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5 Best Vizio Remote Control Replacement [Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021]

vizio remote control replacement

Over the years, our living room has been filled with an ever-increasing number of electronic devices which in order to function require a remote control. From the television to the DVD player, from the music player to the satellite decoder all need a remote. All these controllers take up a lot of space and it is also easy to get confused.

A practical and economical solution is represented by a universal remote control that, with a few simple steps, pairs with multiple devices and allows you to manage them intuitively and with a great saving of space and batteries! We have compared the numerous models that you can buy online and found what for us are the Best Vizio Remote Control Replacement.

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5 Best Vizio Remote Control Replacement

1. New XRT136 Remote Control Fit For VIZIO TV  – Most Affordable

Our first product on this list of best Vizio remote replacement is manufactured by the AIDITIYMI brand. Those looking for a Vizio tv remote replacement equipped with many functions and also easy to configure will find this model by AIDITIYMI interesting.

It is a leading company in the distribution of accessories for electronics that boasts a long experience acquired over the years.

The NEW XRT135 Remote is the evolution of the models previously marketed by the brand and, despite being offered at a very economical price, it has some very interesting features. It works on Infrared technology and needs absolutely no pairing or programming. This remote works on Alkaline batteries which can be found in any electronics shop.

The model has all the basic functions of the original remote controls. But before proceeding with the purchase, however, we recommend checking the list of compatible devices on the product datasheet, although at the moment there are very few users who have encountered problems in this regard.


  • It works on Infrared Principle.
  • No need for any programming or pairing.
  • This remote is compatible with most of Vizio Tv models.

Buyers Experience

This product is one of the most positively rated Vizio Tv Remote Replacements in the market. The buyers appreciate its awesome performance at such a low price.


Well Built
Easy to use


Buttons are not placed well

2. Universal Remote Control For All VIZIO BRAND TV – Best Seller

If you are looking for a remote control that can manage all your electronic equipment, from the projector to the digital terrestrial, this model can manage it all.

This replacement Vizio remote is compatible with almost all models of Vizio Tv. It uses Infrared technology for transmission and its transmitting range is about 12 feet.

In addition to its ability to work without even programming, this universal controller features a modern and refined design and is made with good quality materials that transmit a reassuring sensation of solidity, even by exerting a certain pressure with the hand. The price is a further added value and is absolutely proportionate to the qualities of this remote control.

Considering the performance offered and the very competitive selling price, we can conclude that it is probably one of the best models in the market.


  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It works on Infrared rays for its transmission.
  • This remote requires Alkaline batteries for use.

Buyers Experience

This Vizio Universal remote control is highly rated by buyers because of its great performance durability. The buyers like its features and connectivity.


Universal Remote
Easy to use
Infrared Rays


It is slightly wide and therefore not easy to grip for some people.

3. Nettech Vizio Universal Remote Control  – Most Advanced

This universal remote control is made by the Nettech brand. It is compatible with all Vizio Tvs and it even comes with 1 year of warranty. 

The quality of the materials used is good while some keys are perhaps a bit small, especially for people of a certain age. The relationship between the versatility of use and selling price is excellent.

The Nettech brand has established itself in recent years at an international level for the quality of its products in the field of electronics. It also comes with 4 hotkeys which are shortcuts for streaming platforms. 


  • It comes with four hotkeys.
  • This remote has 1 year of warranty.
  • It is compatible with all Vizio TVs.

Buyers Experience

Buyers have given great positive ratings to this particular product. They like its performance and versatility which they are getting at a decent price.


1-year warranty
Universal Remote
4 Hotkeys


Weird Design

4. Vizio TV Remote Replacement By Philips – Best Design

The next Vizio Tv remote replacement comes from the very popular Philips brand itself. When it comes to accessories for television, Philips is a recognized brand that has built a solid reputation over the years.

The Speedy universal remote control only confirms all this, by virtue of the ease of use and the speed with which it is connected to the television and decoder, to manage both: from switching on to adjusting the volume.

This universal remote control is characterized by an original rounded and non-symmetrical design and a keyboard distinguished by keys in different colors. It can operate up to 4 different appliances at once and it is very easy to pair. This remote is compatible with almost all Vizio TVs.

Like all the other remotes on this list, it also works with Infrared Rays and needs Alkaline batteries for operating. So, if you are a Vizio Tv user and have lost the original remote then this product can be a good replacement for it.


  • It can connect and control 4 devices at once.
  • It is very easy to set up.
  • This remote can be used with all Vizio TVs.

Buyers Experience

This product is very highly praised and appreciated by the buyers for its amazing connectivity and performance. They like its ergonomic design which is very easy and comfortable to grip.


Infrared Rays
4 Devices Can be paired
Ergonomic Design


Buttons are a little closer to each other

5. XRT136 Universal Replacement Remote Control – Most Compatible

This Vizio tv remote replacement is made by Uyibii and is compatible with almost all Vizio Televisions. To choose a good quality universal remote control it is essential to make sure that it is compatible with as many electronic devices as possible. 

This remote doesn’t require any programming at all. You just need to buy 2 AAA batteries for it. It has a slim and easy to grip body design that can comfortably fit in your hands.  The extremely low selling price and extraordinary versatility make it an excellent product. 


  • It is compatible with almost any Vizio Tv.
  • No need for programming or pairing.
  • It works with cheap AAA batteries.

Buyers Experience

It has received an amazing number of positive reviews from the buyers. It is highly appreciated for its excellent performance at such a low price.


Easy to use


Buttons are a little flat

What is a Universal Remote Control?

As its name clearly indicates, the universal remote control is a control device useful for controlling different technological products. The best universal remote control models can be configured to comfortably control all electronic devices in a home, from television to stereo, from the thermostat to air conditioner.

Once programmed to control the desired device, you can control it with ease. Online there are many universal remote controls that are divided into different categories, this is because only some models are really compatible with all your devices, in addition, for your needs, a control on particular devices, with all home televisions, maybe enough for you. 

How to Choose a Universal Remote Control?

Choosing the right universal remote control for the electronic devices in our home is not a simple thing, there are some features that you absolutely must analyze before comparing prices and making a purchase.

First, think about exactly all the electronic devices you have in your house that you want to control with your remote. Once you have completed this list, it is good to check the compatibility of the models available with your devices.

Be wary of cheaper models, even though the price may grab your attention and be attractive, very often these controllers are not compatible with many products, and even if they were, the configuration could be a really complex procedure to follow.

Many latest generation models, on the other hand, are so advanced that they have already integrated automatic configuration, thus saving you time and above all nervousness.

How do Universal Remotes Work?

The operation of universal remote controls is standard for all models, the remote control sends a signal to the device you want to control, in this way it grants it control.

Pay close attention that, as previously mentioned, not all remote controls are compatible with all electronic devices, so it is good to read all the compatibility indicated in the technical data sheet by the manufacturer.

Each model will then have different configuration settings, so you will need to carefully read the instructions in order to configure the devices in your home correctly.

Guide For Choosing the Best Universal Remote Control

The number of electrical appliances that gravitate around the TV has become more and more: from the satellite decoder to the DVD player, passing from amplifier or soundbar. It is therefore a great convenience to have a single remote control to manage all these devices, both in terms of speed and space-saving.

In our guide, we offer you a series of suggestions on what to take into account when you find yourself choosing Vizio remote control replacements to buy among the many models on sale on the market.

1. The Method of Interaction

The compatibility of a device of this type is undoubtedly at the top of the ranking of the aspects to be evaluated. This is because it is essential that the remote control is able to communicate with all your devices without compatibility problems.

In principle, this interaction takes place via infrared. The models of the best brands are able to recognize the devices found in the room on the fly, while for others it is necessary to manually enter a code, which is usually found in the instruction booklet and which varies from brand to brand. Some companies offer an additional service and allow you to retrieve the codes also by connecting to their website or requesting them via SMS.

By comparing the prices, you can also guess which remote controls are technologically more advanced and able, perhaps, to connect via USB to a computer to update the codes cyclically. A further touch is represented by those models equipped with a small display to simplify the dialogue procedure with the various devices.

Read carefully the data sheets and reviews of the various universal remote controls to understand how many devices they are able to interact with at the same time. Our advice is to find one that communicates with at least four devices.

2. Ease of Configuration

Beyond the aspect related to the simplicity of connecting the remote control with a Blu-ray player or a receiver, there is another aspect that you cannot ignore, and that is the simplicity of configuring the individual buttons.

The most technologically advanced models, in fact, have a real learning function that allows them both to “learn” the incoming inputs directly from another remote control, and to reprogram every single key, so as to adapt it to your needs.

The latter operation is not always intuitive, therefore directed towards devices that simplify it as much as possible or that have a manual in the package in which the various steps are explained in detail.

3. A Resistant Product

Placed on the armrest of the sofa or on a coffee table, the remote control is an object that runs more risk than others. Some manufacturers, for this very reason, focus on bodies entirely in rubber or soft edges, capable of absorbing any impacts without damage.

The quality of the materials is also important for the frets, which must be inserted into the shell so that they do not come off easily. It is good that the printing of numbers and functions is also of good quality, otherwise, it will fade very easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What would I do if I lost my Vizio TV remote?

A1. If you have somehow lost or damaged your Vizio tv remote, then you can buy a new Vizio replacement remote or a Universal Remote which will give you exactly the same features.

Q2. What Remote works with a Vizio TV?

A2. There are many Vizio Tv remote replacement are out there in the market which can replace your original remote. Universal Remotes can also control Vizio Tv but make sure that you buy a remote which is compatible with your television model.

Q3. Why is my TV not responding to the remote?

A3. Try after replacing the remote batteries. If it is still not working then unplug all the cables and plug it again and try.

Q4. Can I buy a new remote for my TV?

A4. Yes, you can surely buy a new remote for your tv. But if you are not willing to buy an original one then you can buy a Universal Remote which is cheaper and will do all the controlling as well.

Final Words

Buying the best Vizio remote control replacement can surely get confusing. But, after reading this article you now may have got a decent idea about buying a remote replacement. 

Our recommendation for you will be Nettech Vizio Universal Remote Control, as it one of the latest and most advanced Vizio tv remote replacement out there. But, your choice can differ from ours because of different requirements. 

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