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7 Best Samsung Smart TV Remote Replacement [Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021]

samsung smart tv remote replacement

Despite the fact that today we have modern and quality televisions but unfortunately in many respects, we still depend on the remote control to work in order to take advantage of it. That is why Samsung users will surely find it interesting to know that they have a wide comparison of Samsung smart tv remote replacement which can replace the original damaged controls.

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7 Best Samsung Smart TV Remote Replacement

1. SAMSUNG Smart Tv All Models Remote – Best Seller

Our first product on this list of Samsung tv remote replacement is from the Samsung brand itself. It is compatible with most of the Samsung Smart Tv Models. Infrared Technology is used to make it operational.

So, you will need to point it towards the receiver for controlling your Tv. You will also need to buy 2 AAA batteries for it. This guy has a great built and ergonomic design which makes it very easy to grip.

It comes with a lot of buttons for every purpose. So, while there are a lot of buttons allowing you to create the most comfortable, useful, and accessible Samsung smart tv remote control for your specific and personal needs.

It’s understandable that looking at a remote with so many buttons, one might assume that the installation will be complex and tedious. But, this remote doesn’t actually need any programming or pairing. Just put in 2 AAA batteries and you are good to go.


  • No programming or pairing is needed at all.
  • It has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to grab and hold.
  • The remote uses Infrared for transmission.

Buyers Experience

This product has got a lot of positive reviews from the buyers. They liked the way it is built and also it is highly praised for the smoothness and number of useful buttons.


Ergonomic Design
Easy To Use
Compatible with most smart TVs


Buttons are a little close to each other

2. Angrox Universal Latest Remote Control For All Samsung TVs – Most Versatile

This is a high-quality remote control made by the Angrox brand. A command that among other things allows us to access the Smart TV functions, as well as the 3D functions of the highest quality models of the brand. Specifically, the remote is compatible with all Samsung 3D LED LCD HDTV Smart TVs Models.

It works on Infrared Technology and its maximum transmission length is about 10m. The remote includes the Samsung direct access keys and all the functions you may need since we are talking about a remote designed directly for this manufacturer.

This Samsung remote replacement has a compact design and it is very comfortable to grip. You need not to stress about any programming or pairing. You just need to arrange for 2 AAA batteries and it is ready to rock.


  • This remote is compatible with many models of Samsung.
  • Infrared technology is used for transmission and its range is about 10m.
  • The design of this remote is quite good and easy to grip.

Buyers Experience

Buyers who were looking for a good remote for Samsung TV seemed quite happy with this product’s performance. It has got positive reviews from most of the buyers.


Easy to grip and hold
No connecting 
Easy to use
Long transmission range


Slight expensive

3. Universal  CooLux  Remote Control Compatible With Samsung – Most Affordable

This model is another cloned remote from Samsung with a wide variety of compatible models, so that almost any TV of the brand can work with this remote. The body build of this Samsung tv remote replacement is very slim which makes it very easy to grip and hold.

Like the previous products, it also works with Infrared Technology. Absolute no pairing of any kind is required, just place 2 AAA batteries in it and it will start working. It is a very good alternative at a really reasonable price to replace your original Samsung remote.


  • It has a slim body that is very comfortable to grip.
  • The transmission range is quite good as it uses Infrared.
  • It works with 2 AAA batteries.

Buyers Experience

The buyers seemed to be quite delighted with the remote. It has got a lot of positive reviews mostly because of the performance it gives at a low price.


Slim Design
Easy to use


Slightly long body

4. Universal Angroz Remote Control – Excellent Performance

The next best remote control for Samsung tv is also from Angrox.  This model easily replaces your original Samsung remote control. It is particularly suitable for controlling your analog television.

Infrared technology is used to transmit and its range is around 10m. Absolute no need of pairing it, just buy 2 AAA batteries and that’s enough for it to work.

This remote control enjoys good compatibility with a large number of models of Samsung TVs available on the market. For everyday use, it gives you an ergonomic shape that makes the grip more pleasant. You will no longer have any difficulty using it because it has the same keys as the original remote controls of your devices. With larger keys, it offers better readability and greater ease of use. 


  • It comes with an ergonomic body which makes it very easy to grip and use.
  • This remote works on Infrared technology for its operation.
  • It needs two 2 AAA batteries for being alive.

Buyers Experience

This product is highly praised by buyers because of its unique design and excellent performance. Buyers like its long transmission range and durability.


Ergonomic Shape
Infrared Tech
Compatible with most TVs


Slightly Expensive

5. AMZJK  Universal Latest Remote Control For All Samsung TVs  – Best Designed

This best Samsung tv remote replacement is another option designed to replace damaged Samsung remote controls. This remote control is designed in accordance with the standard format of the brand, and is designed for more current models, since it includes the operation keys for Smart TV.

However, it is essential to verify compatibility with your specific TV model. Infrared technology has been used for transmission and its range is about 8m. The small and compact design of this product makes it very easy to use.

Another good thing about the remote is that for a much lower cost you will have a high-performance remote that does not require configuration or installation. A remote that will work directly on your television just by removing it from the box and putting in its batteries, offering you the same sensations and functions as the original remote.


  • It has a small and compact design for easy gripping.
  • This product works on the Infrared principle.
  • You can start using it after putting 2 AAA batteries in it.

Buyers Experience

This product is one of the newest remote replacements for Samsung Smart Tv yet it has gathered a lot of positive reviews for it. Buyers liked its brilliantly designed body and good performance at a decent price.


Well designed body
Infrared Tech
No programming or connecting


Buttons are a little close

6. Universal Samsung TV Remote Control – Most Advanced

Universal remote controls are now essential accessories for everyday life. Compared to traditional models, these offer many very interesting features.

It uses Infrared technology which means that you have to make sure that you are pointing at the receiver for making it work. You will also need to buy 2 AA batteries for it.

This replacement Samsung tv remote has a design that is both simple and elegant. It offers very pleasant handling. This device is neither too big nor too small and its control buttons are very easy to access. It just takes a touch to put it into action.


  • The elegant design makes it easy to hold and grip.
  • It simply works on 2 AA batteries, no pairing needed.
  • Infrared technology is used for transmission.

Buyers Experience

  • The buyers have reviewed this product with very positive intent. They liked its advanced look and performance at such a low price.


Cheap Price
Advance look
Elegant Design


Fewer Buttons

7. BN59-01315A Replaced Remote Fit For Samsung Smart 4K – Most Unique

The last replacement remote for Samsung tv is from the Vinabty brand. This model has large and soft keys which provide excellent comfort in use.

It has similar keys as the original remote controls on your Samsung TV. It also works on Infrared rays for transmitting. Alkaline batteries are used for making it work.

It does not require any kind of programming. You can therefore use it immediately after inserting the batteries. It can replace the original remote controls but also serve as a control for several Samsung TVs. This remote control is compatible with the majority of Samsung televisions and its price is very affordable.


  • It has a slim, small, and well-built body.
  • This product is compatible with most models.
  • It needs alkaline batteries to work.

Buyers Experience

It is one of the most unique and highly rated remote by buyers. They liked its great performance and excellent design at a quite affordable price.


Easy to use
Compatible with many


Buttons are close


A measure that saves us money as long as we know how to choose, so we also give you some advice on what you should value when buying one of these remotes.

If we talk about remote controls for Samsung TV it is obvious that the first question that we must assess is precisely this compatibility. In this aspect we have two options: on the one hand, we have universal controls that allow compatibility with Samsung models. On the other hand, there are models that are almost clones of the original with all its functions. These are perhaps the best operating options, although in any case, it is vital to check compatibility before buying.

Due to the wide range of Samsung televisions that we find on the market, it is essential to have a remote that supports all the functions that we may need. This is the second element to consider when buying one of these controls. This aspect is key if you have a Smart TV or a state-of-the-art model since an incomplete control will probably prevent you from being able to access a good part of the device’s functions. Be sure to check it out, just in case.

The last feature that we are going to assess is the manufacturing quality of the remote. Although it is true that we cannot expect the same quality as the original manufacturer’s product, it is also true and almost essential that we look for products that offer us the best possible quality. This quality must be present in the outer body and the plastic from which it is manufactured, as well as the touch of the keys and their system of use. Do not stop evaluating this aspect so as not to have to return soon to buy another new remote control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you replace a Samsung Smart TV remote?

A1. Yes, surely you can replace your Samsung Smart Tv Remote if it’s damaged or lost. You can buy a remote replacement for Samsung or Universal Remotes will also work.

Q2. Why is my Samsung TV remote control not working?

A2. If your Samsung Smart Tv remote is not working then most probably its batteries may have expired. But if it is not working even after replacing the battery then there is some sort of issue with the remote.

Q3. Why is my TV not responding to my remote?

A3. If the Tv is not responding to your remote then restart everything and try again. Unplug all the cables and put in back again and now it should be working.

Q4. What is the 4 digit code for a Samsung TV?

A4. The four-digit code for Samsung Tv is 0000. You can use it to connect your Tv to the universal remotes.

Final Verdict

Most humans tend to lose or break the original remotes given by the manufacturer. That’s the reason there are so many brands out there that produce remote replacements. This article was on the Best remotes for Samsung smart tv. If you own a Samsung Smart Tv but have lost it as an original remote then this article may surely have helped you in buying a new one.

Our recommendation will be SAMSUNG TV Remote Control BN59-01199F as it is one of the best selling Samsung smart tv remote replacement out in the market. But at last, it’s your choice and requirements for choosing a perfect remote replacement for yourselves.

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