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Roomba E6 VS 985: Which One Should I Buy? [Compare iRobot Roomba in 2021]

Roomba E6 VS 985

Having a Roomba in your home means that you are about to get the best services according to your needs. Having pets in your home is the best feeling ever. However, taking care of your home is equally important. Keeping your floor hygienic should be the most priority thing that you need to look forward to in your home. 

This is where a Roomba comes to be your helping hand. There’s always a tough choose between the iRobot E6 and 985. There are some differences between them which you must have a look at before purchasing them. Also, it is important to have a look at the best features with this device as well. You can simply have a look at the comparison, Roomba E6 VS 985 mentioned below.

Roomba E6 VS 985: Similarities

1. Powerful Suction

The reason why most of the people do opt for Roombas is because they have a great solution for cleaning. Powerful suction becomes a mandatory factor to consider for most of the people as it brings up a great result. With more suction power, it takes up very less time to clean up the entire floor.

This is why both of these devices come with heavy duty suction motors. As a result, cleaning the floor and collecting the debris gets easier. It hardly takes up to a few minutes to complete the procedure. Interestingly, both of them do have an upgraded suction that allows you to get easy access to the product.

2. Pet Hair

Because of pets moving around all over the floor, they could leave out hair anywhere on the floor. It is always tough for you to run after the pet to keep the floor clean. The Roomba should do this job for you. To get this done, both of these devices become highly efficient as well.

Infact, the 600 series with the 985 comes with an easy cleaning mechanism. It has advanced filters that can clean up to 99% of the allergens that are available. You can get this thing done with the help of a single button to clean up the entire floor. Pet hair should not be a problem for any of these devices because they are well equipped to handle such problems.

3. Rubber Brushes

Movement throughout the floor always becomes an important to pick to consider while the device is travelling through. You must always keep in mind that the floor might be vulnerable to scratches and marks while the Roomba is travelling. The brushes slide though the floor continuously which makes it easier to clean up the debris formed.

But with the help of rubber or padded brushes at the base, it becomes much easier to allow the Roomba to travel. Both of them come with similar rubber brushes that can slide through the surface slowly. As a result, it is always easier for the device to clean up the entire floor. Coming to the rubber brushes, they are soft and also comfortable to travel though. In simple words, they can hug through the floor which makes it easier to clean.

4. Compatible with iRobot Home

Today, almost every Roomba requires a bit of compatibility. Thanks to the iRobot Home application that is developed by the manufacturers. This app allows you to configure the devices with the mobile phone so that you can easily travel to a different place and even control the Roomba.

The application is the same for both these devices and it hardly takes up a few minutes to complete this configuration. It is available on the app store for free and you need to register the device through this app to get it registered under a warranty. You can also activate the vacuum to clean up at any time. However, you need to make sure that the Roomba is connected to the wifi.

5. Edge Sweeping Brush

Another impressive factor between these two devices is the option of having edge sweeping brushes. The difference between regular brushes and this type of brushes is that it allows you to easily clean up the floor in a jiffy.

With the help of these brushes, the device could clean up the edges of the floors or even the tight spaces. This is simply because they are designed in three-pronged brushes which will help you to get the work done faster. The most impressive part is that when the vacuum gets to work, it tilts up by 27-degrees allowing you to get the best results in the least possible time.

6. Dirt Detect Technology

Another common feature between these devices is the availability of the dirt detection technology. This has become a common factor to think about for most of the Roombas available in the market today. It acts as an automatic detection technology that helps you to clean up the surface in quick time as well.

With the help of this feature, you can program the vacuum to perform at specific areas where the presence of dirt is more or the volume needs to be higher. It also allows you to get repeated cleaning options so that there is no dirt left at all on the floor. It steers away the remaining pet hair from the floor.

7. Washable Dust Bin

The dust collection space should always be kept clean and tidy. It is not possible for you to keep the dust inside the vacuum for your next use. You must have a bin that allows you to clear the debris present inside. Both iRobot Roomba E6 6198 and 985 series come with a simple washable dust bin.

The procedure for taking out this bin is also simple and it hardly takes up any time to get this procedure done. You will have to simply press the button and let the bin come out of the product. You can now easily replace the dirt inside and then clean it back to use the bin again. The entire procedure is hygienic and safe to use as well.

Roomba E6 VS 985: Differences

1. Design

iRobot Roomba E6 6198:

This device from iRobot comes with a complete round shaped body. It holds onto the traditional design of the Roomba that allows you to get easy access to the product the top of this robot appears to be much more simple to look at and it is also clean to use.

To be specific, there are also three buttons at the top of this device that allows you to easily go for spot cleaning and control other features as well. There is also a bust bin at the back of this device that might eat up some of the space available. However, the overall dimensions of this product are always decent.

iRobot Roomba 985:

The Roomba 985 on the other hand comes with a familiar design like the iRobot. Unlike the d-shaped body, it features a new round shaped outer cover. This seems to be highly impressive as the product you choose looks to be a bit different.

Apart from the three buttons in the top of the Roomba, there is an additional camera at the front panel. Because of this, you will be able to travel faster with this device. The Roomba 985 comes with a solid black finish which makes it appear to be like a professional model right from the start.

Winner: Roomba 985

2. Battery Life

iRobot Roomba E6 6198:

The battery turns out to be a big factor when we talk about using this device. The Roomba 980 comes with an important component that allows you to get lithium-ion support. The capacity of this battery is also quite decent as it allows you to get a space of at least 90 minutes of runtime.

The best part is that the battery is rechargeable. Once the runtime of the Roomba is over, it can automatically detect the precise location of the charging station. Because of this, it becomes easier for this Roomba to go to the charging dock. However, the cleaning will not start from the last location.

iRobot Roomba 985:

The Roomba 985 comes with an upper hand when it comes to the best out of this device. Battery power and capacity are two special options to choose from this device as it is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Compared with the E6 Roomba, this device turns up with a better capacity. It can provide you a support of 2 hours of work which is much better than the previous model. This Roomba can also sense the previous location and can get back to the charging dock as per the needs.

Winner: Roomba 985

3. Sensors

iRobot Roomba E6 6198:

The Roomba E6 does come up with a number of sensors which include the ant-collision as well as anti-drop sensors. Individually, they are great to use and these products also have a great response. However, the only major missing in this product is the camera.

Because of this, the navigation module comes with different types of sensors. It projects down an artificial barrier that helps the Roomba to run through the home and clean it up completely. However, the device might get lost sometimes if it gets tangled up. You can still rely on this device to work with it.

iRobot Roomba 985:

The Roomba 985 comes along with a specific sensor that allows you to get fast and effective results. It has all the basic sensors that make this device to get a great result. It comes along with simple anti-wall options and also a number of sensors which will help you to get the fastest results.

Moreover, it also has anti-collision sensors that can provide you a great result. The visual navigation mode is over the top and it comes with fast camera and navigation sensors. You will always get fast results including virtual map or advanced sensors as per the needs.

Winner: Roomba 985

4. Roomba 985 VS E6: Customer Reviews

Roomba E6 Reviews:

1. “Surprisingly powerful”

One of the consumers loved to use this device for their home and kept it turned on for the entire week. Thanks to the fantastic technology that it brings up with an easy cleaning mechanism. The product was sure enough to provide a fantastic cleaning mechanism that allowed the users to get maximum results. This product did a fantastic job in the space turning out to be a great choice for the people.

2. “Set it and forget it”

The auto programming option of this device seemed to be working really well. Most of the people did like the option of purchasing the E6 to get their work done without any hesitation. Thanks to the E6, it seemed to be heavily relying and also great to use as well. This product seemed to be the best buy for most of the people. You can also configure the timer option with this product and completely forget it.

Roomba 985 Reviews:

1. “Initially impressive”

From the first look itself, the user felt in love with this Roomba because of the performance that it has. Surely, it provided the user with every aspect that you can get. Moreover, you could also be benefited with the help of the decent user interface that it generates. The one more feature that we liked about this product is the amazing clean quality. However, he felt that the app could get some more modifications.

2. “Cleans good with a high moist”

This user from Amazon took a lot of time to figure out about which product to buy and then finally came up with this device. Surely, it had some of the best results that anyone would love to have in their home. This product comes with a high moist that allows you to get an amazing display and quality as well. The one feature he liked about this product is the ability to clean long hairs.

5. Roomba E6 VS 985: Pros and Cons

iRobot Roomba E6 6198:


 Wi-Fi Connected
 Works with Alexa
Ideal for Pet Hair


 Takes time to set up

iRobot Roomba 985:


Auto-Adjust cleaning
 iAdapt 2.0 Navigation
Premium 3-Stage Cleaning


 Price is high

We have an in-depth comparison between Roomba E5 VS E6. We hope you will like it.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Do you have to use the app for it to work?

A1. It’s obviously not necessary to download the application while you are doing work. The Roomba does not require taking help from an application to move around. Instead, you can easily do this with the help of the buttons available at the top of the Roomba. There should be easy controls at the top that allow you to get a fast working mechanism.

Q2. Does this hit walls or furniture?

A2. The Roomba is designed to get great navigation and smart mapping. However, because of these features and motion alerts, it automatically detects any type of obstruction. As soon as the Roomba hits any object, it deflects the direction instantly and then moves across to a different location. You won’t have to worry much about the damage of this product.

Q3. Can you use the virtual wall with the 985 Roomba?

A3. Yes you can. This device comes with the inbuilt virtual wall application that allows you to get easy access to floor cleaning. The product comes with artificial intelligence that can quickly sense up the virtual wall and create an artificial barrier within the sides. It proves to be a great match for the people. You can also program this device for regular uses.

Q4. Can you remotely navigate the Roomba?

A4. Having an application with the robot vacuum proves to be a great choice for everyone who is willing to go ahead. It is important to keep the device with updated applications that will help you to easily get easy navigation that will help you to get easy access to the product. With the help from this application, navigation becomes much easier to use and to control as well.

Q5. Is this device always noisy in nature?

A5. The Roomba works simply with the help of side brushes and also some silent features that will help you to get easy controls with the product. However, the best part is that the device is not much noise productive when it comes to movement. The only sound it generates is while the Roomba is cleaning. It is also minimal and may not be obstructing your sleep as well.

Final Verdict

Choosing between these two devices is always an important thing to look out for when you would wish to get a decent result for your home. Both these devices including the Roomba E6 and 985 do come with a lot of competition. Simply because both of them have a lot of features in common.

It’s a hard choice between these two devices. If you wish to pick up any one, I will go for the Roomba 985. Simply because it has better features and can have an impact on the performance. On the other hand, the 600 series is a budget friendly model. Do let us know about which one among Roomba E6 VS 985 is your favourite choice.