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Shark Ion VS Roomba: Which One Is Best For Me? [Roomba Comparisons in 2021]

Shark Ion VS Roomba

Almost every device in a smart home is now integrated with the most modern and high-tech equipments. Such is a robo vacuum. IRobot has been a pioneer in the market ever since the concept of robo vacuums have emerged up the most. However, Shark Ion is nether far behind as well.

Infact, when both these devices go head to head, there’s only a little bit of difference to make. If you are confused about choosing the best one out from Shark Ion VS Roomba comparison, this guide will surely help you to pick up the best product available. You can look below to know all about the head to head comparisons and get to know more about the differences, similarities and more between these two devices.

Shark Ion VS Roomba: Similarities

Although the Shark ion R75 and Roomba 981 iRobots come from different series, they are similar to each other at a lot of occasions. Simply because you can find a lot of features in common that will make it special to use. Both shark ion and Roomba 981 come with simple features and some of them are highly essential to have. You can have a look at them below.

1. Runtime

Having a good runtime means that the product can deliver you for a long time. When you use the iRobot Roomba 981, it should run for a long time. However, the shark ion robot vacuum and 981 Roomba come with similar capacity that allows both of them to run for at least 1 hour. But the most interesting fact is that the capacity for the battery is around 2100 mAh. The most interesting fact is that both of them have fast charging options which will help you to get the task completed in 2-3 hours.

2. Navigation

Another common similarity between them is the navigation mode. Thankfully, both of them have iAdapt navigation mode that allows the device to run smoothly without any major pause. This is why it can easily move with intelligent sensors. Both of them are currently run on the 1.0 platform and SLAM navigation. It can be widely used by the iRobot 981 to map out the floor plan and trackback to the docking station automatically without the help of any external controls.

3. Virtual Walls

Virtual walls have become an important feature for the Roomba 981 to maintain a proper cleaning route. If the door is left open, the Roomba may travel outside the room. To prevent such errors, having a virtual wall is important. The Shark iRobot and 981 come with a virtual wall assistant that blocks the Roomba from going out.

Infact, it creates an extra space which you can easily use to set boundaries. They both have one node including enhancing the navigation procedure.

4. Connectivity

Having smart connectivity with the roomba is a great feature that you can opt to choose. There are some specifications like remote access and even WiFi connectivity that allows the user to access the roomba from a distance. However, the best part is that both these devices come with similar WiFi integration that allows you to connect with shark ion and roomba. Infact, you can also get Alexa and iRobot applications to get the connectivity complete.

5. Brushes

Another impressive feature that you need to look forward to is the brushes. Good brushes and perfect angles allow you to clean up the small spaces inside the room. If you have a great brush system, you will be able to get used to this with ease.

The one thing that impressed us the most is the brushes for both Shark Robotic Vacuum and iRobot 981. They have multi-surface brushes which are great for both dust and dirt. Moreover, you can get side brushes along with the Roomba.

Shark Ion VS Roomba: Main Differences

1. Design

By the structure, both the roomba features a round-shaped outline. They both are designed similarly. However, there are some differences in the overall design and also the weight. You can have a look at them with ease.

Shark Robot Vacuum Reviews:

This device comes with a silver finish body. It looks attractive and also friendly. When it comes to the dimension, the diameter is around 13-inches. However, the height is around 3.7 inches. However, the weight of this product is the most interesting part and it comes around 0.6 pounds. It is relatively lighter than that of the Roomba roomba.

Roomba 981 Review:

The iRobot Roomba 981 comes with a sleek finish to the body. The dimension of this product is wide at 13.6-inches. However, the overall design makes this product look highly attractive, it features armadillo color which makes the Roomba look professional. This Roomba has a weight of 0.7 pounds which is slightly heavier.

Winner: Tie

2. Technology

Technology plays up a big role in how the roomba will perform for everyday use. Although they both use the same technology and platform for navigation, there is a huge difference in the technology the Roomba uses for regular cleaning. This is why choosing the roomba according to the type of cleaning available becomes a big aspect. You need to consider choosing the type of technology that you would want.

Shark ion Robot R75 Reviews:

The Shark ion robot vacuum R75 runs on the AeroVac technology. This is a specific technology introduced by the manufacturers for mid-level Roomba. This product features the main brush so that pulling up the dirt and the dust becomes easier. Moreover, it is specifically manufactured to clean up the entire pet hairs and more without any mess. It does this with ease which is great for cleaning.

Roomba 981:

Coming to the Roomba 981, this product comes with eh AeroForce technology. This technology is far superior to the AeroVac technology as it provides a decent configuration and cleaning. It comes with a special feature to use the debris extractor. This is why its suction power is much higher. The main brush has a counter-rotating mechanism so that cleaning hair from the floor becomes an art. It hardly takes a few minutes to clean up the entire room.

Winner: iRobot Roomba 981

3. Shark Robot VS Roomba: Maintenance

Maintenance is a key factor to consider when it all comes down to choosing the right roomba. Both of them feature bins on the top where the dirt can be stored easily. However, the main point is the type of cleaning and maintenance they require. Choosing a product with less maintenance is better.

Shark ion Robot Vacuum R75:

The Shark vacuum robot has a large bin for storage which can easily be brought out. On top of the bin, it features a small filter which keeps the entire unit clean. However, cleaning the dirt and the dust stuck on the filter will take some time.

iRobot Roomba 981:

The 981 iRobot Roomba comes along with a similar size of the bin. Storage is easier and you can also take out the bin and empty it at any time. The one thing that gives an advantage to the product is the presence of the HEPA filter. It allows you to keep the unit much more cleanly than the Shark Roomba.

Winner: iRobot Roomba 981

4. Shark VS Roomba: Level Cleaning

Both of these devices feature excellent level cleaning options. They are gently prepared to allow the unit to clean up the entire floor without any major damage to the floor. Both of them are quite efficient to protect against scratches from the hardwood floor. So the major difference comes down to the use of brushes within the product.

Shark ion Robot Reviews:

This device comes along with a simple main brush and a few side brushes. This is why cleaning becomes efficient. You can also get edge cleaning features that allow the roomba to travel around the chair and clean it up. It can go through compact spaces as well.

iRobot Roomba 981:

The Roomba 981 is a better product to choose when it comes to the level of cleaning units. This product features a pass control so that it can remember which area to clean more. However, the counter-rotating brushes provide extra swiping on the floor so that no more pet hair is present.

Winner: iRobot Roomba 981

5. Roomba VS Shark: Price

Price becomes an essential factor when it comes to the importance of the Roomba. Although the price revolves around the features that you get, paying a sensible amount for the Roomba is important. The shark ion is available at a decent price and also has the features that you require. On the other hand, the cost of purchasing a Roomba 981 is almost $200 higher. Although there are some advanced features available, they may not create a huge impact on cleaning the floor.

6. Shark Robot Vacuum VS Roomba: Pros and Cons

Shark Roomba Ion:


Comes with Wi-Fi connectivity
It greatly enhances usability
It comes with a low price


Memory mapping is missing

iRobot Roomba 981:


Memory mapping feature
Advanced dual brush rolls
Works on the hardwood floor


Price is high

Apart from this comparison we have some more comparisons between iRobots. Here is one out of many for you Roomba 960 VS i7.

7. Shark Ion Robot VS Roomba: Customer Review

Roomba Shark Ion:

“Very handy in this price”

The Shark ion Roomba is a handy device that comes with a low price as well. Probably this is the most impressive feature that allowed the users to get impressive feedback for the device. It completes all the work that is needed to be done.

“Amazing dirt detection”

The user was initially worried about this feature before purchasing. However, the performance of the Shark ion has been surprising the most. It has provided a simple performance that came out to be handy for the consumer.

iRobot Roomba 981:

“Extremely professional in performance”

Roomba 981 is certainly professional in use. The technology that the product uses comes with fast and effective cleaning. It also has an advanced filter that can provide easy cleaning options for the product. This is a great purchase for anyone.

“Price is high, but I recommend Roomba roomba”

The consumer believes that the prices for the Roomba iRobot 981 are seemingly high. Of course, it is as compared to some devices with smarter features. However, he feels that the performance this Roomba provides sums it all up.

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQs]

Q1. How long does the Shark ion robot battery last?

A1. The run time of this device depends on the time till you are using. Overall, this product comes along with a decent battery capacity of 2500 mAh. This is always enough to provide you a support of 60 to 80 minutes of runtime. With the help of this feature, you will be able to run the product for a very long time.

Q2. Are they good on hardwood floors?

A2. The wheels at the base of the roomba are generally soft. Moreover, they have rubber pads at the base. This is why they are ideal for any type of frictional movement. Choosing the Roomba for hardwood floors will never be a problem for you.

Q3. Can it go under the furniture?

A3. This entirely depends on how low the furniture is. If it’s a chair, it will easily sneak through. However, if it’s a sofa, the height of the fabric will be a factor. The roomba has a height of 3.6 inches. There must be space under the furniture for the roomba to travel.

Q4. Are they quiet?

A4. While travelling from one position to another, the roomba does not make noise at all. So this is not the problem. However, when it comes to cleaning, the suction motor produces sound at 60 dB or slightly more. However, it is not much either.

Q5. How long can the battery last?

A5. Usually, the batteries provided with the device are long-lasting. They are rechargeable and do not take much time to be filled at all. If the Roomba runs regularly you can expect the battery to serve you at least for 5 years without any major fault.

Final Verdict

Both these brands are great to choose for your home. To be fair, the introduction of Shark Ion breaks the stereotype of having iRobot Roombas in your home. There are not many differences apart from choosing the regular Roombas.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, the Shark Ion could give a healthy competition to this device. It is a great product to have for your home and solve easy floor cleaning requirements that you have. We hope Shark Ion VS Roomba Comparison Guide helped you in making your decision.