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Looking for TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement? [Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021]

tcl roku tv remote replacement

Television is one of the electronic objects that are almost in every home. Watching television together is one way to familiarize yourself with your family. But often watching television is interrupted because the remote control is damaged or lost. It is possible to change channels manually by pressing a button on the television. However, it is not effective. Therefore we need a replacement remote as a remote control tool.

Buying the same brand remote as television seems difficult. Not all manufacturers produce remote devices only. Several manufacturers make universal remote controls, which can be used for different brands of television. We’ll walk you through TCL Roku tv remote replacement reviews you need.

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6 Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement Reviews

1. RC280 Replacement Remote Applicable For TCL – Most Affordable

Our first remote on this list of replacement remote for TCL roku tv is from the ZdalaMit brand. This remote control is compatible with Tcl Roku Tv and many other TVs as well.

It doesn’t have any programming or pairing which makes it very simple to use. Just put in two 1.5V AAA batteries and it is ready to go. 

Infrared Technology is used to make this guy work so you will need to always point it towards the television. This is equipped with buttons for Streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. It is quite a small and slim remote and is very easy to grip as well. Overall, it is a good deal if you are looking for a TCL Roku Remote Replacement at an affordable price.


  • It uses Infrared Technology for operating.
  • Two Alkaline batteries of 1.5V are needed for making it usable.
  • It comes with pre-equipped Netflix, Hulu buttons.
  • The size of the remote is small and the body is easy to grip.

Buyers Experience

Most buyers were pleased with its performance. They gave positive reviews because of its cheaper price but better performance.


IR Tech
Four Hotkeys


Fewer Buttons

2. Remote Control Fit For TCL Roku TV – Best Seller

The next Tcl Roku Tv Replacement Remote is made by Smartby company. It also uses Infrared Technology for operating like the previous product.

It is one of the latest products on the market and it doesn’t need any programming or pairing. You will need to buy 2 1.5V AAA batteries for it. It also has Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Sling buttons on it. Note that this remote is fit for only Roku Tv. It is not compatible with Roku Box or Roku Stick.


  • The body has an ergonomic design which makes it quite easy to grip.
  • It works on 2 1.5V AAA batteries.
  • Infrared Technology is used in it.
  • It doesn’t need any kind of programming or pairing.

Buyers Experience

This product is highly appreciated by buyers. They liked the way it is designed and operates. It is one of the best selling TCL Roku tv replacement in the market.


IR Tech
Four Hotkeys
No Programming


Little Weird Design

3. Motiexic Replacement RC280 RC282 Remote – Best For Rookies

This remote control replacement is made by Motiexic company. It is usable with most of the Tcl Roku Tv models. It uses Infrared for transmission. No programming or any kind of pairing is needed to make it work.

Just put in 2 Alkaline batteries and it will be operational. The body of this product is quite slim and comfortable to grip. Four shortcuts keys for streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Rdio are available.


  • It works on IR.
  • The remote requires 2 AAA batteries before it can be used.
  • The body of this best TCL Roku tv remote is small but well designed.
  • It comes with four hotkeys.

Buyers Experience

It is one of the most positively rated remote by buyers. They liked its easy to grip design and other amazing features.


Four Hotkeys
IR Tech
Compatible with Most TVs


Fewer Buttons

3. New Remote Control Fit For TCL Roku Smart TV – Most Ergonomic Body

This best remote replacement for TCL Roku Smart Tv is made by the Vinabty brand. It has an ergonomic design and a well-designed body which makes it quite comfortable to grip and use.

As with most of the remotes, it also works with Infrared Technology. The four hotkeys in it are for Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and Amazon. No need for any pairing, just put in 2 Alkaline batteries and it is ready to go.


  • The ergonomic design makes it very easy to hold and grip.
  • It also requires 2 Alkaline batteries for operation.
  • Infrared Tech is used for it.
  • It comes with four pre-equipped hotkeys from different streaming platforms.

Buyers Experience

The buyers showed a great response to this product. It is highly appreciated for its ergonomic design and smooth performance.


Ergonomic Design
Four Hotkeys
IR Technology


Little Expensive

5. Bedycoon Remote Control Universal Replacement  – Most Versatile

This universal remote control is compatible with most models of the Tcl Roku Tv. It works on the IR principle. This remote saves your time as it doesn’t need any kind of programming or pairing.

Just you need to buy 2 AAA batteries and put them in it for using it. Like all the previous products on this list, it also comes with Four hotkeys of Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Vudu. It has faster transmission of IR and the buttons are very durable. The design of this remote is not bad either.


  • No need for any programming and pairing.
  • It works with 2 AAA batteries.
  • Also, it comes with four shortcut keys for streaming sites.
  • The body built is good and quite easy to grip and hold.

Buyers Experience

This product has got a great response from the buyers. They praised its versatility as it is compatible with most Roku TVs.


Compatible with Many Roku TVs
Easy to set up
Ergonomic Design


Little Expensive

6. Universal Replacement For TCL Roku TV Remote – Most Advanced

This Universal remote for TCL Roku tv is one of the most advanced and durable remotes in the market. Compatible with most Roku TVs, this remote comes with four hotkeys of Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Now.

Save your time while using it for the first time because it doesn’t require any programming or pairing. The IR range for this remote is almost 8 meters. It needs 2 AAA batteries. The design of this product is quite well and also it is lightweight.


  • Comes with four hotkeys.
  • The maximum range of IR transmission is 8m.
  • No need for any kind of pairing or programming.
  • It is very lightweight and has an ergonomic design.

Buyers Experience

This TCL Roku tv remote has got mostly positive reviews from the buyers. They liked its performance and its durability.


Four Hotkeys
Ergonomic Design


Fewer Buttons

What Is The Function Of A Universal TV Remote?

When buying a new remote control for your TV you will be given three types of options, namely “learning remote control”, “smart remote control” and “universal remote control”. Often buyers are confused about what differentiates the three. Before knowing how to choose, let’s first understand what the function of a universal TV remote control is.

  • The remote control that can be used for TVs from various brands

Usually, the remote control is available in a package with the television. But often the TV remote is lost or damaged. It seems not an easy matter to get the same type of remote as the TV brand.

A remote is a TV accessory made by every manufacturer with different models and types. That is why not all TV remotes can be used for different brands, even though they have the same function, namely the remote control. There are several manufacturers that make universal remote controls that can be used by different brands. You can use it if your original remote control is lost or damaged.

  • Easy-to-setup TV remote

Usually, the TV remote can be used for other brands, but you have to set the buttons first. Of course, this will be very difficult for those who are not familiar with technology because the arrangement is quite complicated. But for a universal TV remote the setup is easier. You just enter the manufacturer’s number and you can get started right away.

  • Universal TV remote is easy to operate

The universal TV remote is relatively easy to use when compared to the newer remote control types. The so-called “smart remote control” remote control has to adjust the operation buttons by channel settings one by one. 

In addition, the “smart” remote can also operate other equipment such as AV, AC, and lights at the same time. There is even a “smart remote control” that can also operate a smartphone using Wi-Fi. But this is not very practical, because it has to adapt to other tools.

  • Suitable for those of you who only watch TV

The new TVs had several features, as did the original remote control which had various operation buttons. Usually, the original remote control tends to be difficult to operate. Another case with a universal remote control which is easier to operate. However, some buttons don’t work like the original remote control. The easy operation of the universal TV remote will be of great help to parents and children or those who just watch TV.

How To Choose A TV Remote?

Besides being easy to operate, the remote control can be used by anyone and the price is cheap. There are many brands on offer, here is a guide on how to choose one.

  • Check if it is compatible with the brand of TV

Not all TV brands are compatible with all types of remote control. That’s why first check whether your TV brand is compatible or not. Usually, a list of TV brands that are compatible with the TV remote can be found in a manual or manual for using the remote.

For TV brands from domestic manufacturers usually have no problems and are compatible with universal TV remotes. However, if your TV brand is not produced domestically, you need to be more careful and careful in choosing a universal remote control.

  • Check the compatibility of the universal remote with the year of manufacture of the TV

The signal contained on the remote may differ from the year the television was made. That’s why you have to make sure in advance the year of manufacture of the television, which is usually found in the user manual. 

Then adjust the year of manufacture with a compatible universal remote. If you can’t find a universal remote that matches the year your television was made, you can choose a remote that uses the tuning.

  • Check the usefulness of the buttons before purchasing

The operation button of a replacement remote control is usually simpler than the original remote control from the TV manufacturer. You make sure the buttons on the remote control function according to your wishes. The remote control is used when you want to find entertainment, of course, if the operation is complicated, it will make you uncomfortable.

  • Choose a full-featured remote for AV services

Nowadays the TV remote control also has buttons for operating the AV equipment. If necessary you also choose whether the universal remote control can also be used to operate AV equipment. But if you can’t, it doesn’t seem to be a problem either.

If you have a serious home cinema system or a wealth of smart equipment, then you probably have a cartload of remote controls. However, with a universal remote control, you can solve this problem immediately! 

So-called multi-brand remote controls are compatible with equipment from multiple brands because they are programmed for this.  In addition, there are also self-learning remote controls. These are also usually pre-programmed but are able to take over the functions directly from the original remote controls.

Universal remote controls from the middle to top segment often also have a corresponding app. Here you link the remote control and select the brand of equipment you want to control with the remote control. This makes changing equipment a lot easier in the long run.

How Do I Set Up A Universal Remote Control On My TV?

Cheaper remote controls without an accompanying app can be set manually.  We will discuss methods that connect to contemporary equipment.

First, you have the manual code search if you don’t already know the operating codes. Turn on the TV and press and hold the TV button on the remote for a few seconds. If your remote doesn’t have one, press the aux button. When the power button lights up, press and hold it and the TV button. When the power button light goes out, press and hold the buttons for 3 seconds and it will light up again.

After this, release the buttons. The light behind the power button should now stay on. Now press the power button to scroll through the codes. Each time you press, a new set of codes is sent to your remote. This takes a long time to be done. When you’ve reached the end of the list, the power button will flash four times before turning off.

Then there is the direct code entry method, which saves a lot of time if you already know the control codes for your TV. You will often find this in the manual of the remote control. Switch on the TV again and press ‘Code Search’ on the remote control for a few seconds. Now press the TV button, the light on the remote control will turn on and enter the corresponding code. After this, the light goes out and the remote control is ready for use.

Finally, self-learning remote controls are able to directly transfer the codes from the original remote control. These are transmitted via infrared.

Do Universal Remotes Work With All Brands?

In principle yes. As long as there is a possibility to put the corresponding codes on the universal remote control, it will work with the equipment. However, you may be wondering how to do this with equipment that does not have a screen attached and you cannot scroll through the codes, such as lighting or a climate controller.

In that case, consult the code list provided in the manual and enter it using the direct code entry method. However, instead of pressing the TV button, you press the button that belongs to your device.

What Kinds Of Universal Remote Controls Are There?

In addition to the multi-brand and self-learning remote controls, a further distinction is made. First, we have the WiFi remotes. WiFi connectivity can be seen with the newer (and more expensive) models. You link this remote control to an app, with which you, among other things, share the control codes with the remote control much faster.

There are also remote controls with their own LCD screen. You can read, for example, which program is playing on your TV or the temperature to which your climate controller is set. Some of these screens are touchscreens, on which you can often set several virtual buttons.

Objects blocked by walls and furniture benefit from remote controls that also operate on radio frequencies (RF). Unlike infrared (IR), radio waves do pass through walls and the like. You do need a so-called RF extender in the room where this equipment is located. This converts the RF signal into an IR signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Roku Tv use a Universal Remote?

A1. Yes, it surely can be used through many universal remotes. But you will need to program it.

Q2. How do I know what Roku remote I need?

A2. There are many remote replacements available for Roku TVs in the market. But if you want a remote for Roku Players as well then you will need to buy an enhanced version of universal remote.

Q3. What would I do if I lost my Roku TV remote?

A3. If you have lost your original Roku remote. Then you can buy the best TCL Roku tv remote replacement. There are many remotes especially made to control Roku TVs that are available in the market.

Q4. Can I buy a Roku remote at Walmart?

A4. Remote Replacements for Roku tv are available on most eCommerce websites. You may also find them in your local Roku Store.


So those were some of the Best Tcl Roku Tv Remote Replacements. However, if you are confused with which one to buy, then we suggest you take a look at Bedycoon Remote Control Universal Replacement as it is one of the most versatile products on this list. Each of these Remote Controls offers you excellent performance. Along with that, you get a lot of comforts.

So go ahead and look at them and see which one is the best option for you. Check this in-depth article on Best Roku Streaming Stick Remote Replacement.