to the budget that you have.

6. iRobot Roomba 880 VS 870: Pros & Cons

iRobot Roomba 880:


Will not scratch any furniture
Effective edge brush
60-minute runtime


60-minute runtime.

iRobot Roomba 870:


Virtual Wall barrier system.
HEPA filter.
AeroForce high-suction vacuum system


It includes random cleaning pattern

7. Customer Review

iRobot Roomba 880 Reviews:

“I just got rid of the mess”

The user felt like she was in a mess before purchasing the Roomba 880. Thanks to this device, it comes up with a simple solution with effective cleaning. She could allow her pets to move around the floor freely.

“Gets easy to control”

The user has widely used controls available all around the body. You can also get a remote access control which will help you to manually program the Roomba according to your type of need. It helps a lot to get the necessities.

iRobot Roomba 870 Reviews:

“Amazing backup”

The Roomba 870 is an amazing product to choose when it comes to the backup and the performance. It allowed this user to provide a long performance of 60 minutes. Moreover, the cleaning was super fast and it could do the job in just 10 minutes.

“A perfect choice for robot vacuums”

The Roomba 870 seemed to be small but Jack felt amazing. Since he lives in the middle of the city, the dirt inside the room was more. Thanks to the Roomba 870, it could clean the floor all day and provide great support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long do I have to wait for a charge?

A1. Usually, most of the Roomba comes with decent battery capacity and also a powerful space. So it won’t be a problem to recharge the battery at any stage. You can still consider that it will take around 3 hours for the Roomba to have a full charge.

Q2. Does it make too much noise?

A2. The Roomba does not make too much noise when it comes to making a big impact. When it moves around, the motor is very silent and thus, the noise production levels are low. At the same time, a minimum of 60 dB sound is generated when it operates with the vacuum.

Q3. How long can the 870 and 880 run?

A3. The time till the battery will support your work depends on the workload the Roomba is covering and also space it is allotted to. If the space is big, 870 and 880 should work for 60 minutes. If you are operating it in a small room, it should go well for 1.5 hours.

Q4. Do I need a big open space?

A4. Not really! The iRobots 870 and 880 come with iAdapt navigation which is specially manufactured to execute proper navigation and avoid obstructions. Thus, they will automatically find a route to clean up the entire room. However, the docking station should be left free.

Q5. Can they clean the corners?

A5. Although the body shape for both 870 and 880 are round, they are capable of cleaning the corners. They have side brushes which can get inclined at a specific angle. This will help you to easily clean up the entire room and will give you a perfect position inside the home.

Final Verdict

It’s always been hard to compare between Roomba 880 vs 870. Mostly because a lot of features in between them are common! This is why they both are quite similar to each other! According to me, both of them are quite a hand and it will solve your purpose.

However, I will slightly give a better advantage to the Roomba 870. It’s mainly because the price is a bit less and also noise production is slightly lower in this device. For a bigger room space, the 880 can be a great choice. Do let us know which product will be your favorite choice according to the needs.