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Textra or Android Messages: The Better Choice? [2021]

Textra is an application available on your Samsung devices for SMS and MMS purpose. You can download this application from Google Play Store. Go to your Play Store, search for the app and install it. Android already gives you a stock messaging application on your device. So why would you want to install a separate application? It is due to the fact that this application has amazing customization options available.

textra app

Moreover, the default messaging application does not provide with a proper  MMS facility. But on the contrary, if you have Textra, you will not have to worry about any multimedia messages. Not just multimedia messages, there are some other rich and wonderful features as well. We will discuss them in details below. But for now, Textra is an SMS and MMS application with added features than your regular messaging app. You can download this 4.5 rated app for free.

Android Messages Versus Textra : Which one to choose ?

If you want a face-off between the Android Messaging app and Textra app, let’s start with the file size of each of the application. The stock messaging app takes about 20-25 MB whereas Textra will fit within 6-8 MB only. To everyone out there, who do not want a heavy app to weigh down your phone, here’s making your choice a bit easy.


If you are someone you likes bright and beautiful backgrounds on your messaging app, then Textra is the one for you. The key feature that makes this app out all other messaging applications is its brilliant customization features. Starting from the font style, font size to the bubble colors and bubble style you can change everything according to your choice and mood. Not only that, you can give an overall theme and can choose a separate theme for a particular individual as well. Along with that, it comes with our already known day and night themes.

customize look

The feature that makes this app extremely convenient and user-friendly is the Bot option. When you open the Textra Bot, you just have to type ‘Tip’ and it will give you certain tips about what goes on in this application. Due to this, you will not have to rely on any third party sources to make you understand this app. The app does that for itself. However, the stock messaging app on Android does not support any of the above-mentioned features. It does have a theme, but that cannot be changed by the user. Textra SMS wins on this one too.


Notifications are very important when it comes about the functionality of any messaging app. While the stock Android messaging app, does not offer us any interesting customization on the notifications, the Textra app surprises us. You can customize the incoming of the notifications along with its icon, sound, the pattern of vibration as well as LED light. Additionally, it gives you the option of enabling and disabling an ongoing conversation along with making changes in the Wake-Up Screen pattern.



Emojis are the life of any conversation. While you are restricted to certain emojis on your default Android messaging app, Textra lets you express yourself freely through emojis. You can choose from varied options of Emoji Styles like Android Oreo, Android Blob, Android Blob, and many others.

textra emoji

Schedule Your Messages

Are you extremely forgetful? Are you the one who is known as the late texter? Well then, Textra will make your life easier. You have this amazing option of scheduling text messages. For example, you completed your work very late and night and realized that it will not be a good idea to text your boss at this hour. However, due to the late night, you definitely cannot wake up early. What do you do then? You schedule a message and the message will get delivered to the concerned person at your scheduled time.

schedule messages

The Android messaging app does not have any option of scheduling messages. We are not done yet. Because not just scheduling, Textra gives you the option of delay SMS as well. Remember all those messages you sent which you still regret sending? Well with this app you will be given the option of the grace period. You can sit back, re-read the messages and then press the send option. This too is missing on the Android messaging app.

Share Your Conversation

Textra app has made sharing text files easier as well. Now you don’t need to take a screenshot and send that to a different person like you have to do if you are using the Android messaging app. It lets you share the complete conversation you are having with an individual as one thread to some other person.

Choose Your Signature

We all have our signatures added in our emails. But with the progress of technology, a lot of professional work takes place on the messaging app as well. Textra gives you this option of adding signature according to your professional and personal requirements. This signature will be added automatically to every text you send. Through this feature, it has really outnumbered a lot of similar messaging applications. This feature of adding a signature is absent on the Android messaging app.


Enjoy the Gestures

On Textra SMS, you swipe left and you will be able to call the person from the chat thread. Swipe right in order to delete the message. This is an extremely user-friendly feature which though present in Android messaging app is not of much help. This is due to the fact that by swiping right or left on Android messaging app you can only archive the chat.

Pinning Chats

There are certain people with whom we have a conversation on a daily basis. To make it easier to find their chats, Textra has the option of pinning chats. You pin the chat threads of those people you speak on a daily basis and those selected chat threads will appear on the top list of your inbox. No feature of chat pin is enabled on the Android messaging app.

pinning chat


When it comes to pricing, we all are aware of the fact that the Android messaging app is a free app. Textra comes for free too. However, there are a few advertisements which keep on coming. But if you purchase the pro version, you will get all your ads removed. However, it will cost you money.

Is Textra Pro Worth It?

The price of Textra pro is $3.49. A lot of reviews and comments from its users indicate that people are willing to give that amount of money to get the premium version. After your trial period of 14 days is over, it starts showing ads on the top of the page. To some it does not create much of a hindrance, however, most people would prefer an ad-free application.

Being very decently priced and in order to support the development of good software, it is suggested to get the pro version. It is a one-time investment to a lifetime of beautifully customized text messaging services. However, if you do not upgrade, you can still enjoy all the other features with the interference of ads here and there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Textra worth installing?

A1. The answer to which is yes, if you want customized messaging services you must get it.

Q2. Is Textra a Free App?

A2. The answer to which is yes, it is a free app initially. But if you want to upgrade to pro, then you will have to spend $3.49.

Q3. Do you need internet to use Textra?

A3. The answer to this is no. If you are just sending a text message, you will not require mobile data or wi-fi. But while sending MMS you must have internet connections.

Q4. Is RCS supported on Textra?

A4. The answer is no, not yet. Google is yet to release the API after which they can add it to the app.

Q5. Is Dual SIM facility supported on Textra?

A5. Yes, if you have Android 5.1 and above, it will work on Dual SIM phones.

Q6. Does Textra have Language Support facility?

A6. Yes, it has the Language Support facility. In order to use other languages on your keyboard, you will be able to choose and configure that accordingly.

Q7. Does Textra backup my messages?

A7. Yes, it backs up your messages instantly and automatically by sending a copy of all the SMS and MMS into the stock messaging database.

Q8. How do you add new contacts on Textra?

A8. In order to add new contacts on the app, you will need to long press the top right arrow in your conversation page. After that, go to the ‘dot’ option under ‘people in conversation’, right beside the contact number for further options.

Q9. Can I customize every conversation?

A9. Yes, you can change the customization of every conversation by their bubble colors according to your wish. Just head over to conversation list, click the ones you want to change and press on the icon of three dots.

Q10. Does Textra support group messaging?

A10. Yes, it supports group messaging option. You will have to add those people on the app and it will take care of the rest.

These are some of the FAQs of Textra. However, in order to get a full knowledge base, you are suggested to check out Knowledge Base Support of Textra.

10 Alternatives Of Textra

With technology progressing every day and newer apps coming up, there are few alternatives for this beautiful messaging app as well. They are as follows :

1. Android Messages

android messages

This one is the staunch competitor of Textra. Being the default messaging up, powered by Google, it is heavily used as well.

2. GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is another great alternative for Textra which allows you to send messages effectively. Just like Textra, you can do your customization here as well.

3. Chomp SMS

In spite of being one of the old messaging apps, it still remains one of the favorites. It is a free app which has OS support and gives you a flawless messaging service.

4. Evolve SMS

With technology evolving, our messaging services are evolving too. Talon for Twitter’s Evolve SMS is not far behind in this race. There are options for quick replies and a wide array for changing notifications according to importance and preference.

5. Facebook Messenger

facebook messaging

Widely used and a youth favorite, Facebook messenger offers you to customize every chat, choose a color and also change a name. While video calling, there are certain face filters which can be used as well.

6. Mood Messenger

This is a relatively new app but due to its simple yet unique feature, it has made a place in people’s phones and in our list.

7. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS supports the option of messaging from laptop, PC, and tablet. Apart from this extremely helpful feature, it also allows its users to play around with the look of the app.


The name says it all. This messaging app is all about the speed and it actually stands up to its name. Apart from being a wonderfully customized app, there are other features like start and leave a conversation without any hassle.

9. WhatsApp


One of the most popular messaging apps is WhatsApp. It supports text, photo, video and voice messages without any difficulty. However, you need to have a stable internet connection to use this app. Regarding the customizations, it gives you the options of changing the theme and background.

10. Handcent NEXT SMS

This messaging app supports the option of sending texts from your PC which automatically makes it one of the most used and convenient applications. Apart from that, this one too has a lot of themes, colors, and icons to choose from.

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To conclude, we can say that Textra is a great messaging application. If you are someone who wants to play around with different colors, themes and ringtones then it is advisable to get Textra on your device as it will enhance your messaging experience for sure.