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Why Can’t I Watch Videos On My iPhone? [5 Easy Quick-Fixes]

why cant i watch videos on my iphone

When it comes to iPhones, every user desires to witness the best quality videos and their favorite music.  as to watch them anytime, anywhere. However, there are a few issues that particularly iPhone users face. The problem of why cant I watch videos on my iPhone that a daily iPhone user faces is mentioned below.

1. iPhone doesn’t allow you to play the videos on your Applications

The issue that one is not able to play their videos on the device is due to the presence of some of the faults in the software of the device. Below are some tips for iPhone users to solve this problem.

  • You can forcibly shut down the applications on the instrument and restart the application.  All you need to do is perform certain steps.
  • Just press the HOME button for the users of iPhone 6 and previous versions which will open the window of multi-tasking. For those owning iPhone 7 and the next ones, you are required to slide up to the mid part of the mobile-screen from the bottom part so as to open the screen of multi-tasking.
  • To discover the application of the video, you need to slide in the left direction and then again towards the right. Then, by touching that particular application and slide towards the upward direction for quitting it.
  • Now, make an attempt towards playing the video by re-opening the application.

But a reminder, that this method will operate even better when the user can change the setting of the iPhone while seeing these videos.

  • It may happen that your mobile data is off, or you don’t have a proper Wi-Fi. So, you need to either access a good Wi-Fi or switch your mobile data on to have a good look at the videos.
  • You may also have outdated applications on your device. Hence, you should update those applications by opening the App Store and then tapping the option of Update. After updating, again open it and now you can enjoy your videos.
  • The last basic option that you can follow is getting rid of the faulty applications from your phone and then again installing them.

2. If you are unable to see the videos present in the Camera Roll

To solve this issue, you can look up at the below steps.

  • Restarting your phone may be the right solution.  After turning the phone off, you are to press the option of SLEEP or WAKE in order to switch it on after a few seconds. In the end, just log in with the help of your secret code and now you can start playing the videos.
  • You can also try converting the videos into a format that is well suited to the iPhones. Some of these are of format H.264 videos, MPEG-4, etc.
  • It may be that the video is already faulty. Hence, you could delete that particular video.
  • Updating your software to the newest update can also act as a solution for getting rid of this problem. For updating, just follow these basic steps.
    • Go to the ‘SETTINGS’ option which is then succeeded by ‘GENERAL’, and then finally to the option of ‘DOWNLOAD and INSTALL’, if any new update is obtainable.
    • To update the device, you are required to insert your PIN.
    • Now that your device has been rebooted, you can now log in and witness the videos.
  • If none of the above works, the last method left for the users is to restore their particular Iphones. But remember to have a back-up before performing such an action, or else you may have to lose everything which was previously present on your iPhones.

3. Connecting device to SYSTEM RECOVERY TOOL

If all the above ways don’t work out, you are still left with the ideal method to run your videos on the iPhones.  You need to perform the following steps for the same.

  1. The first step is connecting your device to the SYSTEM RECOVERY TOOL of the iPhone.
    • For this, you are required to download and lodge the IOS RECOVERY SYSTEM to your PC or laptop.
    • With the assistance of the USB cable, connect your device with the computer or the laptop, whatever that you are using.
    • The application is now ready to get launched; and will identify your instrument.
  2. The next step that the users are required to follow is diagnosing their devices in the DFU mode.  To start this process, you need to press the ‘START’ button and then tap on the ‘QUESTION’ symbol where you can find the guide to the DFU mode.
  3. The last, but not the least step that is to be performed in this method is that you are required to solve the problem of iPhone video PLAYBACK.
    • For this, the users have to fill the INFO window, which is based on the model of the iPhone user.
    • After this, you need to download film wire by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button.
    • After performing this, the instrument will be fixed instantaneously by the application that you downloaded.   

4. Deletion of the SAFARI history

The other way to solve this issue is by deleting the SAFARI history and all of the information or the data of the whole website.

5. Restoring your iPhone to the FACTORY Settings

The next solution for this problem is restoring your device to the FACTORY setting. But before moving ahead with this step, you have to update your iTunes to its latest version and download it on your PC. After doing this, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, the user has to open the software of the iTunes application on his or her PC or laptop, whatever he or she is using.
  2. Now connect your device to the PC and select it, when your iPhone shows up in iTunes.
  3. Now, the next step consists of restoring your phone in the SUMMARY PANEL and then, opt for the RESTORE button so as to establish your act.
  4. The iTunes software will now start erasing the iPhone and also install into the device the newest version of IOS.

    Wrapping Up

    Listed above are the various ways in which you can solve the discussed issue in the iPhones. We hope that your question of why cant I watch videos on my iPhone has been answered and you know now how you could actually watch your favorite videos on your iPhones. Iphones are the most popular and one of the most luxurious when it comes to the world of phones. And with the above-mentioned steps, we hope that you enjoy the experience of just the best.