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Step by Step methods of Screen Mirroring S7

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have beautiful displays at 5.1 and 5.5 inches, respectively, but they can not compare to the simplicity of seeing a 50-inch TV!

Luckily, there are simple ways to join your mobile for your HDTV, depending upon your TV’s capabilities. Let us take a look at these choices.

Screen Mirroring S7

Most Effective Way of Screen Mirroring S7

According to the Galaxy S7 user guide, the simplest way to connect with your S7 or S7 Edge is just available to 2015 or after Samsung Smart TVs using Bluetooth Low Energy support.

If you’ve got one of those versions, you can join by setting your telephone beside your own turned-on TV.


  1. Launch the notification panel.
Quick Connect (a)

2. Click on Quick Connect and scan for nearby devices.

Quick Connect (b)

3. Then Choose the TV and tap Register TV.

4. You will then see an icon of a TV using an arrow pointing towards it press this and you will be able to mirror your screen into the TV.

Quick Connect (c)

5. You might also do the inverse (mirroring your TV’s display to your phone) by opening the notification panel, tapping Quick Connect after which TV to the mobile device.

Quick Connect (d)

6. As soon as you’re ready to get started enjoying a media file (such as a movie or a tune) in your TV, just open the file, then tap on the Share button (as shown).

Quick Connect (e)

7. You will see a Smart View button near the bottom of the screen.

8. Select that, then choose your device from the list that appears.

9. Enjoy the video on TV!

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Nobody enjoys seeing wires everywhere so connecting your TV to your Galaxy S7 wirelessly is certainly the best way to go.

Given Chromecast dongles just cost a couple of bucks, this can be a cheap and effortless means to connect both devices.

  1. Connect the Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and turn the TV on.
  2. Connect the TV and the S7 to the Identical Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the Google Play Store in your S7 and install the Chromecast app.
  4. Follow the setup wizard to finish the installation.
  5. Access the media that you want to share and you should find a ‘Cast’ icon together with the app.
  6. Alternately, start the Chromecast app, choose Menu and then ‘Cast screen/audio and pick your Chromecast.

You should now find the media playing on your TV. If playback does not start straight away, block the program on the S7 and restart it manually.

If playback stutters, proceed your telephone nearer to the TV or assess your Wi-Fi system signal strength.