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SmartThings Hub V2 VS V3: Which Samsung Smart Home Hub Should I Buy? [Comparison In 2021]

SmartThings Hub V2 VS V3

Samsung is one of the most leading developers of tech gadgets all around the world. Having SmartThings in your home means you are already on step ahead to conserve your electricity bills and also to upgrade your home to a new level. When you wish to buy a new hub for your home, why not upgrade it to a smart one.

Both Smart hubs V2 and V3 are great models to choose from and it provides a complete solution to your home without any major setback. If you are confused between which model to pick and which one to pass away, this is the exact guide that you were looking for. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the SmartThings Hub V2 VS V3 detailed comparison similarities and more.

Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 VS V3: Similarities

Both these products are developed by the same manufacturer. This is why there are a lot of features that are common between them. To take a quick note, the Samsung V3 is just the next upgrade of the Smart Things V2 model from Samsung.

Here is a list of the similarities that are common between these two models. You can simply have a look at them to figure out more about this product. Some of them are the work function mode while some are the display and the design.

1. Design

Both these models come up with a similar design and the body built. Although there are slight differences in the dimensions, both of them look exactly the same. The body is a bit rectangular in shape with a white plastic coating on the top. On the side of the hub, you will find USB ports and a place for ethernet configuration. The manufacturer has kept the same weight for both these models which are roughly around 8 ounces in total.

2. Compatible

Since they are smart hubs, the product is highly compatible with devices that require a hub. If you have HVAC products in your home irrespective of the make and the model, the SmartThings V2 Hub and V3 should be compatible with them as well. To include a better interface, the technology used behind this includes ZigBee, Z-wave as well as BlueTooth. You can use any of these three options to pair up with the device. It takes up very less time.

3. Installation

Installation is another key factor when it comes to choosing any hub. While you are installing the product, you would expect it to be attractive in looks and also comfortable to place on the wall. The manufacturer keeps all your expectations on a good note and provides a comfortable installation option. Moreover, it also comes with a wall mount bracket that allows you to hang up this device against the wall. There is an installer manual included with the product.

4. Interface

Only purchasing the hub will do no good if you are unable to access it. There is no display involved in either of the products. So you have to manually edit and make changes to the temperature from the SmartThings app. This app is available for free for both Android and iOS users. The interface of this application is the same for both these models. Once your device is connected with the products, you will be able to use this product with ease.

5. Compatible with previous versions

Not many devices from a wide range of manufacturers do offer this feature. But with the SmartThings Hub Version 2 and the SmartThings Hub Version 3, you will be able to get every feature in your hand. They are highly compatible with the previous versions of the sensors and outlets as well.

This is why, choosing the product will always give you the freedom to configure with more devices. You can even connect with all the hvac devices irrespective of the date and year of manufacture according to the sensors.

Samsung Smartthings V2 VS V3: Differences

1. Hub

The smart hub is a dedicated device that will help you to get an amazing connectivity option available. Both of these products come with fast Z-wave and Zigbee devices that will help you to get fast working. However, there are still some major differences that you must look for the best results.

Smartthings Hub V2:

The Smart Hub V2 comes with a smart design that can easily fit into the wall. This product comes with a total dimension of 4.90 x 4.20 x 1.30 inches. This product has a decent weight of 0.5 lbs that allows you to get easy movement.

Smartthings Hub V3:

At the same time, Version 3 comes with a major upgrade when it comes to the design. The hub is much slimmer which is why it is great to choose and to use as well. The overall dimensions are around 5 x 5 x 1.2 inches.

Winner: Smartthings Hub V3

2. Multipurpose Sensor

The thermostats are designed to complete multiple works and not one work when it comes to an amazing result. With the help of this multipurpose sensor, you will be able to complete a lot of work at the same time. You can do a lot of features that will help you to get fast connectivity.

Smartthings Hub V2:

The multipurpose sensor from V2 is a bit box type looking in total. It comes with a decent magnet to help to detect the door opening and closing alerts. Apart from this, you can also get an easy configuration with the system. It is available with immediate alert.

Smartthings Hub V3:

Compared with the V2 of Smartthings, this model has come up with major improvements. You can get a stronger magnet in this device. Because of this, the app can immediately inform you about the door opening and closing. Moreover, you can also install a 3M peel-and-stick installation which makes it easier to connect with the products.

Winner: Smartthings Hub V3

3. Motion Sensor

Motion sensors come out to a big picture when you want to trigger and find out different actions in the game. It is important to know the product which will notify you immediately. You can check out the differences now.

Smartthings Hub V2:

This device used to come with a decent motion sensor. Generally, it was available at a rate of $34 per sensor and it proved to be very mediocre. It is also customizable.

Smartthings Hub V3:

The Smartthings Hub V3 outcasts every other product in the same range. It has a better motion sensor which is now available at a much cheaper rate. The magnetic mount is much faster and this is why you can get instant notifications.

Winner: Smartthings Hub V3

4. Price

The price becomes a bigger factor when you wish to purchase a product that will serve you. However, compensating on the budget should never mean that you have to compromise on the features. You will have to look for the different features that are available. Coming to the price comparison, the 2 of this smart hub was initially launched with a price of $100.

However, when we upgraded to V3, the initial price launch was set at $70. According to this, the V3 always has a better advantage because of impressive features that you can get. We will definitely recommend this product for you.

5. Samsung Hub SmartThings Reviews: Customer Reviews

Smartthings Hub V2:

1. “Great product to manage a lot of electronic devices”

One of the consumers from Amazon wished to purchase this product because of the multiple connectivity that it has. Using the Samsung standard will be very helpful to figure out the connectivity issues. You can easily figure out the problems. You can get minimal battery backup support that will allow you to get easy connectivity requirements.

2. “Excellent starting point for home integration”

Another consumer from Amazon claimed that this product has brought up a solution for all the HVAC products that are available. Both these devices come to be very useful when you wish to connect with multiple HVAC products in your home. You can easily configure them with a simple tap on the SmartThings application from your phone.

Smartthings Hub V3:

1. “Upgraded from V2 hub”

This consumer was using the 2nd generation hub from the past two years. This year, he upgraded it to the 3rd generation model and it seemed to be an amazing switch. The one feature this product looked amazing in is the option of easy wired connections. There are places up to ten devices which will help you to get the best results.

2. “Amazing product to have in home”

The V3 from Samsung appeared to be an amazing choice as a product. It featured some amazing compatibility that allowed the user to operate from hundred miles away from the home. Simply tap on the application and you can easily get the best features in just a few clicks. For more assistance, you can also take a look at the instruction guide that is presented with the product.

6. Smartthings Hub V2 VS V3: Pros and Cons

Smartthings Hub V2:


In-wall power adapter
Requires an internet-connected
Faster performance


Price is high

Smartthings Hub V3:


Wi-Fi makes installing this hub easier
Allows for more automation than other hubs
Works with Zigbee and Z-Wave devices


Difficult to upgrade from older hub

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQs]

Q1. Is this compatible with the Amazon Echo ?

A1. Yes it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. However, having Alexa is one of the primary features of both these devices. Because of the features, you will be able to use the voice over command in order to get adequate services. The speakers are quite decent and you will be able to operate them from a distance as well.

Q2. Does this hub have to connect directly to the router?

A2. The SmartThings hub does require internet services for operation. Without the internet, you won’t be able to make a single alteration within the product. With the help of this integrated service, you will be able to work faster and also accurately. However, the connectivity is a bit different from others. Here, you will have to connect the hub with an Ethernet port to get an established network.

Q3. Does it have battery backup?

A3. Unfortunately it does not have much battery backup. There is a minimal battery backup which can be highly beneficial during power cuts. This is mainly because the electrical connections with the hub come with high load. A single cell of battery will not be sufficient to power them. The connections are made through wires from the circuit inside this.

Q4. Does the power supply handle 220V?

A4. By default, the product is manufactured to provide you with the ultimate result. It is designed to work with 220 volt power supply so that every hvac device in your home gets forwarded with the same. You can even use a splitter to make a robust connection of 110 volts depending on the requirements that you have. Make sure that you are not overloading the configuration.

Q5. How easy was it to set up existing Z-wave devices?

A5. Honestly, it took us just 10 minutes to complete the entire setup procedure. However, this completely depends on the type of devices you are using and the pairing requirements for each of them. It takes up a bit of time to complete the configuration and you will be able to use this product as soon as this pairing is done.

Final Verdict

Comparing all the features and having a look at the budget, our choice for the SmartThings Hub V2 VS V3 would always go for the SmartThings V3 model. Not only is it more affordable in nature, but it is also upgraded to a new set of hardware. Because of this, you will be able to use the product for a longer amount of time.

Compatibility will never be an issue as you will not require a hefty upgrade as the software used in V3 is compatible with all. This product has definitely impressed us a lot. Do let us know about which is your favorite choice amongst all.