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5 Best Xfinity Remote Replacement [Reviews and Buying Guide | 2021]

Xfinity Remote Replacement

A solution for all separate remote controls in the house is a universal remote control. With a universal remote control, many devices can be operated with one remote control. These remotes are made to provide you with the maximum ease of use. 

They recognize the devices you want to operate completely independently and you can sometimes also set your own preferences per device. So, the best Xfinity remote replacement should be a Universal Remote. And here in this article, we have reviewed some of the best remote replacements for Xfinity.

5 Best Xfinity Remote Replacement

1. Logitech Harmony Hub for Control – Best Xfinity voice remote

The first Xfinity replacement remote on this list is from a widely popular brand called Logitech. 

This remote control works with Alexa and you can easily control your home entertainment devices with your voice using it.

It combines up to 8 remotes and various apps into one easy-to-use smartphone app. You can create customized activities which will help you in controlling your system more effectively.

The Date Night feature is a very interesting feature that turns on your Television, dims your smart lights, and connects to the speaker all by itself. It even lets you control devices in a closed cabinet.


  • It comes with Alexa which you can use to control your devices just by your voice.
  • You can control devices even in a closed cabinet.
  • The smart app lets you control almost every device just by swipes.

Buyers Experience

It is a great product and is very highly rated in the market by the buyers. This uses the latest and most advanced technology which fascinates the buyers.


Date Night Feature
Easy to Use App
Alexa Voice Control
Customized Features


Slightly Expensive

2. Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control – Best Seller

This best remote replacement for Xfinity is also from the Logitech brand. It is a very popular universal remote which supports all types of devices.

You will find Alexa which means that you are now capable of controlling your dumb devices just by your voice.

Features such as lowering the blinds, dimming light, and auto-starting television make it one of the most advanced All in one remote in the market.

You can set up a dedicated home automation control using it. This works for devices inside the cabinet as well. Gamers can also make use of it as it can also control consoles. Absolutely no hassle in using it and setting it up is very easy. This is a perfect remote replacement for your home devices.


  • Alexa lets you control devices just by your voice.
  • Consoles such as Xbox and ps3 can also be controlled using it.
  • Automatically starts your television, dims your lights, and more.

Buyers Experience

Logitech has always been the buyer’s favorite and this particular product doesn’t disappoint at all. It is one of the most positively rated remote controls in the market.


Alexa Voice Control
Universal Remote
Easy to Set Up
Controls even Consoles


Slightly Expensive

3. Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote – Best Xfinity Universal Remote

Inteset is not a new name in this market and has been delivering quality products to its customers. This remote replacement is no different. It is a universal remote which supports all kinds of devices and televisions.

Infrared Technology is used for transmission and two AA batteries are required to make use of it. The company gives one year of warranty for any kind of a defect in this product.

It is very easy to set up and use. All you need to do is search for the desired code and you are good to go. The build quality is quite ergonomic and the body is designed specifically to provide a good grip and comfort to the user. 


  • It uses Infrared technology for transmission.
  • Two AA batteries are needed to make it work.
  • The ergonomic design of the body provides a good grip.

Buyers Experience

It has received a lot of praise from the buyers. The buyers like its ergonomic design and functions at such a decent price.


Easy to Use
Ergonomic Body
Universal Remote
Infrared Tech


Buttons are slightly flat

4. GE Backlit Universal Remote Control – Most Affordable

The next Xfinity remote to tv is from GE Stores. This universal remote is one of the best sellers and the most affordable remote replacement in the market.

It is a fully backlit remote which means that the buttons are visible even in the darkroom. You can operate up to 4 devices simultaneously with it. 

The build quality is pretty good and it comes in various colors which are quite attractive and will give your space a good vibe. 

Like most remotes, it uses Infrared technology for its transmission and the maximum distance of transmission is 30 feet. You will need to buy Alkaline batteries to make it work. 


  • It comes with Backlit buttons which glow in the dark.
  • You can control 4 different devices with it.
  • The transmission distance is up to 30 feet which is quite remarkable.
  • It is lightweight and very comfortable to grip.

Buyers Experience

It is one of the most positively rated products in the market. Buyers like it so much not just because of its affordability but also for its amazing performance and elegant look.


Backlit Buttons
Transmission up to 30 Feet
Easy to Use


Buttons are a little closer

5. Comcast/Xfinity Backlit Remote Control – Most Versatile

The last Comcast remote replacement on this list is from Gadgets world brand. This remote control is specifically designed for Xfinity. It is a backlit remote so you can easily use it in dark rooms. 

Interestingly, it uses Radio Frequency for its transmission which means that you need not always point towards the receiver.

You also get interesting features such as Closed Captioning and voice guidance. It works on 2 AA batteries. The body built is slightly broader and the size is small. It easily fits in one’s hand and is very comfortable to grip. 


  • It works on Radio Frequency for its transmission.
  • The backlit buttons glow in dark rooms.
  • It is compatible with Xfinity.
  • The small size allows easy grip and use.

Buyers Experience

Buyers who particularly are looking for a decent remote replacement for Xfinity at an affordable price find this product very helpful. That’s why it has mainly got positive ratings from the buyers.


Radio Frequency
Backlit Buttons
Voice Guidance
Easy to Use


Weird Design

Buyer’s Guide

To choose the remote control that suits you, these are the points which you must consider.

1. Broadcast signal

There are two different types of broadcast signals, namely RF and IR. A number of remote controls use RF (Radio Frequency). The remote control transmits signals to the device over a frequency. The advantage of RF remote controls is that they can be used anywhere around the device. 

They do not need to be aimed at the device. Most devices are not suitable for this. This usually occurs with the more expensive audio equipment. A device such as a TV always has an IR (Infrared) remote control.

An IR remote control emits electromagnetic radiation which allows information to be transferred to the device. With IR remote controls, you must therefore always aim the remote control at the device to be controlled.

2. Number of devices

Before you choose a universal remote control, you need to consider which and how many devices you want to control. A listing such as 4-in-1 means that the remote can control four devices.

3. Code

Remote controls with a code setting option can recognize devices by means of codes. By entering a code in the universal remote control, it is suitable for operating the relevant device. These codes can be found in the manual of the universal remote control. 

Operation is limited to the basic functions. Several codes can be associated with a brand. If you enter a code, it may not be the code for your device. Then you have to try all the codes until you have the right code.

4. Learnable

Some remotes are ‘learnable’. Remote control with this setting option can ‘learn’ from the original remote control which buttons are needed for operation.

You can set a test by test what the tests should be used for. You simply have to put the remote controls opposite each other, so that the universal remote control can learn the functions.

5. Software

Many universal remote controls, especially the more expensive ones, need to be installed via a computer. Via programs from the site of the manufacturer or separate software, the operating functions of the equipment to be operated can be loaded into the universal remote control.

Your search for the type number of the devices to be controlled and all functions are installed on the remote control. This makes installing functions and devices on your remote very easy.

6. Display

Remote control with an LCD display gives you a visual impression of the devices that are linked to the remote control. Functions are clearly displayed on the screen.

If the remote control also has a touchscreen, you can use the screen for operation. This makes switching between devices on the remote control very clear and easy. With an LCD display, the ease of use is even higher

7. Tests

With universal remote controls, you can choose from various types of buttons:

8. Pushbuttons

The most common keys are to push buttons. The keys state what they are for. However, the function of the button may differ per device. Therefore, the keys are divided into basic functions and extended functions.

The most extensive functions are usually included in a menu so that the remote control does not become obscure but still offers all possibilities.

9. Touch keys

Another way of operating is with touch keys. This works the same as push buttons but because the buttons are integrated into the remote control, there is less wear and tear. The downside is that some of the keys are more sensitive.

10. Touchscreen

The most user-friendly operation is operated via a touchscreen. The possibilities are extensive and versatile. Since there are no fixed keys, it is easy for this remote control to adapt to other devices.

There is a lot of difference in the possibilities of touchscreen remote controls. The touchscreen can simply mean that some functions on the screen can be operated by touch, but it can also mean that the possibilities are endless and, for example, icons can be created.

11. Macros

With macros, you have the option of performing multiple actions at the touch of a button. For example, you can simultaneously turn on the DVD player and set the TV and receiver to the correct source.

12. Batteries

With the remote control, you can choose whether you want a remote control with separate batteries or with a rechargeable battery. Rechargeable batteries used in remote controls are usually Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries. These remotes are usually charged in a base station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I get a replacement Xfinity Remote?

A1. Yes, you can easily get a great replacement remote for Xfinity. If your original remote has stopped working or broken then you can opt for a universal remote which will provide the same features as the original one.

Q2. How do I get a new remote for my TV?

A2. You can either buy it from your Tv original store or you can get them online on various e-commerce websites such as Amazon.

Q3. Where is the Setup button on the new Xfinity Remote?

A3. The setup button is right on your remote keyboard but if you don’t have the original one then you can press the Xfinity and Info buttons together.

Q4. What is the Info button on Xfinity Remote?

A4. The info button on the Xfinity remote is very useful. It provides details about the current running shows and the shows which will be telecasted that day.

Final Words

Selecting the best Xfinity remote replacement should now not be a confusing task after reading this article. Almost all universal remote controls are compatible with Xfinity and the remotes mentioned in this article are the best in the market. 

Our recommendation will be Logitech Harmony Companion as it is a very popular best-selling remote replacement in the market. But choosing the perfect remote replacement should be your own decision.