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Roomba E5 VS E6: Which One Cleans the Best? [iRobot Roomba Comparison in 2021]

Roomba E5 VS E6

A professional robot vacuum cleaner is just what you would need when you are in a tough call. The Roomba is such an exceptional device that can map the dirt and then easily clean it without any fuss. It just takes up a few seconds to detect where the dirt is located and where you can find it easily.

This is why choosing a Roomba that has special features is always easier. Both Roomba E5 and E6 are simply one of the best in the section of Roombas. However, which one to pick out completely depends on the requirements that you have. Here is a detailed comparison of Roomba E5 VS E6 which will make it easier for you to pick out the best one for your needs.

How These Roomba Models Are Similar?

1. Suction

One of the most important common features between the Roomba E5 and iRobot E6 is the powerful suction that this device comes with. Comparing the other Roombas from 600 series, both E5 and E6 come with more powerful suction. They can have at least 5-times more powerful vacuum rather than the other traditional models. You can expect the suction to be quite handy.

2. Pet Hair

Another common feature for both of these models is the ability to pick up both pet hairs as well as the allergens. Picking up the pet hairs from the carpet and the hardwood floor becomes important to get recovery from any type of allergens. This is why choosing such options are important. Luckily, both of the E5 and E6 come with such impressive features.

3. Rubber Brushes

Another common factor between the E5 and E6 is the rubber brushes present. While the Roomba is travelling all around the room, it requires soft rubber brushes at the base to prevent any type of scratches of fault at the floor.

This is why it becomes so important for both E5 and E6 to have this feature. The rubber brushes are generally soft and they also help the Roomba to move around the floor without any delay.

4. WiFi Connectivity

WiFi configuration in any Roomba has become an important factor to consider. With the help of such features, it becomes easier to control the Roomba and allow its features. If you have decent WiFi connectivity with the Roomba, it becomes easier to you can even set up instructions.

Luckily, both Roomba E5 5150 and iRobot Roomba E6 6198 Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum come with simple remote connectivity options that include iRobot Home application. You can use this feature for both Android and iOS devices.

5. Run Time

Having a higher runtime with the product means it is capable of delivering a longer performance. It can easily run for a longer time. The simple calculation is with a higher runtime, the Roomba will be able to carry out longer.

It becomes much easier when you have a device that runs longer and can also provide you with larger space coverage. When the runtime is higher, it provides proper assistance to the Roomba and allows it to be fit for a large space. Both E5 and E6 come with a 90-minute run time which is great for your regular uses.

6. Edge Sweeping Brush

One of the most impressive common features between the E5 Roomba and E6 Roomba is always the amazing pair of brushes they have. The iRobot comes with a new and unique brush which is special. Moreover, these brushes have a tilted mechanism.

This is why it becomes easier to configure them and you can even get the edge sweeping technology. Even if there is a tight space available, this set of brushes allows you to clean the surface instantly. It also protects the Roomba to avoid getting trapped on the edges.

7. Dirt Detect Technology

The Dirt Detect Technology is not only a common feature in the E5 and E6, but most of the devices have the same technology involved in. In fact, the Roomba is made to perform better with this system. The dirt detection mechanism works in a simple way that includes mapping.

Mapping allows the Roomba to easily move through the room and can easily clean up the floor according to the spots where it needs to be cleaned. The Dirt detection technology comes to great help for everyone.

8. Washable Dust Bin

In any robot vacuum, having a collective bin is always handy. If the capacity of the washable bin is decent enough, it will be good for you to store the dirt in a small and compact position.

The best part is that both E5 and E6 come with a decent bin capacity. The one feature that impressed us all is the option of having a washable dust bin. The bin is completely washed free and it becomes easier for you to pick it out and then clean up the entire bin easily.

9. Cliff Detect sensors

Another impressive similarity between the devices is the option of having cliff detection sensors. This is a simple sensor that is found in some of the Roombas. To be fair, they come along with a fast quick motion-sensing option that makes the product to be healthy.

The detection sensors are used as protective measures that prevent the device from falling off the edges. Because of this, it allows an easy cliff detection option that will prevent the Roomba from slipping, getting protected from the edges and the obstructions.

10. Smart Navigation

Smart navigation comes to a big help when it comes to automatically moving around the home. This feature is specifically built to introduce a better movement. The E5 and E6 come along with a fast and smart navigation system. This mechanism allows the entire room to remember the floor map. By following this, the Roomba will be able to move around the home and will be able to figure out the movement requirements.

How These Roomba Models Are Different? [Roomba E5 VS E6]


Both these devices come with a similar structure and the overall getup. They are found in a simple circular-shaped base which has a similar height, dimensions and weight. However, there are still some minute differences.

Roomba E5:

This device comes along with a completely black body style. Moreover, the profile is a bit slim-based.

Roomba E6:

On the other hand, this device comes with a silver-based body. It makes the Roomba look more professional and trendy to use.

Winner: Tie

2. Virtual Wall

The virtual wall turns out to be very handy when it comes to professional use. It is a special feature for the Roomba that guides when the Roomba is about to leave the room or the dedicated area.

Roomba E5:

According to the specifications, the E5 comes along with simple infrared mapping technology. This is why the virtual wall installed in the device is not much advanced. You have to manually program the working area of the Roomba.

Roomba E6:

On the other hand, the Roomba E6 comes to be a step ahead in this feature. It boasts virtual wall assistance with the help of virtual lighthouse technology. This is why it can easily detect the area to work on.

Winner: Roomba E6

3. Roomba 5150 VS E6: Filter

Filters become very important when it comes to keeping the floor clean and also ready to use.

Roomba E5:

This device comes with a single filter that allows the dirt inside the Roomba to be clean. It can always provide you with decent assistance.

Roomba E6:

This device comes with special filters. Infact, it has two filters that allow the Roomba to be fast and effective. The version of this Roomba is great to remove allergies.

Winner: Roomba E6

4. Price

The price between the two devices becomes the primary deciding factor. As you can easily see, there is not much difference between the Roomba E5 and the E6 when it comes to the specifications and the similarities. There is a slight difference in the design and the other factors.

This is why it becomes much easier to choose the right device that matches with the price that you put in. The E5 comes with a price tag of $299 and the E6 comes with a price tag of around $400.

5. Roomba iRobot E5 VS E6: Pros and Cons

Roomba E5:


Clean efficiently
Pull out a considerable amount of pet hair.
Water cleaning


No fast movement included

Roomba E6:


Run well on a hardwood floor.
Powerful suction
Long-running time


It is a bit noisy

6. Roomba E6 VS E5: Customer Review

Roomba E6 Reviews:

“Amazing quality and swiftness”

The user was always impressed by the speed in which it can clear up the entire floor. He possessed a big home and even after this, the Roomba took only 5 minutes to find out the dirt and cleans it fast. Surely I will recommend everyone to purchase this.

“Great WiFi Control”

The owner of the Roomba E6 got to use the iRobot application and it went on to become a master class. Surely because this device has an impressive quality and amazing work mode. Surely, this device works in a silent mode and has impressed everyone in the family.

Roomba E5 Reviews:

“Cleans my room easily”

The consumer was certainly impressed by the quality of this device. The Roomba E5 comes along with a dirt detection technology that turns out to be highly useful. This device turns out to be handy when it comes to complete uses.

“An affordable price”

The price factor allowed Mr Smith to purchase the E5 and it turned out to be a great choice for everyone. Certainly, it would do wonders to the home just because of the impressive quality this device has and it can be a great choice for you.

We have also compared Roomba E6 VS 985. We think it will help you in making the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can the device clean pet hair?

A1. The Roomba is a specially built device and it has been prepared to clean up the pet hair easily. So both E5 as well as the E6 will be capable enough to clean the pet hair relatively. They have small brushes and heavy suction power that can easily accept the pet hair and can easily clean it up in just a few seconds.

Q2. How long does it take to clean the floor?

A2. Now this will completely depend on the space available on the floor and also the amount of dirt that needs to be collected. Usually, Roomba cleans up fast and effectively. However, the speed of cleaning for a floor area of 100 square feet is around 10 minutes.

Q3. Can I get a spare part of the Roomba?

A3. Finding a spare part of the Roomba is not a difficult thing to ask for. You must get to know about which spare part has the problem. To be fair, both E5 and E6 are easily available all over the marketplace. You can assume that you will be able to find these products and their spare parts in the marketplace.

Q4. How long does it take to charge the Roomba?

A4. Usually, the time taken to charge the Roomba is not much. I assume that you will start from scratch and the device currently has no charge left. In such a situation, it will just take around 2 hours to complete the charging procedure. Honestly, this should not take long as the batteries come with a fast rechargeable cycle.

Q5. Do they come with a high sound?

A5. The general composition of the Roomba is to perform with low noise. Thus, there is not much sound at all while the Roomba is travelling. The only sound comes up when the Roomba is cleaning up or using the vacuum system. At this time, the sound is almost 50dB which makes the product great to use even while you are sleeping.

Final Verdict

I hope that you’ve gone through the entire comparison, Roomba E5 VS E6. Honestly, more than the differences, there are a lot of similarities in between these devices which makes it more difficult to choose the best one amongst them.

However, according to my views and a final verdict, I would go for the E5. Not only because the price for this Roomba is low but it also boasted almost similar features like the E6. However, if you want better protection you can also go for iRobot E6. Do let us know which model you liked the most and why was it so important to pick.