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5 Best Sony Surround Sound Remotes Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Sony Surround Sound Remotes

Sometimes we underestimate the contribution to our practical lives that the functions of a remote control have. And is that for some people, enjoying the television, Blu-Ray or any other electronic equipment is very important.

But sometimes people get puzzled because there is a remote for every individual device in the house. In such kinds of scenarios, the best Sony surround sound remotes can help have a smooth experience while using any device.

5 Best Sony Surround Sound Remotes Reviews

1. Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control – Most Advanced

An ideal device to control any electronic device at the push of a button. The Harmony H650 universal remote control facilitates and enhances your entertainment experience. 

You must make simple configurations to indicate which is the mechanism that it is going to handle. Another fascinating aspect is its soft, backlit buttons which with a single press turn on or activate whatever you want. 

Additionally, it contains a USB cable, arranged to significantly increase the number of units in which it works. 

Its weight is 227 g and it requires an Alkaline battery for its operation. Infrared technology is used in it.


  • It works on Infrared technology.
  • This remote is compatible with 5000+ brands.
  • Its maximum range of transmission is a whopping 50 feet.

Buyers Experience

Logitech Harmony is one of the most highly rated remote controls from the Logitech brand. Buyers like its unique and amazing performance.


Good Compatibility
Backlit Buttons
50 Feet Maximum Range


Little Expensive

2. Gvirtue Sony Universal Remote Control – Most Affordable

This remote controller Sony is an excellent option to optimize the handling of electronic equipment with the push of a button. It works mainly on Sony brand devices, the TV, Smart TV, 3D LED, and HDTV.

For this control to perform all its functions correctly, it requires two AAA batteries. After snapping them into place, set up the remote to enjoy fun entertainment for longer. 

Similarly, you have direct access to the most common functions of this popular manufacturer. It is pre-programmed for Sony TVs and can be easily programmed for the rest of the devices. The buyer also gets a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.


  • It is compatible with all Sony TVs.
  • The remote works with Alkaline batteries.
  • It is very easy to program and use.

Buyers Experience

Buyers love its amazing performance and ergonomic design. This product is also highly rated because of its great versatile performance at such an affordable price.


1-year warranty
Ergonomic Design
Easy to Program


Buttons are slightly closer

3. PDP Gaming Multipurpose Talon Media Remote Control – Best Selling

This Talon Media Remote is perfect for those Xbox fans who love to experience the adrenaline of video games in front of the television.

With this remote control, you will improve your record as a player, without having to configure the game directly in the system.

Operating it is very simple: use the A, B, X, Y buttons. It comes with two triple-A batteries included. In addition, it is multifunctional since it has applications for Blu Ray and Streaming. Also, with advanced technology for backlit buttons with movement. Covered with a smooth, rubbery texture with a D-pad, which does not hurt.


  • It comes with an ergonomic design.
  • The remote control has backlit buttons.
  • It works with AAA batteries.

Buyers Experience

This remote control has a great name among the buyers. It is a very positively rated product, especially for its amazing performance and compatibility.


Ergonomic Design
Easy to Use
Backlit Buttons


Buttons are too flat

4. Sony RM-YD092 Original Sony Replacement Remote for Smart TV – Best Designed

This Sony remote control is manufactured by Sony itself. It has an ergonomic design which gives it a clean look and the user will find it very comfortable to hold this device. 

It is compatible with almost all Sony TVs and is small in size and lightweight. It weighs only 4 ounces. 

With a product dimension of 8 x 2 x 0.5 inches, this remote control requires Alkaline batteries for its operation. Infrared technology helps it to transmit signals to the receiver. 


  • It works on infrared technology.
  • The buttons are placed well and are comfortable to press.
  • It is a small, ergonomic, and lightweight remote control.

Buyers Experience

This product is very highly rated by the buyers who are specifically looking for remote control for Sony TVs.


Easy to Use
Ergonomic Design


Fewer Buttons

5. Sony RMVLZ620 Remote Control – Most Versatile

The last one in the list of Sony remote controls is a universal one for Sony tv.

This remote controls up to 8 house devices at once. It requires batteries of Lithium Metal for operation. The maximum range of its transmission is up to 10 metres.

This remote controls any AV device and has a lot of amazing features. The various one-touch system functions will help you automate the processes and will save your time and energy of clicking more buttons. The body built is quite strong and easy to hold. With a weight of 5.3 ounces, this Sony universal remote is a great product for its price.


  • It controls up to 8 house devices at once.
  • This remote requires batteries of Lithium Metal. 
  • It also comes with many one-touch system functions.

Buyers Experience

This product is a great hit and has a lot of positive reviews from the buyers. They like its great versatility and performance.


Good Compatibility
Easy to Use
Ergonomic Design


Buttons are too close

What Is A Remote And What Are Its Advantages?

It is a technological accessory that is used to command, dominate or indicate tasks to an electronic device in such a way that it manages the operation of one or more specific machines with which it connects through previous programming tasks. Finally, it executes orders that benefit the user.

Usually, you will find it in a black, grey, or silver plastic casing, which protects circuits connected to the buttons on the remote. Let’s see, how many controls are there in your house? It is worth asking yourself this question in order to assess what their current status is, in case you need to update or change them.

Passing through the TV channels without getting up, locating a radio station, unlocking your car alarm, flying a drone, and turning up the volume on your player are just some of the activities you can do with the help of remote control. In other words, its practical applications to everyday life make your life easier.

What Should You Pay Attention To?

Today’s remote controls have several variables of the same product. There are various types of remote available in the market.

1. Universal

It is more than just a remote control. With it in your hands, you will not only control the functions of the television, but you will also enjoy the benefits of connecting it to even four different devices without having to buy an individual control for each one.

However, it has a layout loaded with numerous buttons that sometimes create confusion. But to avoid overwhelming you, we suggest you read the instructions very well and request personalized advice from the provider so that you can enjoy its benefits.

2. Computer

Have you ever imagined a remote for your laptop? Well, thanks to technological innovation, this is possible. It works like a control that is integrated into the keyboard, so it is easier for you to have a pleasant experience while watching a movie, for example.

It has the same characteristics as a traditional remote control. With it, you can manage the volume, restart, suspend videos, turn on, turn off, configure the equipment and sometimes use it as a pointer. It has a small round battery that is located on the back.

3. Air-conditioning

It is the favorite of many and is in great demand, especially in hot regions. And it is that living without remote control for air conditioning can generate strong concerns. This universal device supports more than 1,000 different models.

It operates over a long distance, controls the air temperature, adjusts the fan, has a built-in clock, and synchronizes with the most convenient task for the user. In most cases, it requires the incorporation of two AAA batteries not included in the sale.

4. Purchase criteria

It is normal that you feel doubts if you are looking for the right one. Therefore, we prepare for you all the purchase factors that you should consider before making a final decision. Well, it will influence the way you relate to technology, without having to approach and interact with it manually.

5. Device Compatibility

It is possibly the most important determining factor of all. If your controller isn’t compatible with the device you want to use it on, you’ve wasted your money. Study this point properly and make sure that, indeed, both instruments can interact with each other without problems.

TV: The archetype of remote control par excellence. Can you imagine approaching the TV every time you want to change the channel or adjust the volume? If you think about it, maybe it makes you do something else. If you are one of those who watch television frequently, it is essential that you have a remote compatible with your model.

Blu Ray: This player revolutionized the way of consuming home theatre, thanks to its high resolution and powerful sound. However, to take advantage of all its capabilities from the comfort of your sofa or bed, you must have the proper control. Select the model that can be synced with it.

Specific brands: Some computers are only programmed to work with a particular stamp. In that sense, investigate the manufacturer’s specifications. They may be more expensive than the generic models, but you will be investing in an accessory elaborated to offer the best experience.

Consoles: Are you a Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation user? This question is essential to choose the right remote control. Look for the one recommended for your console. Each company has unique models to interact with their machines, and they are generally not compatible with other video game systems.

6. Basic Buttons

A good remote control has to have some basic functions to satisfy the most common activities that users perform. Even if you do not realize it, these options are part of your daily life, and not having them would affect you. Know what they are and look for a model that includes them all.

On and off: The most basic function, but perhaps the most important. We know how comfortable it is to come home from a productive day, sit down or lie down and turn on the equipment. The usefulness of these items starts with things like this.

Silence or mute mode: Action that allows to completely cancel and reactivate the sound. It cannot be missing from the command alternatives, since you would use it at the least expected moment. For example: when you must take a phone call while watching your favorite series.

Menu: One of the main benefits of these devices is that with this button you can modify the settings of the TV without having to move. Do you like to customize the brightness, contrast, and intensity of the colors? Then you need to access these options with the help of your remote control.

Volume: Both to increase and decrease it, the control must have the ability to modify the intensity of the audio, so that you adjust it to your liking. Remember that in players, the sound is as important as images.

Numbers 0 to 9: Some controls need to enter certain codes to properly sync with the TV. So make sure they have all the necessary numbers from 0 to 9. Likewise, they are very useful if you want to go directly from one channel to another, especially if you already know your favorites.

CH: Acronyms that identify the buttons to change the channel, either up or down. Would you like to walk towards the television to modify the programming every time you need it, as in the old models? With this function, you will zap until you find what you like.

Record:  It is one of the easiest buttons to identify because it is characterized by having a red dot in the middle. Pressing it will help you to record movies, programs, or series of your choice. But first, remember to select the channel number on the TV from where you want to get the video.

DC: Yes, activating and deactivating subtitles in different languages ​​is very important to understand what is happening. Luckily for you, this button is a simple task. Don’t forget to turn them on when tuning in to that channel you want to translate. Or also use it for educational purposes in order to learn another language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will any Sony remote work?

A1. Most Sony remote Replacements or any Universal remote will work on your Sony Device.

Q2. Can a universal remote work on a Sony DVD player?

A2. Yes, a universal remote will surely work on a Sony DVD player. All you need to do is program the remote according to your DVD player requirements.

Q3. How do I get my Sony remote to work?

A3. If your Sony remote is not working then you can try replacing the batteries or tapping at the back of the remote. If still, it is not working then surely there is some problem either in the remote or in the  Receiver.

Q4. Where can I buy a Sony remote?

A4. You can get a Sony remote at any Sony store or even in normal electronic stores. If you want to buy it online then you can order from Amazon.

Final Words

Choosing the best Sony surround sound remotes can really be a very confusing task. And also it is very necessary to pick a compatible remote for your devices.

This article should have helped you to pick a compatible and reliable remote control for yourself. Our recommendation would be the Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control. It is affordable as well as gives amazing performance.